Dying Petals - Joker Imagine

//This is so bad I apologize ahead of time.//



Splayed across the floor like the bodies of the dead men and women the joker has left behind, were the small but fragile rose petals which would usually represent romance but in this case it didn’t even get close to that mark. 

It was three days after our 1 year anniversary and yet I felt no love or joy or even thrill that could quite possibly come with the joker, all I felt was despair. I was a broken doll, stuck on repeat; going to meetings, being the precious queen and his partner in crime. Only that gimmick gets old quickly. 

With my hands folded in my lap covering a small petal, the heat that radiated throughout my body killed the beautiful petal with one fatal swoop, much like Joker did three days ago when the only thing he could muster up to say was, “A year already? Crazy how Im not tired of you.” 

Now that small joking sentence crushed my small heart surrounded by petals as beautiful as these. The tear drops cascaded down my cheeks in an ugly manner  as I pulled my self off the floor threw threw the deceased petal from my palm and grabbed my suitcase. 

Looking behind me I saw the home I’ve been trapped in and the home where I was once happy, but I no longer saw joy but a prison. I walked out the dark door into the nippy Gotham air and began to walk. 

I left my phone and car behind knowing Joker would track me, once he sees I’m gone. Headlights flashed by me in a daze and my strides became larger. I wasn’t afraid no one would touch me but I couldn’t bear to life my head up and face the civilians who fear me. 

I reached my old apartment where Joker had broken into in order to use it as a safe house. I laughed at the memory while touching the card board that covered the shattered window. Turning on the lights was no use since the electric bill hadn’t been payed, there was no running water and dust had ben collected everywhere. Perfect. 

I went to my room and laid on the bed trying to soothe my mind and maybe gets some peaceful sleep, away from his yelling. Soon enough i found my self dozing off for the first time in days, it felt great. 

Joker’s POV 

I slammed the front door open fuming from a heist going wrong, I should of brought Y/N with me. Already agitated all I wanted was to go drink myself to sleep and not hear her annoying voice. 

It was eerie in my house, I didn’t hear Y/N humming over doing anything, who am I kidding she was probably asleep its all she does anyway. I opened my door to my office poured myself a glass of hard liquor and slumped into my large chair. I sat there pondering in the silence not being able to shake the feeling of something missing. 

Finally having enough of it, I charged out of the room ready to yell at Y/N for making me feel this way but when I went into the bedroom she wasn’t there. I checked the kitchen, the basement, the living room and the garage but she was nowhere to be found. 

I went back to the bedroom to find her phone and her keys, I checked all the drawers and the closet and all her personal items were gone. She was gone. She left me. How dare she. 

Who does she thinks she is, thinking she can leave the Joker? Jokes on her I didn’t like her that much anyway, it was time for me to upgrade. 

I glided back into my office and calmly sat in the chair trying to erase the ache I was feeling. With the more alcohol I consumed the more my thoughts raced. 

Why did she leave me? 

She knows better. 

She loves me. 

Over to my right I see the roses I had given her thrown all around the floor, destroyed. The petals withered and brown and a small note laying in the middle of all the chaos. 

“You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.” 


This was shitty but I’m bored so HEY! Legoo. 


The Beginning of a Downfall || @conquerwithmind

With nothing more than a simple touch, the shadows entrapping Wilson to the throne had retreated, relinquishing Wilson and leaving him for Charlie. She had planned to simply free him, perhaps run off with him and leave the throne without a ‘master’ and break this accursed cycle, but something stirred in her as she neared the throne and by then, it was already too late to prevent its arrival. She had dealt with the demon for so long, she had lost count of all the years that had gone by. The exact time didn’t matter, all that did was that it felt like a millennia had gone by, Charlie battling each and every night with whatever thing had possessed her. As Charlie neared the throne, it appeared as if the pull of power was too much for that demon inside her to resist and it control in an instant, its talons wrapping themselves around Wilson and tossing him aside like a broken doll. After it had had it’s fun, Charlie was once again able to control herself, but only momentarily. Each of them wanted the throne, each wanted it in an image of their choosing, but the conflicting thoughts appeared to be too much and suddenly, bang.

There wasn’t any demon, there wasn’t any ‘human’. There was just her. There was just Charlie.

She remembered those details very vividly and she, thankfully, remembered everything before that too. She remembered Maxwell, that damned fool, the root of all these problems.. and, she remembered that scientist Maxwell had tricked into this world as well. She had simply tossed him somewhere around the room. Looking around for a brief moment, Charlie spotted his limp form a few feet away. As she picked the man up, she had planned to simply toss him back into the world, toss him right back to his starting point and let him fend all for himself once again.

But then, she stopped as a thought crossed her mind.

This man, however weak he may seem, was the only one that actually managed to break into this throne room, pushed on through all those trials, all those islands and freed Maxwell, taking his place on the throne. It.. impressed her, to say the least. It would be a shame to let such a useful asset go. Holding Wilson up, Charlie pressed her hand against his chest, that all too familiar shadow forming around it. She let her claws sink in just a little, she wasn’t trying to kill him nor was she trying to hurt him. No, she wanted to turn him. This was a gift, wonderful gift she was so graciously bestowing upon him.

She let her shadows begin to infect him, a slow and probably painful process. It might have been a good thing Wilson was knocked unconscious or he might be screaming. This ‘procedure’ would be over soon, but transforming Wilson to a being like herself would take time. That side of him, that ‘good’ side would have to stop fighting, to slowly lose itself, lose all it’s hopes and just accept the darkness inside it. Charlie hadn’t allowed it to happen overnight, after all. It was years before she compromised.. however, with her around, Wilson’s transformation was sure to be expedited. Dropping him back to floor, Charlie let his crumpled body lay there. She had done her job, she didn’t need to do anything besides that.

With a smile, Charlie walked back to her throne, deciding to sit and wait for her newest addition to awaken. She couldn’t tell how long it would take, but she could bide her time by watching her new world and making sure each and every inch wad to her liking. Wilson was still in eyesight, however, and she’d make sure to be right there as soon as he awoken. She was eager to see what would happen.