broken television

  • Aunt May: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Peter: What about the missions?
  • Aunt May: Fine. Other than missions. And no TV.
  • Peter: My TV's broken.
  • Aunt May: Then no computer.
  • Peter: I need the computer for school.
  • Aunt May: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Ned]
  • Aunt May: No Ned.
  • Peter: What?! No Ned?!
  • Aunt May: NO NED!
  • Bruce: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Dick: What about the missions?
  • Bruce: Fine. Other than missions. And no TV.
  • Dick : My TV's broken.
  • Bruce : Then no computer.
  • Dick: I need the computer for school.
  • Bats: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Kid flash]
  • Bruce: No Wally
  • Dick: What?! No Wally?!
  • Bruce: NO Wally!!!!

Enjolras Needs a Roommate.

•Enjolras is suspicious when Combeferre calls him in for their weekly Saturday Shark Tank Sitting two days early.

•they were on the broken couch, Ferre sitting against the far right cushion, Enjolras laying down with his feet over Ferre’s lap. Near a gallon of dragonfruit Vitamin Water Zero on the floor.

•"hey, so, Courf asked me to move in with him.“

•Enjolras chokes on near a gallon of dragonfruit Vitamin Water Zero.


•yeah, so it turns out that since Marius moved out, Courf was unable to pay the rent. And he had been planning to ask Ferre if he wanted to get a place for “some time” so

•Enjolras was officially out of the picture

•Enjolras was on his own

•"no, no, I’m so happy for you! congratulations.“

•two days later, they moved all of Ferre’s stuff two floors upstairs.

•the broken couch, the TV, the TV stand, all the little articulated bird and bat skeletons, the Thomas Kingcad painting that was once above the TV, and the TV stand, and across from the couch. everything. except the Shark Tank box set.

•once, Enjolras tried to walk into Ferre’s room to ask him a question, and all the weird bird anatomy drawings were gone. most importantly, Combeferre was gone. he still saw him everyday. whatever. with his job making coffee for rich, ignorant people, he’d be unable to pay the rent.

•yeah, Courf, you’re not the only one who can’t pay the rent.

•the next day, Enjolras brought a flier to the cafe that he used his limited knowledge of photoshop to craft and tacked it on the pin board.

JULIAN ENJOLRAS NEEDS A ROOMMATE! Twenty year old in desperate need of someone to split the rent (your half would be 120 a month). No pets over 4 kilos, next-door neighbor is a drummer. I go to school downtown and work here, so I often am often not there. Room comes with free mattress and boxspring left by previous roommate. For further information, call, email, better yet, ask me behind the counter Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (usually Monday and Thursday, too).

•it had those little pull down tabs with his email and phone number on it as well.

•he checked his phone on break and already had a text from an unknown number.

•i’m René Grantaire. I saw your advert in the coffee shop. I’m asking for the further information part.

•before replying, he looked him up on facebook. if he was a rebublican, or didn’t have a facebook, he was declining.

•two mutual friends: Marius and Courfeyrac… nice. the bad decision friends.

•political views: apathetic, at the moment.


•hi, René. thank you for noticing my ad. my best friend just moved in with his boyfriend, so the space is vancant. the space has a really small balcony and i have no pets, save a betta fish which is in my room. roommate before me smoked, but i only do rarely, so if that bothers you, let me know. i keep to myself a bit, and i’m at school all the time. hopefully, i’m not as loud as i am outside of the flat, lol.

•just Grantaire, please. i smoke like a fucking chimney. i’m an artist and that’s messy, and i restore old radios. i’m likely to bring stray cats into your home. if you leave expensive wine on your counter, i will drink it. I will lose my house keys all the time and have to copy yours. i can’t drive. it’ll be like i’m not even there.


•we’ll make it work. as long as you prefer Star Trek to Star Wars.

•you’ve got yourself a deal.

•Enjolras smiled. he was fucking adulting. he had a roommate, he had a new-to-him car, the GSTA he was the president of was making a change. his dad would be pissed as fuck. everything was going according to plan!

•he got another text from Grantaire.

•wait you’re the blonde gay that hangs out with Courf aren’t you?


•guy*** fuck autocorrect right

•Enjolras replied. yes, i am that blonde gay.

  • Taeyong: I have to ground you, I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Haechan: What about the performances?
  • Taeyong: Fine, other than performances. And no TV.
  • Haechan: The TV is broken.
  • Taeyong: Then no computer.
  • Haechan: I need the computer for school.
  • Taeyong: Then no... uh... [glances at Mark] No Mark.
  • Haechan: What?! No Mark?!
  • Taeyong: No Mark!

Jafar: You´re grounded                                                                          

Jay: What about the restock of your shop?

Jafar: Fine, other than that. And no TV.

Jay: The TV´s broken.

Jafar: Then no jumping around.

Jay: I need that for stealing.

Jafar:  Then no, uh…No Carlos.

Carlos: What, no Carlos!?

Jafar: NO CARLOS!!

  • Namjoon: I have to ground you. I'm grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Jungkook: What about our schedule?
  • Namjoon: Fine, other than our schedule. And no TV.
  • Jungkook: Our TV is broken.
  • Namjoon: Then no computer.
  • Jungkook: I need the computer for homework.
  • Namjoon: Then no... uh... [glances around]
  • Namjoon: No Taehyung.
  • Jungkook and Taehyung: What?!
  • Taehyung: No Taehyung?!
  • Namjoon: NO TAEHYUNG!
  • Ally: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Camila: What about the show next week?
  • Ally: Fine. Other than Fifth Harmony. And no TV.
  • Camila: My TV is broken.
  • Ally: Then I'll take your laptop.
  • Camila: I need my laptop to write.
  • Ally: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Lauren]
  • Ally: No Lauren.
  • Camila: What? No Lauren?
  • Ally: NO LAUREN!
Damage my TV in transit and deny the claim? No more shipments for you.

10 years ago I moved for my job. I had forgot about one of my TV’s back home and asked my dad to ship it to me (on my companies account since they paid for my move). A couple days later the delivery driver from Shipping Company A drops it off. The box was heavily damaged so I didn’t sign for it. He waited while I plugged it in and, to no ones surprise, was damaged. He said that he could take it back if I didn’t want to sign for it and the shipper could file the claim. I informed him I was the shipper and would file it here. This was a small mistake but I’ve shipped thousands of parts through this company so I figured it would’t be a problem.

Claim denied a month later. This goes back and forth for a couple months with multiple emails to this old lady and she did’t care at all. She was also very rude to me via email and phone.

Now this Shipping Company A has two separate entities. Parcel and Freight. We solely used this freight company for all of our warehouses across the US. I cut them off at my new store and started using Company B. It only took a month before the salesman from Shipping Company A stopped by. When he showed up and asked why he was losing $20k worth of freight a month I informed him of the $600 broken TV from his sister company a couple months back. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it since it was a separate side of their company and begged for the business back. No dice. This goes back and forth for several months. Our average was about $20-$25k/month they would bill us for and it was a small town so they were very upset that it was only over a $600 TV. I got a check in the mail about a year after I shipped the TV along with a letter from their Vice President.

So I guess this is the “Pro” part. Fast forward a couple years and I’ve been promoted within the company to make certain decisions and one happens to be logistics. NONE of our locations use Shipping Company A. Some months we spend well over $100k but most are around $80k company wide and this has been going on for several years now. We also inform customers to use Shipping Company B since Shipping Company B is awesome and treat us very well. Since about 2011 we have used them country wide. No telling how much Shipping Company A lost over a $600 TV.

Seokjin: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.

Jungkook: What about the showcase?

Seokjin: Fine..Other than going to the showcase. And no TV.

Jungkook: My TV is broken.

Seokjin: No computer than.

Jungkook: I need the computer for school.

Seokjin: Than no…uh.

*glances at Jimin*

Seokjin: No Jimin.

Jungkook: What! No Jimin??

Seokjin: NO JIMIN!

  • Topanga: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Riley: What about school?
  • Topanga: Fine, other than school. And no TV.
  • Riley: Our TV is broken.
  • Topanga: Then no computer.
  • Riley: I need my computer for homework.
  • Topanga: Then no… uh… *glances around*
  • Topanga: No Maya.
  • Maya: *interrupting* What?! No Maya?!
  • Topanga: NO MAYA!
I Love You - AntiSepticEye Imagine

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prompt: "i love you with all my piece of shit, fucked up heart.“

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She had grown used to this feeling of absolute worthlessness and loneliness. It wasn’t new to feel unloved, for the thing she loved put her through hell and back on a daily basis. She knew loving him was a death sentence, but she craved the attention he gave her, and even if it wasn’t real love at least it felt like it sometimes.

The other times it was just a waiting game, see how long it took for him to show back up in her life and ruin all the progress that she had made trying to show herself that she didn’t need him. However, she did, and always caved when he opened up his arms with that grin. It filled her up with false hope that maybe he felt the same about her that she did about him, but as she sat here for the third day in a row alone, those hopes left her.

Wrapping the blanket around her tighter, she squeezed her eyes shut and mentally called out to him. She cried out his name, echoing in her brain that she prayed would call to his attention.

"You called, babydoll?” static filled the air as he stepped in front of her, unravelling her from the cocoon she had secured herself into, pulling her into his arms and holding her close to his chest.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered, nuzzling her face into his chest. He smelled of blood and felt tense, though he was gradually easing up every second he held his beloved to his chest.

“I know, and I’m sorry, doll,” he sighed, moving one hand up her back to slowly card her hair through his fingers. Every bit of stress drained from his body as he pressed his nose to her hair, inhaling the smell of his own shampoo in her hair. She smelled like every bit of familiarity he had left, like an anchor to the home he always felt was slipping away from him.

Meanwhile, he was everything wrong with her. He was so unfamiliar, pulling her away from everything she knew was safe and right, but at the same time he was everything she ever wanted. He offered her a sense of safety and security, she knew with him that he was the only thing that would ever be able to cause her harm in this world.

‘Where have you been, Anti?“ she choked out, tears filling her eyes, "where have you been for the past days?”

He knew that she didn’t really care where he had been, she just wanted to know why he was leaving her so often. This was one of the times she wanted him to lie to protect her from getting hurt, but he knew that there was a point where he just couldn’t do that anymore.

“I had a job, baby,” Anti’s voice was scratchy and like that of static, however it remained soft, “there was some work I had to take care of, some presences that I’ve had to meet up with. You know how the jobs can get…”

“I do know, but please just stop leaving me,” her voice was absolutely destroyed, for a moment it seemed to be holding up but suddenly it shattered like glass and she just began trembling violently, “I can’t keep living like this, Anti! I try so hard to get over you but then you come back in just when I think I’m getting better and then I just become this dependent mess and I just can’t fucking deal with it anymore!”

The girl was out of breath, her sentence dragging on so long that she had to pause before continuing. Of course, Anti was quick to respond, pushing her back from him while keeping his arms around her waist. He put a cold hand to her cheek, bright green eyes flickering like broken television screens as he tried to read his mess of a lover.

“Doll, breath,” he spoke, body seeming to shift out of place as he glitched in place. Anti seemed like nothing more than a nightmare, a computer virus-like demon that she had been so idiotic to fall in love with. His sweet talk and charm had lead her into a spider web of horror that he didn’t know he had spun.

Perhaps Anti had never meant anything of making her fall in love with him. He didn’t cause this, she had just blindly convinced herself that maybe she could change him for the better or teach the heartless how to love. How foolish, to think that anyone such as him could love her.

How foolish… to think anyone could love her.

“I don’t want to!” she spat back, too much on her mind to think of anything else, “I’m so helplessly in love with you and I can’t help but regret it, because I know you can’t love me back! I know you’re not capable of love, and I know it was fucking stupid of me to think that maybe I was different and maybe I could’ve changed you. I know that I’m no different from anyone that you’ve loved in the past, or maybe even if I am it’s just my unstable behavior. I’m so sorry for the shit I put you through because I just want you to love me back!”

The dark void that consumed the place where Anti’s heart throbbed, absorbing every word that had been thrown out at him. He felt powerless for once in his life, so completely broken down by the words of a hurting girl that he wanted nothing more than to protect.

Some long lost time ago in some long abandoned place, he made some long forgotten promise to a girl that he would protect her from all harm, not knowing that he was just shielding her from everything except for him.

He spoke her name, whispered it so softly and held her so gently so that he wouldn’t make her hurt anymore.

“I love you with all my piece of shit, fucked up heart.”

She didn’t speak, didn’t look at him, didn’t breath, just stared off out the window and listened to the static that surrounded him. It all felt so heavy, this weight baring down on her that she had grown numb to feeling pressure against. The hands and arms tangling her in a cold embrace were barely there, just enough pressure that she knew he was there but not enough to ground her.

He waited for her to say anything, waited for her to say that she loved him too or that she was finally leaving him. He waited for her to scream and lash out. He waited for anything, he was prepared for anything other than the silence that followed his statement. The way it was left hanging in the air, not accepted or denied, it taunted him and he knew that she knew this too.

For he was ready for the words that would eventually pour out of her mouth, he was ready for them to tear him down and make him sob even though he hadn’t felt emotions in a long time. Everything about this silly girl he loved made him feel things he didn’t even know he could. Such guilt and sadness flowed through him when he saw the tears that he caused, but he never did anything about it. He knew sorry didn’t mean anything if he kept doing it, but he kept saying empty promises in a desperate attempt to keep his love safe from getting hurt by him.

However, in an attempt to put her back together he ended up breaking her down. He knew it was getting too late to undo the pain he’d caused, but he would try if she let him. Even a monster like himself couldn’t bear to see those he loved in pain, it was too much for him to handle. The thought of the emotions that would come was almost as terrifying as the lack of it.

Until that wall of silence broke, and his beloved looked him in the eyes with this broken expression. She was smiling, but it was going to shatter if he even took a breath. Despite no longer crying, she looked as if she would completely break down again if he moved a single inch. So he stayed still, kept his eyes locked against hers and just listened for once in his life. He didn’t make an effort to console her, just watched as she closed her mouth and opened it once more to speak.

“You could break my heart into a million tiny pieces and I would just put them back into your hands.”

He wished the silence would come back, because now everything was deafening. Her heartbeat was pounding, a steady thump-thump-thump that held the only rhythm in the mess of sound around him. Thunder crashed from outside as rain forcefully hit the window. His own sound of static was drowned out by the sound of both of their breathing.

Anti pressed his forehead to hers, feeling her legs go weak under her so he pulled her body ever closer to his own. Her eyes stayed on his, dilated pupil consuming every bit of light that radiated off of his body and reflecting the intense pain she was feeling.

“I don’t want to hurt you anymore, my love,” he whispered.

“But what if you do?” her voice betrayed her calm appearance.

“Teach me not to,” Anti pleaded, “please teach me how to keep you safe from myself.”

“I will,” she promised, blinking away tears, “if you promise me that you love me and won’t leave me.”

“I love you more all the stars in the sky, my love. I will never leave you again unless I have no choice, I promise you.”

“I love you too.”

  • Liam: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Harry: What about the show next week?
  • Liam: Fine. Other than One Direction. And no TV.
  • Harry: My TV is broken.
  • Liam: Then I'll take your laptop.
  • Harry: I need my laptop to work.
  • Liam: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances around]
  • Liam: No Louis.
  • Harry: *pouts* What? No Louis?
  • Liam: NO LOUIS!
  • Joyce: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Chloe: What about work?
  • Joyce: Fine. Other work. And no TV.
  • Chloe: My TV's broken.
  • Joyce: Then no computer.
  • Chloe: I need the computer for school.
  • Joyce: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Max]
  • Joyce: No Max.
  • Max: What?! No Max?!
  • Joyce: NO MAX!