broken soul

Types of Morenatsu fans
  • The Newbie: Finally downloaded it for the first time and is currently on summer break. They love the game and wonder when the final routes will be completed. You feel sorry for them and hesitate to tell them the bad news.
  • The Veteran: Torahiko? They haven't heard that name in years. Amongst the new kemono visual novels coming out, they seek to fill the gaping hole in their heart left by the once sought after tiger prince. Yet, try as they might, none offers refuge for their broken souls.
  • The "Summer is Forever In The Wind" fan: These are fans who have nothing but fond memories of a fictional summer long gone. While they acknowledge how deeply flawed this game is, they still hold it dear in a corner of their heart. Though they have long moved on, they occasionally look back at a blurry, yet happy memory and sometimes express this through fan art. This is considered by some the best ending.
  • The Angry Ex-fan: These fans once held this game dearly and at some point even shared their love for it to others. For reasons unknown to their peers, they come to deeply regret ever loving it. Any time this game comes up, they offer their bitter opinion on how much they resent this game and lament how seemingly immortal it is. Despite this, they will assert that their husbando's route is The Only Good One and still save fanart of them. They also likely hate Kouya.

[ Something’s different. Something’s happening. ]

[ Four old souls of broken glass,

Can you tell of all that passed?

Tell a tale of time undone,

Reach the surface and it ticks by one.

Voided lives and cyan shards,

All of thee who won’t regard,

of Sinners and those who will remember,

of Saints and those who will dismember. ]

Kiss Me Under Manchineel

Kiss Me Under Manchineel

Shall we slip inside the shadows? 
Not as we once did, so forlorn,
But together to laugh at the gallows
With nothing here to mourn?

If on our way I stumble,
And fall towards biting thorns, 
You will save me from the tumble,
You have not the Devil’s horns.

If you stare too hard at nightmares,
Tricked by false words and doubts,
I will shine furious through their glares, 
As your candle in those blackouts.

In the gloom ghouls lay their traps,
The predators for their prey.
But we can form care-taken maps,
We’ve each spun our ballet. 

Let us eat Mount Laurel’s nectar,
Please kiss me under Manchineel,
In the land of wretched spectres
For I know that we can heal.

Hidden here inside the dark, 
Where broken souls come to grieve,
We’ll explore each other’s landmarks, 
Smiling as we turn to leave.

So shall we slip inside the shadows? 
Where once we walked alone?
Together in forests no-one knows,
Clasping hands as we stride home?