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Don’t Touch Her (Wade Wilson Award)


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Here is the last Bucky award request. I only have two more award requests left after this one, a Steve one and a Thor one. Anyway look out for those, enjoy! Thankyou to my beta readers: @nerdgirl78 and @supernatural-pants.

HYDRA was very good at stamping out any light in the world. That was all they did. Took something beautiful and pure and broke it down until it was twisted and dark. They seemed to take joy in destruction, and that was exactly how they created their most prized possession. Darkness was all the broken soldier knew. It seemed to encompass his entire being, blackening his soul and shadowing his every move. Wherever he went, darkness would soon follow. However, there was a small beam of light in his otherwise dark world. You. You’d been brought to HYDRA a few months ago, after they discovered your powers of telepathy and mind control. Apparently, they believed you to be of some use to them, so they took you in the dead of night and threw you into a cell in what looked like an old abandoned bank vault.

The first time you met the soldier, two guards came in with his arms slung over their shoulders, dragging him along as his chestnut hair fell over his face in waves. Pushing yourself back into the corner, you stared out at the new people in the room, frowning as you heard only static from the brunette’s mind. “The director is on his way.” One of the guards barked in Russian, barely glancing in your direction as they dropped the soldier on the cot and marched out of the room. In the silence that followed, you could hear the laboured breathing of the soldier, watching as his broad chest rose and fell as he struggled to catch his breath. Shifting your weight, you noticed the piercing grey eyes of the brunette snap over in your direction, fear clear in his gaze. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” You whispered, knowing exactly what he was thinking despite your powers not working on his frazzled brain. Brow furrowing in confusion, the soldier pushed himself back against the wall, looking a lot like a startled animal. Suddenly, the steel door crashed open, causing you both to jump back. A tall, greying man strode in, flanked either side by an armed guard. “Soldier.” The man spoke, raising his chin as the soldier jumped to attention. Eyes flickering down to you, you noticed the quirk of the imposing man’s lips as you glared back. “And hello to you too sweetheart.” He cooed, squatting slightly to be closer to your eye level. Snarling, you went to move towards him, before being struck with an electrical baton, leaving you curled up on the ground, whimpering in pain. “Enough.” The greying man barked, standing back up to his full height and gesturing for the guards to back off, “We need Miss L/N’s cooperation, in some… sensitive matters.” The man spoke, the order clear in his tone.

After your first meeting with the Winter Soldier, you quickly learned that Pierce’s intentions were for you to further improve their mind wiping system, ultimately taking control of the soldier’s mind and cementing his place as HYDRA’s puppet. However, you weren’t planning on just complying to their wishes. You’d been kept in the dark cell with the soldier for what seemed like weeks, but was more likely only days, and despite the fact that he hadn’t spoken a word to you, you refused to be the person to take away his last shreds of humanity. Of course, refusing to adhere to HYDRA’s demands did not come without its consequences. Every few hours either Pierce or one of his cronies would march in and drag you out, subjecting you to beatings and various other methods of torture, trying to make you break. But you refused. Retreating into your mind and trying to close yourself off to the agonizing pain they were administering.

What seemed like hours of torture later, two guards dragged you back into the cell, dropping you unceremoniously onto the hard floor and quickly retreating. Whimpering softly in pain, you tried to stay as still as possible, as not to strain any of your new injuries. Too focused on the pain tearing through your body, you didn’t notice the dark haired soldier move from his place on the cot, and make his way towards your slumped form. “They hurt you…” The soldier murmured, his voice hoarse from disuse. Startling slightly at the sound of his voice, you groaned as another flash of pain ripped through you. “Yes, they did.” You choked out, eyes locking with the soldiers confused grey ones. “Why didn’t you… just do what they asked…” He spoke softly, dropping down to his knees by your side, finger ghosting over your injuries, as if testing for any more serious damage. “You don’t know what they want me to do.” You whispered, cringing as his fingers touch a particularly deep cut. “They want you to take control of my mind.” He said matter-of-factly, a crease forming in his brow. Nodding, you frowned at his acceptance of the fact. “Yes, they do, don’t you understand why that’s wrong?” You asked, pushing yourself up slightly so you were closer to eye level. Shaking his head, the soldier just opened and closed his mouth as if trying to form words. “I’m not gonna do it, no matter what they do.” You whispered, your eye sight going a bit blurry as the pain finally caught up to you. With a shake of his head, the soldier hooked his one flesh, and one metal, arms beneath you, moving you over to the cot and placing you down gently. With a watery smile, you traced the outline of the soldier’s jaw, watching his eyes flicker down to where your hand touched his skin. “Sleep.” He murmured, turning away from your touch and taking a seat on the floor, facing the door in a guard like fashion.

You and the soldier quickly formed an unlikely friendship, if you could call it that. Every time you were brought back from whatever torture they decided to inflict that day, he would scoop you up from wherever the guards had dumped you and place you gently on the cot. He would then check your injuries and make sure they weren’t too intensive. Over time, he started putting up more of a fuss when they would try to take you away, standing in between you and the guards, and even occasionally lashing out. Of course, this didn’t go down particularly well with the heads of HYDRA. The torture only got worse when they did manage to get you out of the cell, actively trying to make you suffer now, instead of just trying to get you to do their bidding. After a particularly nasty set of beatings, a guard you now knew as Rumlow, dragged you back into the room and dropped you just inside the door. “Here’s your bitch back, Soldier.” He spat, retreating as soon as the soldier started stalking towards him. “It’s getting worse.” The soldier growled, picking you up carefully and cradling you against his hard chest. Only able to let out a small whimper in reply, you gripped onto his black vest, the bite of the material against your fingers distracting you only slightly from the pain in the rest of your body. Laying you on the cot, the soldier took a seat by your head, letting your fingers curl in his brown hair. “When are you gonna give in Doll.” The soldier murmured, knees pulled up to his chest. “Never.” You said forcefully, linking your fingers with his. Sighing he just shook his head disapprovingly. “You’re the only one I can remember who’s never tried to get in my head, even though you had the biggest chance to.” He whispered, thumb running over your knuckles.

The next time Rumlow swaggered into the room everything felt different, you were still weak from your previous beating and you could barely move. Sensing your dread, the soldier practically jumped up from his position on the floor, snarling at Rumlow like a wild animal. “Stand down.” Rumlow scoffed, arms folded across his chest. “No.” The soldier retorted, for the first time speaking up against one of the guards. “No?” Rumlow parroted, confusion clear on his face. “Do. Not. Touch. Her.” The soldier growled, metal arm shielding you from Rumlow. Retrieving his radio from his side, Rumlow quickly ordered for back up, just as the soldier launched himself in his direction. The two grappled for a minute, before what seemed like hundreds of other guards stormed in, some pinning the soldier down by his arms and legs, while a few others forced you to your feet and hauled you out. As you were being dragged from the room, to the sounds of guard’s yelps and the soldier’s grunts, you heard Rumlow sneer, “Wipe him.”

I need to pretend that you were never here
I need to forgot the 2am conversations 
that still echo through my ears
as we sat under starry skies
that are forever burned into my eyes
I need to let you go the way you did
when you left me to save the world
because I can’t handle knowing
which side of the gun you’re on

The scene in the Wonder Woman trailer of Diana climbing out of the trench has the potential to become one of the most iconic scenes in superhero movie history.

They took something we’re all familiar with, trench warfare, and placed a superhero in the middle of it. We’ve seen many World War I movies with scenes of trench warfare. The scenes of soldiers rushing out of the trenches, running to their deaths. Those scenes are always heartbreaking and tragic. You just wish it wasn’t happening, that they could be protected.

To put a superhero in those circumstances is an incredibly moving decision. Our hearts have always broken for the soldiers who rushed from the trenches onto the battlefield and were shot dead or blown up. Now we’re seeing a superhero come out of the trenches with them, coming out of the trenches to protect them. The very thought of that makes me want to cry, because few people in history needed a superhero more than the soldiers in trenches in World War I.

Broken - Bucky Barnes x Reader

I LOVE your writing. Can you do a Buckyxreader about how the reader is an avenger but she had a history similar to bucky where hydra experimented on her etc. and she goes out on a mission and Bucky is worried for her? Angst and fluff please! Thanks

You were just finishing up loading your gun when Bucky entered your room, he slid in and shut the door beside him. At first you were too distracted to notice his melancholy expression. “Hey,” you greeted happily, putting your gun into its holster and turning to face him. Bucky had been your friend for a while now, when you joined the Avengers he was the one you managed to get along most with and that’s because you share a similar past.

HYDRA had kidnapped you when you were just a small child, from the age of ten they shaped you into a cold-blooded murder, turning you into a weapon and stealing your humanity. The experiments they did on you were cruel and to this day affected you rather horribly via nightmares.

More often than not, at night time you’d find yourself in Bucky’s room, and you’d allow him to hold you and reassure you that HYDRA will never get you again, because he’ll protect you. And then the next morning you’d wake up and pretend that the night of weakness had never happened, he would respect that and pretend along with you.

“Y/N, I don’t want you to go on this mission.” He admitted, not even bothering to beat around the bush. Not that you minded, one of the first things that attracted you to him was how honest he was and how he didn’t feel the need to dance around certain subjects.

You placed your hands on your hips and cocked your head to the left, curious as to his reasoning behind what seems like a rather unjust statement. “Can I ask what your reasoning is?”

This made him step forward and grab a hold of your hand, one of the many intimate actions you two had grown use too. “This is HYDRA, Y/N.”

“I’m aware,” you nodded.

A primal growl escaped from his lips at your ignorance, “this isn’t a safe mission for you to go on, I really don’t want you to do this.”

You mistook his words as Bucky calling you weak, which hurt even more so because this was a mission which regarded HYDRA. It felt like he was pointing out all those nights you came to his room and calling you puny because of it. Swiftly, you took your hand out of his grip and took a step away from him so that you could proceed to step around him and walk towards the door. “No mission is safe, Winter Soldier, but I don’t think what missions I go on regards you.” Your use of his old codename was petulant, you wanted to make him hurt like he had just hurt you. And from the visible wince he performed, you knew you had hurt him.

As you left the room he stormed behind you, apparently becoming even more aggravated that you were now running away from him. In a matter of seconds he grabbed your hand, twisted you around, and pinned you to the wall. “I care about you Y/N, I’ve been there for you every night you had a nightmare and I held you as you sobbed over what HYDRA did to you. HYDRA, Y/N, HYDRA. They messed you up in so many ways, and they did the same thing to me; if I could get my revenge I would, but I can’t, what I can do is protect you from them so you’re never hurt as badly as you’ve already been hurt. So don’t you dare say that what you do has nothing to do with me.”

The intensity of the look he was sending you had managed to actually silence you, there was an overpowering need within you to say something but words just wouldn’t come to mind; so you just stood there, opening and closing your mouth repeatedly until Natasha suddenly rounded the corner and interrupted you with a cough. Both yours and Bucky’s head turned to face her, “well, well, well. Saying your sweet goodbyes?” She smirked, internally laughing at her own joke.

You gently pushed Bucky away and thankfully he complied. “Are we leaving now?”

“Yep, I’ll meet you at the quinjet though, obviously you two have some unfinished business.” Nat winked and went to walk away but you quickly stopped her and left Barnes to stand in the hallway alone, it’s not that you suddenly disliked him. Not at all. If anything you felt even more overwhelmed by your internal emotions for him after what he’d just said to you, but you still needed to go on this mission despite what he’d said.

All you wanted to do was get through the mission and maybe do some thinking about what the relationship between you and Bucky really means.

What none of you had expected was for the mission to surpass two weeks, it was only meant to be three days but there were complications. And no one except you and Nat were aware of said complications, which was simply that your ship got shot down mid-air, but that’s all, after that you were perfectly safe and just taking a while to get from Russia to your home at the Avengers base.

Those two weeks for Bucky were awful, he spent each day and each night just thinking about you and all the horrible things they might be doing to you. He even had a nightmare which involved you going back to HYDRA and Bucky having to willingly put you down, just to save you from any more of their torture. After that dream, he barely slept. Steve tried to reassure him, saying that they had Tony watching out for any sign of them but days continued to pass by without any word from you or Nat.

Another restless night had passed by when JARVIS awoke him to the news that you were in the infirmary, at first he thought he was hallucinating. Once reassured that this was in fact not a dream, he ran down stairs, his legs moving faster than they had ever before.

When he reached the door he still had to stop himself, still had to question if you were real or not. You’d certainly looked better, your hair was greasy and nest-like, and your skin was marred with dirt. You look malnourished and dehydrated (he noticed the water in your hands, feeling a little relief that you were getting some sustenance), and yet you had a smile on your face. “Bucky,” you greeted almost breathlessly, “hi.”

“Hi,” he swallowed, surprised at the overwhelming emotions that swirled inside of him like a hurricane, all from you saying a simple ‘hello’. “What the hell happened!?” He suddenly yelled, the sappy reunion spoiled for good.

You visibly winced at his words, “our ship got shot down and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere.” Nat spoke up, not at all liking his tone and she made this clear through her own venomous tone. “Honestly, it’s thanks to her quick thinking that we’re even back here, if you knew the crap we had to go throu-“

“Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted, knowing that Nat wasn’t herself right now. It really had been hard, when you were crashed down to the ground neither of you had money and all forms of communication were broken. And seen as you were in the middle of nowhere it had been impossible to find a single phone, eventually you managed to get on a boat to America but then you still had to suffer through the lack of food and water which made you two weak and extremely ill. “What matters is that we’re home.” You held out your hand towards him, hoping he’d take this as a sign that you needed to feel him once more, it had been two weeks since you’d heard his voice or felt his presence beside you, and it was two weeks of pure torture.

Thankfully, he accepts your invitation and grabbed your hand with his non-metal one. He was warm, while you were freezing cold. This pushed him to abruptly envelope you, his warmth now completely covering you and making you feel mellow both on the outside, and the inside. “I thought…” His voice broke off, he couldn’t continue with what he was saying.

You didn’t need him to as you had no doubt that whatever he’d gone through, you’d experienced something very similar. “I know, but its okay.” You placed the cup of water down so that you could use both your hands to grip his head, forcing him to look up into your eyes. “I don’t plan on going anywhere for a while, mainly because of my injuries, I’ll probably need to do some more training but the other reason I’m staying is because, well, you know-“

Bucky didn’t let you finish, instead he kissed you. “I know what you mean,” he mumbled with his lips still pressed against yours. And it’s true, he did understand. He also understood how hard those words were to say, because you’d just discovered the emotion ‘love’ after years of being surrounded by the complete opposite of that word. And because of that you didn’t entirely have faith in ‘love’, but you had faith in him. And he had an equal amount of faith in you. Because even though you are broken, even though you are different, even though you are haunted, you’re still capable of feeling such miracles.

The Softest Touch -John Watson-

Originally posted by longlivejohnlock

I’ve been sitting on this idea since These Words of Mine because after watching Mary die and then John go through all that self hate after her death, I thought he deserved some fluff. This one wasn’t requested!

John Watson is a man made of self loathing and anger. After the loss of his wife, it takes him several days to be openly willing to people. When he runs across you, the woman who makes everyone smile with just her personality, how can he turn down the soft touches of compassion to the heart broken soldier?

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Let me love the pain you’re going through. I think I saved myself by saving you. Let me love the lonely out of you. 

Loneliness was one of the cruelest crosses to bear. You’d been through that tunnel more times then you could count, and you always knew whenever someone else was going through that same tunnel. The anti social tendencies, the harsh words, the avoidance of eye contact.. It wasn’t hard to pinpoint. 

The easiest person you ever read was Doctor John Watson, the esteemed colleague to the infamous Sherlock Holmes. You’d taken up frequent visits to the library just a few blocks away from Baker Street, and the cafe that sat directly beneath it. The first few times he’d seen you, you were normally consoling someone after a particularly rough day. He’d been drawn to you with your kind eyes and the smile that seemed to always scare away the demons lurking beneath. 

  “You should see this woman Sherlock. She’s got this incredible way of scaring off peoples fears and doubts.. She’s incredible.” 

  “Sounds like you’re hung up on her, Watson.” 

And the truth of the matter was, he was completely enamored by you. That was how you found yourself on a date with him a month after your first conversation in the pouring rain outside Baker Street. Unbeknownst to him, you were the new occupant of 221C that had just moved into London from Kettering and had spent most of your time attempting to map out the city. 

Days turned into months and months eventually turned into a year. But things took a turn when it hit six months, and you came to your flat only to find John in a personal torment, smashing most of his possessions in 221B to bits. 

It had gotten so bad that Sherlock had specifically called for you. 

  “John.” You breathed, lightly squeezing Sherlocks hand as he gestured you inside the flat and quietly shut the door behind you. John was sitting in the middle of the shag carpet, rocking back and forth with his head tucked between his knees. Your heart fell as you knelt in front of him, far away enough that if he were to lash out again that he wouldn’t hit you. “John love, please look at me.” 

  “All my fault.” He whispered in a mantra. “She shouldn’t have died- Mary’s death was all my fault.” 

You exhaled and pressed your index finger and thumb against the bridge of your nose. “None of what happened is your fault. Sherrinford wasn’t your fault, none of this is on you, John Watson.” Slowly you took another step forward, focusing on the sound of rain falling on the window panes outside. John winced as you knelt in front of him and slowly reached outward to grasp his hands. “You seem to be having a panic attack, sweetheart. You need to focus on me and breathe.” 

Touch number one, hands. To bring him back to reality, John had to tightly grip your hands and focus on the sweep of your thumbs across his knuckles. His breathing deepened as you inched closer once again, your knees now touching. 

  “I-I have a daughter.” He murmured to himself. “How do I take care of her without her mother? That’s not fair to Rosie-” 

   “Every baby girl needs her father to uplift her.” You said quietly, your fingers curling around Johns jaw as you cupped your face in his hands. The flat was quiet as his blue eyes met your y/e/c ones, now inches away from his face. He exhaled slowly as your thumb trailed up to his lips and began to outline it. “And every woman wants a man to love her.” 

  “You-” He shuddered as you leaned in and lightly kissed him, not wanting to overstep boundaries. “You don’t want someone like me.” 

  “I want you, John Watson.” You whispered against his skin, closing your eyes as his hands ventured to your waist and sat in place there. “All of you. I want to know you as you. The haunted, heart broken man. I want to know all your scars and all your war stories.” 

That was all it took for John to somewhat come to his senses, slowly lowering you to the floor of the flat. Your pupils dilated as he scanned your body before his eyes once again met your own, his hands on either side of your head. “Touch me. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, y/n… I just need to know I’m still worth something to a woman.” 

  “You are worth everything to me.” 

Your fingers trailed up to his dress shirt where you slowly began to unbutton it, sliding the shirt off his shoulders and tossing it on the chair. Fingertips ran over taut, scarred skin as you wondered at the marvel of the man who was John Watson. He did nothing to stop you - continuing to breathe deeply as you mapped him like an artist dragging her brush across an empty canvas. 

  ‘’The loneliest people are the most damaged.” He said quietly. “For a while I couldn’t see it, but it’s there. The loneliness in your eyes.. It’s always been there. That smile, the touches, the words.. You try to hide your own cross by taking up others. It’s-” 


  “It’s incredibly sad.” John said quietly. You exhaled sharply and lifted your hands to your cheeks, wiping the tears that were beginning to trickle down your skin. “You don’t have to be so strong anymore y/n. We can.. We can work on carrying our crosses together.” 

Your body deflated as you let out a guttural sob, curling into John as he guided you towards the fireplace. He tucked a pillow beneath your head and grabbed the quilt Mrs. Hudson had crocheted for Mary as a wedding present, draping it over the two of you as he pressed his chest into your back and wound his arm around your waist. A sigh left your lips as he slowly began to run his fingers through your hair in hopes to cam you down. “If I go to sleep, are you going to be here when I wake up?” You said wearily, burrowing deeper beneath the blanket. 

  “I’m not going anywhere. Not ever. Besides, how can you carry something so heavy if there’s no one here to help you?” 

I think I saved myself by saving you

Let me love the lonely out of you 

                                CHOKING ON YOUR A L I B I S



He’s been attached from the beginning, little Carl Powers and his poisoned shoe laces. That was the case that brought Sherlock Holmes to his attention – the funny detective who didn’t play nice with others. It was a mild curiosity to start with, but after the war and with friends to help him with his games it was so easy to play the broken soldier. It was so simple to make the poor man believe he had a friend.

There’s not much to this verse- it’s very as it says on the tin. John Watson has been James Moriarty from the beginning, he met Sebastian Moran in the army. The two were old friends, and with his help John has been pretending from the beginning.
Richard Brook was an innocent who was manipulated into taking his own life, Euros Holmes was too disturbed and excited to realise the joke. Even poor Mary didn’t realise the monster she married wasn’t the man she fell in love with.

If you want to get involved, tag your starters with v; mr brightside
Yes, it’s sort of insane (we gave it a dumb tag to match ok) but wouldn’t it be fun?




Just send me a message HERE to say you’d be up for the first rain to crazytown. If people like it we might do a groupchat or something?

Broken (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: This is the second part, you can find previous part here.

Warning: mention of torture

Originally posted by staralbums

Reader’s POV

It was a long night and I couldn’t sleep, my stomach hurt from pizza. I ate too many slices, how will I train with Steve in a few hours? I really ate too much.

˝I hate you Scott˝ I murmured in my pillow.

My alarm started beeping, it was already time to get up. After taking a long, cold shower I went to the kitchen where I could hear voices. Immediately recognizing them. While, entering the room, I heard Steve saying Bucky something about Iceland, which was strange because we never had a mission there.

Was he telling him about me? He wouldn’t do it, would he?

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Widowmaker sighed quietly and rolled her eyes. “Why are americans always so dramatic?”
She grabbed a hold of his chin to keep him still. From what she saw, the Soldier had taken a beating, but as they were not even members of Talon’s Organization, she eliminated them without remorse. But as they had tied him onto the chair to keep themselves safe, Widowmaker did not release him yet. From what she knew, he was very dangerous and even when harmed, strong as well.

She pressed a small cotton pad against his lip and cleaned it with the antiseptic before studying his body, looking for other wounds.

“Got any broken bones there, soldier?” she inquired before taking a step back and throwing the bloody pad into the dumpster.


john-silverheart  asked:

Zarya, Roadhog, Pharah, Mercy, and 76? :D

Pharah: How closely do you think one should follow the rules?
-depends what the rules were placed there for, and how logical those rules are. Some are meant to be broken!

Soldier: 76: What do you think you’ll be like at 60?
-hopefully not alive omg

Zarya: How do you bounce back from difficult situations?
-I try not to be affected by them much to begin with. Won’t have to bounce back if I’m immovable to begin with :P

Roadhog: Bacon, sausage, or neither?
-both are pretty good, depends on what I feel like eating?

Mercy: Do you prefer to give or receive?
-I like giving. Making someone happy with a gift or something feels great.

Heroes Miss Home Too
  • Heroes Miss Home Too
  • The Feral Lady

This is for my beautiful and talented girlfriend, @kawaiideathcult   

So I recently started watching Voltron Legendary Defender at the same time I started Stranger Things… and man… let me tell you… Waves and waves of inspiration hit me like a fire truck. 

The music is absolutely gorgeous and so 80s, I wanted to make an instrumental piece for the babies of Voltron inspired by the music in Stranger Things.

I originally called this, “They’re Just Kids,” but then I liked, “Heroes Miss Home Too” better. The order of the movements is:

1. The heroes reminisce. Pidge, Lance, and Hunk think about their home and family. Allura and Coran speak of Altea.

2. Sendak and the Golra. Shiro on the Golra ship and in the arena.

3. The Champion or the Broken Soldier. Rescuing Shiro.

4. “They’re not exactly the best and brightest.” Voltron and the Team.

Re: Important Music

When @feuillyadeux​ was visiting we were talking about music and this post I made 2 years ago so I thought I would make another list for them [ft. the music that was important in 2016]

  • Rueben Hudson: When I Was Sixteen
  • Josh Ritter: Sermon on the Rocks
  • Tim Hecker: Ravedeath
  • Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers: Incongruent and others
  • The Mountain Goats: Transcendental Youth, Heretic Pride
  • Bon Iver: Bon Iver Bon Iver

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so go on and leave my love out on the street, I’m fearless. you better believe it, I’m fearless. fearless.”

I covered Colbie Caillats’ fearless because to me it’s the epitome of a hopeless romantic with a broken heart soldiering on and not loosing their faith in love. This song got me through the last year so I thought I’d share my version on it with you. 

Some of my favorite Destiel fanfics on AO3

(Rating) Title/link - Au [Important tags]

will add more later

(E) Painted Angels-    Artist!Dean, Writer!Castiel

  •  [Violence, Child abuse, homophobia, Suicide attempt, drugs and alcohol]

(T) How Dean and Castiel Got Fake Married-  Cas is a human

  •  [Implied rape, Domestic violence]

(E) Fools Rush In-       Human au

  •  [Suicide attempt, Torture, Past sexual abuse]

(E) Sweaters and Cigarettes- High school au

  •  [Violence, bullying, alcohol]

(T) No Day But Today- High school au 

  • [mentions of suicide, violence, self harm, hospitals, abuse]

(M) The Last Moonlight Serenade- Cas and Dean are in WWII

  •  [Past abuse, wartime, PTSD, racism, Drug use, Implied suicide, alcohol abuse]

(E) Bless the Broken Road-  Past Soldier au

  •  [PTSD, Referenced child abuse, homophobia]

(E) Blind Date-  A/B/O au

  •  [Rape, Threats of rape, Attempted murder, Implied/referenced torture, Mpreg]

(E) Hideaway ‘Verse- A/B/O au 

  • [human trafficking, rape, lots of bad things happen to Dean,Mpreg, Heavy Angst, lots of warnings]