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Aesthetic & Mechanics

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In this post, I’m defining aesthetic as the what of my practice and mechanics as the why and how

In other words: Aesthetic is what it looks like and Mechanics are why and how it works.

For a very long time, I was a witch and a pagan with a strong set of mechanics, but I was weak on aesthetic. I chose not to have a consistent aesthetic because it felt stifling to me. 

(It can go the other way too, for the record. I could just as easily have had a very strong aesthetic without much sense of mechanics. For example, if I’d been a green witch who knew what herbs to use for which purposes, knew how to combine them into certain formulas, but didn’t know why those herbs are effective or how they work once they’re deployed.)

The thing is, aesthetic and mechanics can and do inform one other.

I do have a very strong aesthetic now, and it evolved directly from the way I thought about myself as a witch and the way I thought about magic and the way it worked. 

For me, these things were representations of the way the universe was created and how I fit into it, so naturally, a space aesthetic started to develop. Water and the ocean followed suit, bringing their influence to my aesthetic based on the way they fit into the mechanics of my practice. Finish that with a layer of the underworld (or otherworld, if you prefer) and now everything is tied together.

They coalesced into an aesthetic I generally refer to as “Queen of the Void” which is, simply put, star maiden meets evil queen.

You can see the Queen of the Void aesthetic at play on my tumblr @glowingnowhere

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It works the other way around as well. Aesthetic began to create practices and mechanics once they were put into play in my life.

My Queen of the Void aesthetic is actually slightly more complicated than star maiden and evil queen. I turned several aspects of my beliefs and practices into “characters” that allowed me to easily codify their aesthetic.

So when I say “Evil Queen” what I really mean is, this is magic, this is cursing, this fear, this is rage, these are wounds. 

When I say “Star Maiden” what I’m getting at is, this is hope, this is a piece of the whole, this is a seeker, this is a calling, these are wishes granted.

Of course I’m also saying the same thing each time.

“This is power. This is power. This is power.”

I knew that all these pieces I had made fit together, and I understood they were all just different facets of the same whole practice, the same whole worldview, simply broken down into the media that best expressed their individual function.

I didn’t realize how connected they were to each other and to me until I realized that I was playing out the same cycle in my own life that I had put into theirs. 

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Each part of my aesthetic filled a slot on a wheel and then I realized, oh. I’m on that wheel. I’m in that cycle

I suppose my aesthetic actually created a kind of personal mythology for me, and that allowed me to see where I was in my life and what role I was playing, and where I needed to go.

Not only did this give me a deeper understanding of my own aesthetic, but relating to it in that way gave me the tools and the steps that I needed in order to begin healing myself.

In other words, my aesthetic directly led to the creation of new mechanics in my practice and my life.

This is power.

Anti-SJ folks do not understand that their very belief that they NEED to compulsively boo every pro-victim-of-oppression post just so people don’t start making up oppressions or spouting fake facts is bullshit because all of these marginalized communities are self-policing.

I cannot truly, accurately describe the level of insultingly and incredibly unnecessary anti-SJs are. They do not need to exist.

First of all, these communities already have a steady stream of people who disagree with them, who always chop up their arguments and offer a counter-perspective on why they’re wrong: Bigots. Oppressors. Enforcers and puppets of the status quo.

Social media gives broken up, silenced, marginalized groups access to audience and communication that was not before possible because they were ALREADY highly criticized, ALREADY silenced, ALREADY insulted, ALREADY spoken over, ALREADY disagreed with.

You are not doing anything new!

Furthermore, on the more rational side, there are ALWAYS intra-community and inter-community posts talking about ‘hey guys it’s wrong of us to x, y, z’ and ‘this is why this part of our activism is problematic’. If you say you haven’t seen these constantly, there are only two options:

1. You don’t see them because you actually do not even follow or associate with said groups, because your interest in activism is a performative and shallow cover for your bullying.

2. You do see them, but you choose to conveniently forget that you did, and instead cherrypick examples of social justice posts that misinform and exaggerate, also conveniently forgetting that people WITHIN the ‘identity community’ it’s aimed at are among the people critiquing it.

We don’t need you. We are fully capable of critiquing our own because we are not a hivemind. People who are apathetic are not the sole proprietors of rational thought, and it’s beyond absurd that you think so.

No one needs you. No one wants you. And you are not doing anything new or useful. Because you choose to hold the attitude that the only pleas for equality that are ‘ok’ are the small requests and humble grievances, you choose not to actually stay abreast with what is going on in these communities and instead only surround yourself with people who antagonize them, meaning your standpoint is too biased and based in hate and apathy to matter.

I’m not an sj-blogger, just, you know, not an asshole. And I see posts about LGBT issues, anti-Black racism, racism and oppression between LGBT identities, call outs for mentally ill people who are abusive, gay men who are sexist, black women who are transphobic, etc etc. I get informed, educated and corrected by mutuals, followers, and strangers all the time. They are people IN the communities. Gay guys talk to gay guys about when they’re wrong, Black people tell Black people when they need to do better, so on and so forth.

We do not need assholes whose sole purpose is being contrarian and rude to ~let us poor idiots know~ when our rationale has logical issues of nuance and perspective. The only thing you achieve is silencing people online, as if they weren’t already being silenced for decades before tumblr, reddit, etc were ever made.

It just bugs you that you see people agreeing with the people you are so used to being on the fringes of your existence. It bugs you to know that you’re privileged. It bugs you to be told you are complicit in oppression.

The thing is if you weren’t a dick, your response to this info wouldn’t be to dedicate your time to shutting it down.

Again, stop lying to yourself and thinking you’re ‘helping’ by offering brief, rude, un-nuanced additions to SJ posts or scrolling through SJ-related tags just to add short hateful comments to post after post. Literally all you’re doing is being a troll. And honestly the very fucking least you can do is be honest with yourself about that.

Clipped Wings

Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic

Rating: M


Riko Moriyama/Kevin Day, Neil Josten, Ichirou Moriyama, Andrew Minyard


Graphic Depictions of Violence, AU


Riko Moriyama survives the meeting of Neil and his brother after the Raven’s lost game - but at what price?   Kevin would never accept that some people declared a life not worth living anymore - least of all the young man he had grown up with. 

Chapter One - Broken crown

“Riko Moriyama is Not suicidal”, Kevin Day said with conviction.

“Well, seems he is”, Matt answered, “Did you seen his interview? He stepped down. Looked like a ghost.”

Last week, the Ravens had made it public: Riko Moriyama was stepping down as team captain and leaving the Ravens. All hell had broken loose on social media. Watching the interview had made Kevin’s skin crawl, but he had spoken to no one about it. His own team was still celebrating their well-deserved victory and Neil’s freedom.

This evening, the Exy sports community had held its breath when the news about Riko Moriyama’s suicide attempt had gone viral. The young striker had been found near death after OD’ing. Riko Moriyama doesn’t do drugs, Kevin thought bitterly. Something was very wrong here.

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friendship w mcelroy brother broken, now internet based media exclusivley made by non- cishet white ppl is my best friend

literally im starting a podcast no one can do anything right. i gotta get out there

Hilly the tadpole

Hilly the Tadpole

an OC created by @nomorelonelydays 

* Elliot Hill aka the cutest and smallest out of all the tadpoles. He’s not shorter than Bitty but he’s no where near 6 ft either
* Hilly is part of the #melaninpoppin squad with Ransom and Nursey. Their selfie game is so strong its broken Samwell’s social media scene on multiple occasions. Then when Hilly got his septum pierced he made it to Samwell’s 50 hottest, which had never been done by a freshman in all of Samwell history
* Being from North Carolina, Hilly has been adopted under Bitty’s protection like he did Chowder when he was a tadpole. When Bitty found out that Hilly could cook he squealed for two days
* Whiskey, Tango, and Hilly are the new trio and they are constantly in a prank war with the frogs. R&H are proud of their kids
* He goes couponing with Dex because he understands the addiction coming from a family of 7
* Hilly is the only one, besides Lardo, who knows Bitty and Jack are dating and occasionally refers to him as Dad when taking to Bitty about him
* Jack occasionally sends him things, just to give bitty a break from all the gifts he’s sends, and signs them as Dad to keep the Haus from suspicion
* He’s fluent in spanish, because he took it from elementary all the way through high school and is minoring in it at Sawmill, and watches telenovelas with Tango. They also probably argue in Spanish when they get mad at each other
* Hilly was really into boxing when he was younger, he wanted protect himself since he was so much smaller than all the other kids in his grade. He has a mean left hook that he really put to use when he was in middle school, so now he’s calmed down a little and doesn’t fight as much anymore he really enjoys the element of surprise when he puts drunken guys in their place at kegsters.
* He’s the new person in charge for Nursey patrol
* Hilly has one secret that he has kept from everyone except for Whiskey, Bitty, and Jack. He has a boyfriend, who’s on the Lax team, and his name is Brady aka Bunch, because the Lax Team is shit at making up nicknames. And they are so cute tbh
* Bunch calls Hilly, “Ellie the Wellie”. Hilly tries to act indifferent but it totally makes him blush
* And yeah Hilly is the cutest tadpole in the history of the Haus

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Girlfriend Jimin

hyoyeon version; here

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  • jimin would be such a perfect girlfriend omg
  • she’s the leader for a reason and I think that she suites the role perfectly, it’s not just a title to her, ya know?
  • she’s very good at understanding ppl so she can read your emotions & situations really well, always knowing when you’re upset and why. and then doing her best to fix it. she shoulders so much of your pain that it’s ridiculous
  • “jimin, I’m fine, stop worrying about me!”
  • “that’s a lie. you’re touching your chin and you only do that when you’re frustrated!” her tone starts off serious, so you know she’s not going to take your weak response as an answer. but then her voice softens & her eyes take on a puppy dog effect. “what’s wrong? you can tell me anything, you that, right?”
  • is so cuddly and loving
  • screaming so hard whenever she so much as blinks on ‘unpretty rapstar’, even tho you’ve recorded the episodes and have watched her season ten times already
  • & she pretends to think you’re embarrassing but loves rewatching her scenes with you and seeing how your eyes light up & you cheer her on
  • jimin loves casual dates, where you both look like a normal couple, and she can relax and not worry about her image
  • has rapped for you many times
  • most of the raps are playful and she’s just trying to make you laugh only to end up laughing too hard to finish
  • but there are times when she’s sat down to seriously write lyrics for you, that she’ll mostly rap but one time, for your birthday, she sang and you cried so hard that she cried too
  • “stop crying! I always cry when I see your tears!”
  • plays your fav songs on guitar
  • if she’s mad at you, will give you the cold shoulder or ignore you for a while. but that’s just her initial reaction. it doesn’t take long for it to sink in that it won’t help the situation
  • her ability to communicate is excellent
  • will always talk things out with you, so you’re at this point where you’re so comfortable and trust each other so much
  • choa tells you so much shit about jimin tho omg
  • when they’re on tour, she’s always sending you pics of jimin drooling in her sleep or texts you like “ugh, she won’t shut up about u make it stop my ears hurt”
  • the girls support the relationship so much
  • hell, all of fnc does
  • there’s no real drama in the relationship because of the way you both communicate and how you two express your love often. there’s a sense of security and trust that cannot be broken, even by media rumours or gossip. all the beautiful idols she works with mean nothing to her, not like you do, and you’re aware of this. she cherishes you so much that you feel like no matter what, you’ll never be able to return that love as strongly as her