broken knuckles and no one's proud

Fearful Love Part 5

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,609

Warnings: language, hints at being in an abusive relationship

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anonymous asked:

prompt? Will kissing Hannibal's bruised knuckles ?

“You’re hurt,” Will whispered, lifting Hannibal’s hand to his lips. He pressed a single kiss to the blood pooling there.

“Was this not what you desired?”

Will smiled, dark and full of teeth. “He got away. What did you expect me to do?” Will punctuated his words with another kiss, licking copper from his lips.

Hannibal’s eyes shone, proud and dangerous. Another kiss to his hand sent the beast shivering in the dark. He let out a broken little sound. “You like to watch me fight.”

Will grazed the last knuckle with his lips. “And you like it when I watch you.” One last kiss. Will lowered Hannibal’s hand back into his lap. “All better?”

“Not entirely. My lips have grown quite sore, as well.”

“I’d better not kiss them, then. I wouldn’t want to make it worse.”

Hannibal gripped Will by the nape, pulling him close. “I’m afraid your kiss is the only cure.”

Will smirked and let Hannibal pull him in for the softest of kisses. When they parted, Hannibal’s smile illuminated the dark.

“Better now?”

Hannibal narrowed his eyes and held Will closer. “I’m afraid you’ve only made me ache all over.”

“Oh,” Will purred, melting into the touch, “now what’s to be done about that?”

[hannigram fluff therapy]


“What the hell are you apologizing to me for? I’m not the one you punched!” Lexxy yelled, dropping her cup and rushing forward. She grabbed Harper’s fist, ignoring that this was the closet she’d been to the older girl in almost a month. And this was just a great way to meet up again wasn’t it? Harper’s hand in hers because she had punched a guy, while Lexxy was still silently fuming over the girl Harper had been talking to. Out of everyone at the party she had to pick Alana? Harper should’ve known she was bad news with the amount of bitching Lexxy had done about her. She had an aggravating habit of playing with hearts like they were toys, and Lexxy would be damned if Harper was going to be another one of her victims. She held them up to her eyes. “I think you might’ve broken something but I can’t tell with all the blood in the way. Come on, let’s go back inside the beach house and get it cleaned up.”

Harper glanced over at the man, who was still sitting in the sand, cupping his nose as he bled. She wasn’t sorry about that. She was still kind of proud of how much she was able to hurt him. Lexxy took her head, and Harper froze. She looked down at her swelling knuckles and bit her lip. “I.. Okay.” She said. Not really knowing what else to say. 

Jealousy, a Half Bad fanfic

Summary: What happens when Gabriel is being an insecure idiot (Nathan’s words, not mine) and he gets jealous over Annalise. High school AU. Smut.

Warnings: didn’t you read it above? Smut. Rating E.

Comments: SO MANY. Here I’ll just say this: I can now proudly self-proclaim the First Author of Smut of this fandom. What a day to be alive. More comments to come after dinner in a separate post, if you care ;) Have the smut while I cook.

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