broken jar

as days and weeks pass,
i continue to stare
into the eyes of a ghost,
into the memories of fear
and pain,
i cannot forget the pain,
trust shattered
and love engulfed by flame.
i see the rage in his eyes
over and over, staring down
his barrel of hatred.
this gun of lies
makes me want to disappear.
i still remember the first time
more than words came out
of that body,
(only once were there bruises.)

no marks to prove harm
equates to no harm at all,
the world shifts blame
onto those who’s shoulders
are already heavy–
i already had
enough burdens to carry.
i do not need the weight
of another’s mistakes.


the word was uttered
once or twice,
i despise the idea that this
was an error of judgment,
as if the destruction of my safety
equates to broken glass jars
and misplaced keys.
(this wasn’t an accident.)
so much of this house
is held together by silence,
“something happened”
their eyes say;
“but its not something
we need to speak about.”
they do not care that this fear
is eating me alive,
that this pounding and shaking
never seems to stop.

(i think it was my fault.)
my soul has been ripped
from the inside out
and i can’t fix myself
when your hands are still there,
tearing, clawing at my throat.
day and night,
this fear continues.
(and it is never going to stop).
—  poeticallyordinary, i’m very bad at talking about things, but do you think this is a good poem to give my psychiatrist?? (thoughts please)

Remarkably, we’ve pretty much had the Amelia Earhart mystery solved ever since partial remains were found on an island… in 1940. That’s right, 70 years ago. Only four years after she vanished.

To be fair, half of the bones were carried away by giant crabs, and the rest have since been lost because nobody thought it was important or even curious that a skeleton should turn up on an island just southeast of where Amelia freaking Earhart was going. Neither did it strike a chord that the remains turned out to be those of a white woman with Earhart’s measurements, or that they were found alongside a pocket knife, a broken cosmetics jar, a piece of glass from an airplane windshield and the same exact type of navigational system Earhart had been using. It’s inconclusive, dammit!

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