guys, i'm 23 hours and 44 minutes away from winning this laptop that i desperately want .... crossing my fingers and all that stuff ... i really want it .. but i can only spend $250 on it .. and i'm already at $177! I have my max bid at $200 though .. i raelly really dont want to spend over $200 ... afjeioufj8293fjal f.
The plan

I figured if continue school and graduate in less than 2 years with a degree in education, I’d be stuck with a $30k student which would probably take 10 years to payoff, when a TSA officer that makes just as much full time doesn’t need a $30k degree. I’m not saying college is a waste of time but if I get the job as a TSA officer, it would be nice to know I don’t have to worry about making my student loan bigger than it already is.

So the plan: continue college if I don’t make it into TSA. If I do and I don’t like it, then I can always go back, although I might join the Air Force just to get rid of the loan :/