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What I Need Now Is You

Reaction fic to 6x06. Missing scene(s) with Kurt and Blaine at Mr Shue’s apartment. G-rated. Super lame title because I’m literally the most uncreative person ever in the morning.

It is weird, to say the least, hanging out at Mr Shue’s apartment again. There are too many new kids to make Kurt nostalgic – but it does feel like family time and he is immensely grateful to have everyone by hisside. Especially considering how hard it has been to settle back into his Lima life these past few weeks.

And yes, he’s not gonna lie, he is a little anxious to see Blaine. Theyhaven’t talked much since the elevator incident. They both have been avoiding Sue like the plague and other than a few choir-related text messages and a bit of small talk when Blaine drove over to McKinley to help out with the performance for Rachel, Blaine has been fairly quiet as well. So, now, two weeks and three days since their kiss (not that Kurt’s counting, he just happens to have a good memory), Kurt is both excited and scared to talk to Blaine.

But he isn’t here yet. Kurt busies himself gushing over Daniel Finn with Jane and Roderick and at one point decides that Rachel and Sam have had enough alone time on the couch and need some company. They don’t seem to be bothered by it and Mercedes actually throws him a little fond smile when she makes her way over as well. He admires her for being so strong about this when all he can think about when he sees Blaine with Karofsky is –

Oh. Karofsky. Blaine is bringing him along, isn’t he? Kurt can’t recall if there had been extended invitations for significant others but then again, that would have only been relevant for Blaine, anyway. He can feel his face fall and his mood only picks up a tiny bit when Mercedes pours everyone a glass of champagne. Maybe he can do this. If she can be supportive of Rachel and Sam, then he can do the same with Blaine and Kar– Dave.

After a few more minutes of conversation – mainly Sam impersonating Sue, which is actually very entertaining – Kurt can feel himself relax. Maybe it’s the alcohol, maybe it is the fact that he is surrounded by so many people he cares about, but by the time the doorbell rings (and there’s really just one person that hasn’t arrived yet), he is calm enough to get the door.

He can feel Rachel staring at him pointedly when he gets up quickly and makes his way over to the door but he ignores her in favour of his slightly speeding heart. Just remember, be civil and supportive, he tells himself as he nods at Mr Shue and takes the last few steps before opening the door.

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