okay so Happy Lan was like “are you… leaving me? please don’t leave me” and then he was SAD and then Nynaeve BROKE THE SYSTEM And USED THE POWER which was supposed to be impossible/deadly and she left even though she was super sad and DANG IT THIS IS NOT FAIR

can you guys help me? okay so I joined a scholarship contest because I’m broke and desperate reasons and I was wondering if you guys could help me out and vote for my entry so that I could like… win the scholarship and help me achieve my dreams. please. i have to be one of the top 3 to win the scholarship. you can vote here: [link]. just click the blue button with a thumbs up with a +1 right below my work and that’s it. thank you guys.

the contest is closed. thank you for all those supported me :D

"And so that was that. The Web of Time broken again because of me."

"But you said nothing!"

"I told you! I saw you die!"

"The Time Lords could have addressed the problem - it’s what they’re for!"

"The Time Lords!? You really don’t get it, do you? I saw you die! I was grieving!"


"Oh you stupid man! Do you understand? I wanted you back! More than anything I wanted you back and to have told you would’ve been to let you go. I wasn’t ready for that - still not."

Big Finish, Brotherhood of the Daleks

TDE Artist Spotlight ONE: Ab Soul Discography. [2009-2012]

Long TermJanuary 8, 2009.

Free Download [HERE]

Longterm 2: Lifestyles of the Broke and Almost Famous - June 28, 2010.

Free Download [HERE]

Long Term Mentality. - April 5, 2011.

Studio Album [HERE]

Control SystemMay 11, 2012.

Studio Album [HERE]

The man who is hell bent making the buff go crazy is at it again. Brand new just in time for summer, Super Fun Summer Sticker Pack is featuring all new designs drawn specifically for this pack. All art made by BROKE*ONE*PTV*STM

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- 3 hand made stickers includeing on us postal size

Originals were drawn to size and never vectorized or touched by a computer to preserve the authentic line quality most of the time.

About BROKE aka Beer is Good 

”The artist that has put up thousands of hilarious stickers, posters and tags all over the bay, off and on since the mid 90’s”

Please do not place these over other people’s work in the street (stickers, tags, etc). Endless Canvas and the above artist believe in expressing respect to everyone.

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the quad compass thing is ridiculously ovvercomplicated and just encourages humans (and others) to play troll culture off as ‘too complicated to understand’ and thus not make the effort to learn anythin 

intermixin quads and fluctuatin betwween them is not a wwhole different damn quad its called vvacillation 


Broken string.
Still amazing.

the-crane-dance replied to your photo “What the hell heart? I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell you how to…”

How have you been measuring your heart rate? I could do with this to track mine being funny!

I’m using my Galaxy Note 4 since it’s a built in thing (couple other Samsung phones have it) but I know there are some apps out there too just not sure how accurate they are. I’ve heard people find the apps accurate…if anyone has any the like maybe you all could share the names and whether they are iOS or Android. 


Me and H have officially become the rebels who broke the system.

The weekend went very well, and we shared quite a few heated kisses in her car, and chilled at her place.  I’m short sighted and we also fooled around trying on glasses frames so I could select a pair.  So I was very happy <3

Today, my maths lesson was cancelled due to an ill teacher so I went to relay the events to H, who chuckled all the way through my rant.  ”You’re pretty het up about this, aren’t you, Bright Eyes?”

"Well, yes!  It’s not like I wasted time doing the homework, or anything."

She giggled again and looked at the clock; then turned back to me with a devilish smirk.  ”Want to blow this joint for a bit?”  Yes, she was suggesting what you’re all thinking; sixth form and staff  can go out during frees and lunch breaks.

Oh H, my little rebel, I like you <3

We treated ourselves to an early lunch break, and decided to drive to the far side of my town, and it made me feel like we lived in a movie.  We decided to get junk food, and eat outside, curled up on a grass verge and just enjoy the time we had granted ourselves.  It was a bit chilly today, so she wrapped us both her her jacket as best as she could.

I lay down and nestled against her, and we innocently lay there, and cloud watched, after she had gone into theatrical description of her she shouldn’t be having junk food, really, but had checked to make sure I laughed.  We enthused and shared daft stories about what we say in the clouds.

After giggling like children, we lay side by side, facing each other.  ”That imagination of yours…  I wish I had that.”

"Oh shush," I whispered.  "I wish I had you’re everything.  You’re perfect, H."

She giggled, and blushed and I thought this was beyond adorable, and motivated me beyond belief.  I gave her gentle kisses on her forehead, and cheek, and told her the many things I love about her, both physical and mental, and she soon returned the favour.

In the end way lay there for a little longer, in each others arms, sharing the occasional gentle kiss.  In time, we got up and had a look around the small corner shops (I live in a very boring town, okay?) and we someone ended up buying Mood Rings as a laugh.  They became a bit serious once we were outside and wearing them.

"Oh," exclaimed H, raising my hand slightly to inspect it.  "I see your ring has gone a deep shade of purple, Bright Eyes.  You know what that means, don’t you."

I did indeed, but I acted like I didn’t.  She smirked and leant in, letting her hand rest on my jaw.  ”It means you’re in love…  Mine’s the same colour.”

We shared a long, intimate kiss, and when she pulled back, she whispered; “I love you, you love sick fool…” and I have never felt so happy <3