Waaaaah, I got a new bag and it’s beautiful.  T^T  At first I was like…I am an adult, I cannot get a shippy bag, but then this art was so beautiful and it’s the right size to fit my gigantor day planner, and now it’s here in person and I don’t regret it at all.  Even my husband loves it. XD 

Bag from here.   (I also bought a print of the Niall same old shit but a different day art, and it’s amazing too.  >_____>)

Dragon neopets babbling.

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I had such a shitty day today like fr, my phone got stolen :-(((( like i worked my ass off for that. then i was walking to the band room and someone hit me with the door and it broke my bag!!! also i might not have a job anymore bc of new management at my work, fuck fuck fuck today

Things that happened today:
- Tea egg broke so I had to filter it before drinking.
- Burned my hand (apparently turned the stove on accidentally, even on highest temperature and then rested my hand near the plate).
- Spilled my bag at the bus stop and the bus left before I could pick up my stuff.
- Voice coaching didn’t go well.
- Ran into someone I don’t like, forced into friendly conversation.
- Sirup bottle broke in my bag - sticky groceries, note sheets, clothes, scooter, legs, fingers, bandages, … And not to mention that one time I decide to spend more money on the good sirup, I have like 2 spoons of it to use now.
- More pain in my burned hand because I had to clean everything.
- Probably sunburn, possibly new blisters tomorrow, definitely some dizzyness.

I better just stay at home in my bed now to avoid this day.

i am convinced i am cursed because

  1. i smashed my phone screen
  2. my bag broke walking home
  3. i bought a hot chocolate and it was just.. hot milk wtf
  4. i only have 84p to my name

so now i have to sell my prom dress for money :( it has been a struggling day rip i am so stressed!!

Instrument Building - Another Visit to the Mechatronics Lab (21/04/15)

Today, I made a return visit to the Mechatronics Lab; because I wanted to learn more about soldering and made a new microphone (The previous one broke in my bag). I made a minor mistake on my second microphone, with soldering the wire to the jack. However, I succeeded at my third attempt. During the last attempt, I paid careful attention to the chemistry behind the process. I noticed that the soldering iron melts the solder, which then takes a semi-molten state and is placed on one of the materials to be soldered; it then quickly dries. From a scientific perspective, solder is a fusible metal alloy that is capable of joining different work pieces together.

My third contact microphone; the only mistake I made was forgetting to put the plastic component of the audio jack onto the wire. But on the other hand, I learnt that insulation tape can be used to fix this problem and what to look for when using it.

@ferragamo I feel like I cheated on Bond No. 9 but the sample broke in my bag & I swore I smelled good for 2 days so I had to buy it! Hmm.. white mimosa is next on the list! @saks your associates had me running back in a second day! That’s loyalty!

Thanks for the late birthday present, early enlistment present and the impeccable timing because my bag broke. I love y'all deep deep 😘😘