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I fell in love with Tom 2 years ago, saw him twice IRL, second time my little brother mentioned how I would probably not even notice if I met a guy like him who wasn't famous. So I found I guy very much like Tom last year, we fell in love, had a wonderful year. Until three month ago, when he started gradually turning away from me. We broke up last week, after he stated he didn't love me anymore. So please provide more Tom ASAP. Reassuring Tom, soothing Tom, it'll-be-alright-Tom. Really need it.

How about some smiley tom to maybe make you smile??

33: Old Thangs & New Thangs


Double tapping the photo of Mikaya and Madi, I quickly commented on the picture with the heart eyes. Although I didn’t come around as much, I still loved my girls. We’ve been through so much together and I’ll always have love for them. 

Madi invited me to her small house warming get together last week, but I just couldn’t go. Being around the friends that we share would have been awkward for me. All types of “why” questions would have been brought up and I really don’t want to answer them. 

Austin broke up with me three months ago. He told me he wasn’t happy and he hasn’t been for a while. Just like any relationship, we had our ups and downs- but he couldn’t remember the last time there had been an up. He just felt like he had to stay just because. 


“I just don’t wanna do this shit anymore. I don’t know when I started feeling like this, but I know I don’t want to stay in this relationship.” He sighed as he sat on the other side of the bed. 

“We’ve been arguing so much in the past couple months and I’m tired of it. I feel like we’re both holding on to something that ain’t gonna get no better. So what the fuck we still with each other for?” He continued. “This shit is dead and there’s no use in trying to hold on to it.” 

“Austin, I can- I know I’ve been a little selfish lately, but I can change. I swear!” I cried as I climbed into his lap. “Ashley, it’s not that.” He sighed. “Is it sex? We can try-” “Ashley, there is nothing you can change about yourself to make me stay. We both know we don’t wanna do this anymore.” He said as he pulled me off his lap and onto my bed. 

We both? I didn’t want this. He gave me no say so in this. The tears I was shedding, the pleas, the questions, the suggestions… Everything that ran across my brain to save us, he shot it down. He didn’t ask me how I felt about any of it. He just let go of me.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled as he stepped out the room, out my front door, and ultimately- my life. 

That was three months ago and I’m still crying, still heartbroken, and still not over him. Speaking of him, he’s coming over today to get the last of his things. Thank God too, I’m tired of being reminded of him. 

In all honesty, I want to move on with my life. I wanna be done with him like he obviously is with me, but for some reason, I can’t. Maybe it’s because we ended so abruptly without my input or maybe not. 

The doorbell rang and my eyes doubled in size. He wasn’t supposed to be here until 1. It was only 12:45. I rolled out of my bed and pulled my Nike work out pants and bra. “I’m coming!” I yelled as he started to bang on the door. 

Huffing as I walked down the hall to the front door, I swung it open. “Damn girl.” I heard Kaya screech. “I need my body to look like yours.” Mel whined. “What are y’all doing here?” I laughed as they sauntered into the house. “We just wanted to see our favorite Nike model.” Kaya smiled. 

A few months ago, I signed with Nike as a brand ambassador and one of their models. Along with my great job, I also got invited to do a couple music video shoots. I haven’t decided if actually wanna do them though.

Playfully rolling my eyes at her, I shut the door. “Where’s Madi?” I asked as we all waked into the kitchen. “Probably getting pregnant.” Kaya blurted out before popping her gum. “Seriously?” I asked. The last time I heard Madi say the word pregnant is when Mel was pregnant. Kaya laughed and shook her head. “I’m just talking shit.”

“Speaking of pregnant, how is my little pumpkin Dominic?” I cooed. “He’s amazing.” Mel smiled wide. “He’s getting so big so fast too.” She whined. “You should see his chunky self.” Kaya giggled. 

“I’m sorry I haven’t been by to see him, Mel. I just.. I just been avoiding any type of contact with Austin.” “I understand, Ash. But you can’t let that boy run your life. We’re your friends too. We miss you.” She pouted. “I miss you guys too.” I sighed. 

“I’ll come around more, I promise.” I said as I offered them some small snacks. “Good, I’m tired of miss new mommy over here.” Kaya laughed. “Speaking of mommy, when are you getting pregnant?” I raised my eyebrow at Kaya. “I wish y’all would quit with the P word.”

“Girl, stop playing. You know Anthony been trying to shoot your club up.” Mel said before we all started to cackle. “I’m not about to play with y’all.” She smirked. “Yeah, Anthony plays with you enough.” I laughed as I dodged the apple slice she threw at me.

My phone went off, showing “Babe 😍😘🙈💍” on the screen as Austin called me. Yikes. I really need to change that. “Hello?” I answered as Mel and Kaya watched me closely. “I’m outside.” He said. “Okay.” I replied before hanging up.

Without another word to the girls, I headed to the door. “Hey.” He greeted as he walked inside. “Hi.” I replied awkwardly. I shut the door and he went to greet Mel and Kaya quickly. “Um, the box is upstairs in the closet. I’ll help you get it.” I told the girls I’d be right back and began to climb the stairs with him behind me. 

I pushed the door open to my messy bedroom and I opened the closet and allowed him to get the box filled with his clothes, shoes, and other personal items. He quickly picked threw it and pulled out the medium sized bear he had gotten me on my birthday. “You don’t wanna keep this?” He asked. 

I shook my head, indicating a no. “I still don’t know what to do with Bobby the Bear.” I said pointing to the giant bear in the corner of the closet. He chuckled and nodded. “Okay.” He closed the box, picked it up, and finally stood up. We sauntered downstairs and he told the girls goodbye. 

I sighed and my hand landed on the necklace sitting around my neck. My eyes started to burn as I though about the exact moment he gave it to me. September 14th. We went out to eat and he gave it to me when we were sitting in the car. That was also the same night he told me he loved me. How things have changed. 

“Alright, see y’all.” He said as he was about to leave. “Austin, hold on.” I stopped him. I reached behind me and unlocked the necklace before handing it over to him. Watching threw my burning eyes, his jaw clenched and he looked up at my glossy eyes. 

I didn’t know what to say, and he looked like he didn’t know either. So, I told him goodbye and shut the door. Not even realizing the girls were still here, I slid down the door and sighed. 

He wasn’t fighting for me, for us. He really was done with me. “Aw, sweetie. Don’t let it get to you. Trust me, I know it’s hard right now. But it’s for the best.” Kaya hushed me. “I know.” I sighed. “I just wish it didn’t hurt so bad.” I said as my throat began to burn. 

“Stop wallowing in sadness. Get up, make some money, and stunt on his ass!” She said making me laugh. “I love y’all.” I blurted out. “We love you too boo. Don’t let this shit get you too far in the dumps.” Mel added. 

“Madi wants us all to come over, are you down?” I thought about the fact that this would be yet another get together and there was a chance I’d see Austin. But, I was tired of hiding from him. I wanted to chill with my girls and I wanna have fun. “Hell yeah, let me shower and get dressed.” 


“Oh shit!” She moaned. Grabbing just enough hair, I wrapped it around my fist and pulled her head back, just enough for me to stick my tongue down her throat. Digging deeper inside her, I could tell she wanted to let out a moan, but I wasn’t letting her.

I finally pulled away, biting down on my lip, and sped up. The only sounds heard throughout the bedroom were her moans, harsh breathing and our skin smacking together. “Chris! Right there! Oh my.. fuck!“

I let her hair go and she hid her face in the pillow. I gripped the right side of her waist and I pushed down on her back with my left. Got damn, that arch was something serious. I smacked her ass and she proceeded to throw it back.

This was just supposed to be a quickie, but a nigga couldn’t help himself. This shit was so wet, and warm.. damn. The arch that was once perfect- helping me drill her g-spot- was damn near gone.  

Reaching in front, I let my fingers craze her clit as she warned that she was about to cum. That shit always drove her crazy. “Fuuuck! Babyyy.” She whined in defeat. Her walls tightened around me as she started to tremble. 

Got eeem! 

She always seemed to curse when she was orgasm, saying she couldn’t control herself. The F word seemed to be her favorite, with an occasional “shit.” It was always funny to me, because Madi didn’t curse that much. So, to know that I could drive her so crazy that she’d curse like that, was funny. 

When she finished shaking, I pulled out. I pulled the condom off, that Madi insist I wore, and walked in the bathroom to flush it. “Fucking condoms.” I muttered as I plopped back down in bed. Crawling over to me with her bottom lip embedded in her teeth, Madi made her way beside me. Leaning over, she grabbed my dick, and before I knew it, it was down her throat. 

Damn, a nigga needed to bust a nut. I’d prefer it be inside her… But in her mouth would be just as good. “Damn.” I mumbled as she deep throated me. Sliding me out of her mouth, she ran her tongue up and down before sucking on my balls. 

She came back up to the top, licking the head, as my hand entangled with what was her straightened hair. Shit wasn’t straight anymore. Her natural curly hair was now present and my baby looked good, even with my dick down her throat. 

Bobbing her head fast as I hissed, she had a nigga ready to bust. She started humming and a nigga lost it. I had been holding this nut back for too long. I needed this. Thrusting my hips upwards, I fucked her mouth until I came. Groaning as I mumbled out a few curse words, I watched as Madi swallowed before wiping the corners of her mouth. 

“That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.” I smiled with my eyes low. The weed I had smoked earlier plus this nut had a nigga feeling good. Madi’s cute giggles filled the air as she laid against my tattooed chest. 

“What time is it?” Madi asked as she traced my tattoos with her pointy finger nail. “1:35.” I replied after picking my phone up from the night stand. “Oh shit!” She said hopping out the bed. She scurried into the bathroom with a quickness, making sure to leave the blanket she was wrapped in at the door. 

Before I could even ask her what was up, the doorbell sounded throughout the house. Pulling on a pair of Black Pyramid sweatpants quickly, I hopped down the stairs, listening as someone made a beat against my door. That could only be one person. 

“My nigga, you really gotta do that shit every time you come over here?” I said as his big ass walked in. “My bad nigga.” He chuckled as he walked in. We walked into the kitchen and he made himself comfortable, like he normally would, grabbing an apple as he sat at the bar. 

“Where my favorite little dude at?” He asked for Christian. “School.” I replied. “School? Ya’ll got him in school already?” He asked. “It’s just daycare. We felt bad leaving him with family all the time and Madi didn’t want a nanny, so daycare was our next option.” “That’s what’s up. Get lil dude started early.” He nodded. 

“Babe, who was- Jayceon!” Madi smiled as she came into the kitchen. “What’s up mama?” He said pulling her into a hug. “I’m good. How are you? How are your kids?” She asked. “I’m good. Still a fine ass nigga, you know?” His cocky ass answered. “The kids are great too, Cali’s been missing you. She talks about you everyday.” “Aw, that’s my lil boo! I gotta come see her pretty self soon.” She said. 

Another knock came from the door, and Madi went to answer it. “I was bornnn by the river!” I heard Mikaya loud ass sing. “River, ri-ri-ri. I was born by the river, I was shaking that ass. Bendin’ ova poppin’ pussy, I was making that cash!” She continued. “Yo, that’s Kaya crazy ass?” Game laughed. “Yeah, that’s her.” I chuckled as I shook my head. 

I head their group laughter and they walked in the kitchen a second later. “Hiiii brother!” Kaya smiled as she hugged me first. “Wassup lil Ant.” I replied as I hugged her back. “Boy, stop.” She laughed as she went to greet Game. I hugged Mel, and was surprised to see Ashley. 

“Well, look who it is.” I smirked. She covered her face as she walked over to me. “You know I’m just playing with you. You my sister, for life. No matter what happens between ya’ll.” I stated. “Thanks Chris.” She smiled. 

“Oh, let me introduce you to my boy Game. Ashley this is Game, Game this my lil sis Ashley.” I said pushing her in front of him. “Jayceon.” He smirked as he eyed her down. Oh God. “Nice to meet you.” She giggled. 

“So, where your man at?” He asked as he asked as she made her way across the kitchen. “Excuse me?” She asked. Game was real bold with whatever he did. That nigga had no shame and he never gave a fuck. He was trying to talk to Ashley, no doubt, and wasn’t even trying to be discreet about it.

“Ain’t no man, bih.” Ashley said making us all laugh. I loved Austin and Ashley together. I mean, my cousin was happy and so was my lil sis so why wouldn’t I be? But, Austin informed me that they broke up because he was unhappy. I couldn’t debate with him. I’m happy he got out so he could be happy. Ashley was taking it hard, but deep down she knew it was for the best.

“So that means I can fill the position?” He asked. “I’m not looking for a man.” She replied quickly. “Can I be your friend then? Everybody needs a friend.” He grinned. “Friend? Nah. That’s how these two started out and look where they are now.” She said pointing at Madi and I.

“Chile please. Chris was never trying to be my friend for real.” Madi laughed. “True. I was tryna shot her club at the second I saw her fine ass.” I said earning a laugh from Game, but a smack from my baby mama.

“Nah, for real though. You look like you need a real thug ass nigga in your life.” He said licking his lips. She bit her lip and watched as he continued to talk his shit. Damn. The only thing I could think about is if I just brought these two together and how Austin would feel if he knew.

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I was in love with a boy for six months and he allegedly was with me too. We broke up three weeks ago when I found out he's been flirting with and telling one of my bffs that he loves her. I don't want that scum back but it still hurts

Of course it hurts. Just give time and do things you like. He doesnt deserve you.

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My boyfriend and I broke up about three weeks ago, and I act like a hate him around everyone, but honestly I don't. We had a very weird relationship and I think he used me. He used to make me show him my boobs over Skype. I was very uncomfortable with it, but I continued to do it for about four months. We never went on a real date, he never really treated me like anything in public, and it just wasn't working anymore. But I think I love him. I know I do. I don't want to but I do.

It’s okay to feel that way because you felt a connection to him even if it was one way. It is good that you understood the toxicity of the relationship. It’s time to completely cut him off if you haven’t already. Don’t answer his texts like delete them before you open them or if you can block them. Block him on skype and Instagram and Facebook all ways in which you could possibly get into contact with him. Go out of the house with friends and have some fun and eventually one day you’ll be over him.

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Okay so I like this one guy and he likes me but we're best friends. I'm totally okay with that but the thing is a few months ago his three year girlfriend broke up with him through a friend. So, yeah.. Just anonymously telling you about my crush >^>

Sounds likea pretty solid foundation.  Best of luck dear anon!

I have three friends: Z., J. and B.
Z. had a boyfriend a few months ago, he broke up with her on her birthday!
That boy now cyberbullied J.
Also, he asked B. to be his girlfriend.
B. seriously plans to say yes, but she is not sure because ALL her friends hate that boy of course.
I seriously hate that boy so much, i am almost sure he will break my friend her heart, but B. really seems to like him.
What should i do?

Three years ago, almost to the date my best friend, and other half was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer; not to mention my boyfriend of three years broke up with me that day also, after i had told him. But no matter what, it was way too late and she was going to die from this. I was 17, months away from starting my senior year of high school and I felt like my entire life was about to fall apart at any second. I didn’t know how much longer I had, I honestly didn’t even want to think about it. I had to be strong, at least around my Nana. I cried every night, I didn’t go out much, I isolated myself from everyone including my family. I’d leave family events early because I just couldn’t come to terms that, maybe next year my grandmother wouldn’t be sitting there with us. She and my grandfather (papa) raised me for the first 4-5 years of my life. Every school break I was at their house, my Nana was my best friend, Role model and the one I looked up to most. She was there through literally everything, including me getting pregnant and having a miscarriage at the age of fifteen. Everty thing seemed to be going fine, chemo was working, the lympnodes weren’t growing; in fact they were shrinking. year later, right before I graduated she was care flighted to Saint Mary’s because she had fell in her bathroom while trying to take a shower. I thought my world was about to spiral out of control and I contemplated dropping out multiple times. All I wanted to do was be there for her and help her with whatever she needed. She went home about 8 days later, just to be care flighted again July 13, 2013 where she stayed in the hospital until she passed July 24, 2013. During this time I was in training to ship out to basic training for the military (Army), I was SUPPOSED to leave August 13, 2013 to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. on July 21, I had just gotten to the hospital to see my Nana before I went to work for the day to find she wasn’t in her room. My heart started racing. Did I not get to say goodbye? Where was she? So many thoughts were going through my mind at once. Finally a nurse came in and told us my Nana had a stroke earlier that night and that we should tart saying our goodbyes because it wouldn’t be long before she was gone. I didn’t go to work that day, I quit. Everyone was pissed, I didn’t care. I couldn’t leave that hospital. We got to see her awake for about the next hour or so, I kept telling her it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later, I had to try with all my might not to cry in front of her because even though she was the one with cancer running through her entire body at this point she was the one holding this family together. Once she was put into an induced coma, all I did was cry and hold her hand, I couldn’t find the words to tell her how much I was going to miss her, but rhat it was okay for her to let go, I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I Spent the next three days in that hospital, I didn’t leave once. She passed away around 2 am July 24, 2013 holding my hand. My papa and I were the only two in the room, nurses came in and checked everything out, made sure she was actually gone before confirming the T.O.D. I couldn’t believe this time had come so soon, eighteen years just didn’t seem like enough time to spend with someone that practically raised you from the time you were born until the time you graduated high school. Two weeks later I was supposed to ship out, I didn’t. I tore my quad and was disharged. Nothing seemed to get easier, it just lept getting more and more fucked up. I got a job, moved out of my moms, started collged, I also started doing anything to numb my body and take away the pain, anything to keep my mind off of it I would do. I started drinking exsessively, smoking pot and having sex…..A LOT. The pain never really went away, that was until I met the one person who let me open up entirely to them. I couldn’t talk to my mom, she said she had it was worse than anyone and didn’t really care how my little sister and I were feeling about the whole situation because it was all about her at the time. Stephen gave me a shoulder to cry on, and and ear to listen. He never once told me I was overreacting, or told me to suck it up. He was one of the only people that helped me through the healing process, he let me yell, cry, scream, hit but most of all he loved me and told me that no matter what it would be okay because I had him. To this day, we talk about it a lot, I miss my Nana more than anything in the entire world. But what I have learned is that you don’t need to run away from your problems, insecurities, fears or what have you. Someone, no matter who that someone is, they will always be there for you. Even if you absolutely hated this person at one point, like my bf, someone will be there to listen, they won’t judge you, they’ll be there to hold you and comfort you as long as they possibly can. Things may not seem like they will ever get easier, you’ll have good days and bad days, but as long as you take it one day at a time, things start looking up and you start to realize that there can’t be a rainbow without a little rain. It’s been almost two years since my Nana passed and I still think about my her every single day; I wonder what we would be doing at that exact moment during the day if she were still here. We’d probably be on the beach somewhere in California soaking in the sun, having the time of our lives like we did every year around my birthday, which was yesterday. That’s what’s keeping me going day in and day out, memories last a life time and I have enough to last me until I’m up in the sky dancing around with her. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her or think about her, but knowing she is no longer in pain makes it a little bit easier, but those last three days are still stuck on replay in my head. It’s literally all I think about… but through all of this, I gained a guardian angel that will always be looking out for me and I strive every single day to make that woman proud. She touched the lives of each and every person. She came into contact with. I hope I become at least half the woman she was. She was an inspiration to all. If anyone ever, ever, ever needs anyone to talk to my ask is always open. Dealing with loss is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and you don’t ever have to be alone. ♡

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My so broke up with me and I don't know how to feel. It feels like I lost him a long time ago. We haven't talked for almost three months expect occasional letters. I don't want to tell everyone though. I feel confused about so many things.

I’m sorry to hear this has happened :( but if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it or telling anybody, don’t worry about making a statement. You tell people when you’re ready girl 


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im so lonely too. my boyfriend broke up with almost three months ago and i miss having someone to love so badly.

aw, I’m sorry. Looks like were in the same boat :(

tfw you find out your ex gf only dates people who aren’t males for fun


Well my ex Dante had went to jail over 10 months ago right he robbed a store while on bars anyway he got out 3 months ago. Well anyway we dated for about 2 months but I knew him for 4 years and hadn’t talked to him in like two because I had moved. Well we broke up a month or three weeks ago because he kinda fucked me over supposedly he was going to make a porn video with a bitch and have a guy blow him because the bitch was paying him $100 right, well obviously I broke it off because I don’t live near him so I didn’t really know what he was doing while I wasn’t there. But 3 days ago he texted me and I don’t hold grudges so I responded but we were just talking as friends not anything else because I don’t want to deal with that again. Anyway he had said he tried meth the 19th and if I thought it was out of his system I looked it up for him told him probably because it had been a week today it was 10 days. He’s on probation btw. So he got drug tested today and he was worried about what would happen. I told him everything would be alright 11 hours ago I texted him “hope things go good today” he said “thx” and I never responded. At 6 pm today I texted him how’d everything go? He didn’t respond. He hasn’t been active on fb since I messaged him. We Facebook message instead of texting now but I say texting anyway lol. But fuck I’m worried sick what if he went back to jail he would be facing 25 years I think he said. But fuck and I’m not getting any responses I’m so worried. Sorry i just needed to vent and I can’t vent to anyone who knows about him because they don’t like him for hurting me.

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Who are you missing so much ?

My ex…he broke up with me three years ago, and we didn’t even talk. But a month ago, he came back to me and we’re talking again like friends, but I still love him and I don’t know what to do. And now he’s even engaged with another girl, and it hurts so fucking much. And every fucking day I’m feeling worse and worse, and I can’t do it. I just can’t. I’m tired of everything. It’s not only this, but I have other problems and shit, so yeah. Fuck my life.

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I saw your post saying how it's been a year and the person still breaks your heart :( is it a boy? I'm so sorry My boyfriend broke up with me three months ago and I was a wreck honestly I loved him so much and I understand how awful it is :( I'm sending so many hugs ! If he is hurting you then just ignore him! You are so much stronger xx

yeah i guess aha
i’m probably being a bit over dramatic rn but like
i’m really disappointed & hurt ya feel

i hope you’re ok
i’m here for you if u need someone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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so i broke up with my boyfriend over a year ago and we only dated for five months but he still has a picture of us in his facebook profile pictures album. i want to ask him to take it off but when i broke up with him, he harassed me for three months and i am scared he will do something like that again. what do i do?

I’d say let it be. a picture in an internet album isn’t worth talking with someone who was emotionally abusive towards you. I get that it bothers you that it’s still there but i really don’t think it’s worth getting in any kind of contact with someone like that again. block him, try to forget the picture is there. maybe one day he’ll delete is on his own accord.

I assume the profile picture in question isn’t being used and featured on his profile now, a year later. that would be troubling.