broke up like. three months ago

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“yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.” AU for Clawen!

Okay, so this is one these Post Break-up AUs. I love angst and I regret nothing! 

Owen stared at the white door with three numbers nailed right below the peephole. Double-checked them with the address scribbled on the coffee shop napkin and stared at it some more.

He was a seasoned marine, fresh from the tour. He’d seen the things most of normal people didn’t even know how to have nightmare about. If he were completely honest with himself, he’d pretty much seen it all – whatever the hell that meant. All things considered, it shouldn’t be this hard for him to knock on his ex-girlfriend’s door.

And yet…

The last time he saw Claire, she made it perfectly clear she wanted him out of her life. He was quite certain he said something of a similar kind back – not because he meant it, but because it hurt so much to know he’d lost her and be unable to do anything about it.

No wonder his feet weighed a ton each and seemed to have started growing roots into the pavement.

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CRAIG: The whole thing with me doing Thomas’ laundry was over quick, to be honest.
CRAIG: The whole town started getting crazy and I started dating Tweek and… yeah, it sucks, but Thomas and I drifted apart then. 
CRAIG: He went to a different school and moved away when we were like twelve. And then…

CRAIG: *chuckles* The irony of the story was that we met through laundry.
CRAIG: Our washing machine broke down so I had to go to the laundry shop.



CRAIG: We talked the whole afternoon that day to catch up and, uh, about a month later we started dating. Like, officially.
CRAIG: *shrugs* That was three weeks ago.

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Howdy! Could you maybe do a imagine where Eddie Redmayne and George Blagden want to get you and Aaron together and they're succeeding? Could you name the character Nora please?

OKAY! Sorry, it’s a bit late. I needed to ponder over ideas and then find some time to actually write it xD

Happy Grease day!

Here goes -

Imagine: You were best friends with George Blagden and he had invited you over to meet a friend of his that he thought you’d like. You had just got out of a serious 4-year relationship, and weren’t sure whether you were ready to meet anyone new.

“Oh come on! You broke up with him three months ago. There’s no harm in just meeting him. Eddie met him first and suggested that you two could be good together.” George explained, on the phone. “He’s only here to film Les Mis and then he’ll be going back to the States… don’t miss the opportunity, Nora!”

“Then that’s problem of its own. Will it be long distance?” You ask, rearranging your desk while the phone sat on corner of the desk with George on loudspeaker.

“We aren’t trying to get you married…” You hear Eddie’s voice. “Just meet him.”

“He’s blonde and has blue eyes. He’s sporty and funny. You’ll like him, i promise.” There were a few clicks and George was back on the phone agreeing with Eddie.

“Come to set tomorrow.”

“Does he know you’re trying to set us up?”

“Eddie’s working on persuading him to meet you. He’s also unsure about getting into anything right now… not sure why.” George muttered, chuckling at something.

“In that case, forget about it.”

“Wait! You were considering it?”

“Well, duh, George.” You patted your desk off from the dust that had settled, accidentally flicking your phone onto the ground with a loud clatter.  “OWW!” You heard George exclaim. “What was that?”

“I dropped my phone. Sorry.” You mumble. “Alright, since it means so much to you and Ed, i’ll come tomorrow.”

The next day, you woke up, and began getting ready for the meeting the stranger. Not wanting to over do it, you put on some leggings, black boots and a dress-like top. Gathering your things, you left the house where George was waiting to drive you to set. You rarely visited him on set so you were feeling fairly nervous… not to mention meeting someone new. Eddie sat at the back of the car. He grinned happily as you took your seat in the passenger’s side of the car.

“What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding?” George asked, cheekily. You leaned over a whacked his arm, struggling to hide a laugh.

“You nervous?” Eddie smiled. “It’s completely natural for you to be.”

“I’m not.” You lied.

“Nora… Nora… Nora…” George shook his head. “I think we’ve known you long enough to tell when you’re lying AND when you’re nervous.”

George and Eddie were extra smiley today, and it made you feel more and more nervous. George parked the car and they escorted you inside towards the trailers.

“You don’t have to stay, Ed. You can go get ready to film.”

“Nah, i’m not missing this!” He darted ahead of you and knocked on Aaron’s trailer. The door opened and your heart beat sped up. Now starting to feel slightly self conscious, you began tidying your hair and fiddling with your clothes.

Aaron stepped out of the trailer, wearing converses, jogging pants and a white shirt. He smiled politely and stepped towards you.

“This is Nora. The girl i was telling you about.” Eddie began.

“And this is Aaron.” George gave you a small, subtle push towards the blue eyed man in front of you and you quickly held out your hand for him to shake.


“Hey, it’s nice to meet you, Nora. These guys have told me a lot about you.” He shook your hand and then brought his back into his pocket. Eddie and George stood behind you both as there was an uncomfortable pause.

“Good things i hope.” You said quickly, then scolding yourself for saying such a cliche thing.

Aaron laughed. “Of course.”

“Shouldn’t you all be getting ready to film?”

“Yes, we should. But i have a little time to chat before i need to get ready. How about we meet up for dinner later?” Aaron suggested. “I mean, us. Not you, George and Eddie.”

“No problem.” George and Eddie grinned and slunked away to their own trailers, leaving you with Aaron.

“That would be lovely. I can’t wait.”

“So, what do you do?” He asked, curiously.

You dove into a conversation about yourself, your work and stuff you liked while Aaron listened intently. You then switched the conversation to be about him and Aaron gladly spoke to you for around 20 minutes before needing to get ready for filming.

“I’ll meet you here around 7?” He raised his eyebrow, smiling.

“I look forward to it, Aaron.”

“Do you have to work today? Or can you stick around and watch the magic happen?” He grinned again.

“I can stick around.” He made you feel comfortable and a whole lot less nervous. He was friendly and very attractive. For once, George was right.

- End.


look if you’ve ever had your heart broken, it’s the worst thing in the world, especially if the person who broke your heart just kind of up and left. Like they were on the same page with you one moment, and then the next moment they weren’t, so now not only are you coping with an unexpected loss, but you’re also trying to figure out what the fuck even happened. 

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it’s literally the most painful thing i’ve ever been through. I just want to reflect and let you know that you’ll be okay. I know that sounds like total bullshit, I didn’t believe people when they told me time would heal, but it will. 

It doesn’t have to happen right away, you’re allowed to be ‘not okay’ for as long as you need. Just know that when you’re ready to try to put yourself back together, it will happen. 

But you’ll be a mess for a while. You’ll cry a lot, probably more than you’ve ever cried before, you won’t be able to sleep in your own bed for a few months, if you have a history of self-harm it’ll probably start up again. It’ll be really hard and really shitty and you’ll ache for someone who doesn’t want you; you’ll want nothing more than to be held by the person that caused all of the pain, and that fucks you up. 

And you won’t be mad at them because you love them right? Because it’s not their fault that things didn’t work out right? their feelings just weren’t there right?

This is what I thought for a long time, but i realized something recently: if someone hurts you, you’re allowed to be mad. If someone breaks your heart, you can get angry. It’s justified, they hurt you. And maybe they didn’t do what they did to cause you pain, but guess what, they probably were thinking about themselves a whole lot more and they definitely did not handle the situation to the best of their ability. So be pissed, you have every right to be.

Also note this: growth is not linear. It never is. You will have days when you flourish and then out of nowhere you’ll be overcome with grief that you thought was gone. That is okay. That’s how healing works. And to be honest, I think a pain so deep changes you and part of it stays with you forever. So to have good days and bad days is okay, in fact its proper. 

And forgive yourself for all the stupid things you’re going to do: the drunken texts, the tear filled phone calls, the regretful hook ups. Forgive yourself. You were hurting. If someone holds any of that stuff against you (and they probably will) then they didn’t care about you enough anyway. And I know that’s shitty to hear, but you have to accept that. You probably cared more. I’m not undermining anything, if you say it was real, then I believe you, you know better than I do. All I’m saying is that there are people out there who are going to love you better, love you more. And the thought of that may seem impossible and unbearable but it is the truth. 

Look having your heart broken by someone you loved, someone you were basically willing to do anything for to be with, is and always will be the shittiest thing in the world. I’m not going to lie, it will probably destroy you, but only for a brief period of time. You’ll remember it forever and finding true peace will definitely be a struggle. But you will be okay. Trust me. Please trust me. This is coming from someone that cried more than they didn’t for a solid month, someone that slept on the floor every night for two months because it was easier to dissociate that way. 

you will get better. you will be okay. i promise. 

I don’t have an explanation for what happened to me. In my mind it makes sense, to others, maybe not so much, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is the fact that I felt my life crumbling beneath me and my instinct was to run. So I did, and I hurt people in the process.

I’m not sorry for how I reacted to my situation, yeah I feel guilty as hell but I needed to give up, and be given up on. For the first time in my life I’m about to be alone and it’s refreshing.

I don’t know where along the line something broke, but it did, and I’m not the person I was three months ago.

I never liked who I was anyway.

Fanime Cosplans Announcement!

Hey everyone! Its Natalie from Schway Cosplay here to let you know what is in the works for me this Fanime!

I’m pretty excited this year since there will be a lot of new things that I will be making and doing. First I would like to admit that I broke the promise I made myself last year when I said I would never bring three (or more) cosplays to a three day convention ever again. I’m planning on five, but will probably end up wearing four depending on how I end up allotting my time for the convention. So wish me luck on this venture since I am still in the middle of making three or the five cosplays! 

Alright on to the costume themselves!
1. Decora coordinate “Summer Charm” I threw this ensemble together for Pixielock’s coord contest a few months ago and have been dying to wear it again. But it isn’t a priority to of mine to wear this con.
2. Chopper- Will be debuted this Fanime! I already have the hat, shirt, backpack and rumble ball! Leaving me only to figure out shoes and whether or not to make a skirt or shorts. Still debating if I should be fem chopper or not.
3. Sadie- I was spooky sadie for halloween that I will be wearing to fanime minus the witch’s hat and pumpkin necklace. I will also have a pink donut box! (they are scarce where I live) Melon Steven will also be with me somehow since I also plan on making a plate of together breakfast! Hopefully I succeed in making it!
4. Pabu- Will be getting a reboot from the kigu and sign I had last year and updated to the last noodle bender! This is definately my most complex costume since I need to make a tail, belt (with pockets so i won’t need a bag), wig dying, body paint and bending props! I have a really solid plan but I just need to screw my courage to the sticking place and jump into building this cosplay!
5. Ursula- Or better known as the artist from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Her costume is complete I just need to buy & style her wig then begin working on her sketch book and Jiji plushie for her. At this point I am still a little hesitant on what I should put in her sketch book, I would really like to replicate the crow drawings and painting of Kiki if I can but I’m not that confident in my art skills…so we’ll see what happens. 

Now I would also like to mention that I will be making my friend a Zuko cosplay complete with makeup and bending props so that will be cool and I hope that I make something he likes!

There will be more information about my intended fanime plans in another post 

Something’s been bugging me about today
It’s my ex’s birthday and I wanna hop on my xbox and just send him like, “Hey man happy birthday! How ya been I haven’t heard from you in forever” but…He last spoke to me like three months ago now, and yelled at me because I couldn’t handle still having feelings towards him after we broke up. I couldn’t figure out how to ignore them and I turned on him and I’ve tried for months to apologize and though he’s opened my messages I haven’t gotten a reply. So I dunno if I want to risk trying or try and then never get an answer.

Like my boyfriend of three months ago I broke up with him cause he was emotionally abusive and lied etc so I left then he said he wanted to be friends so I was like aight sure why not . Then like three days later he texted me saying he never cared that he cheated on me that he was with his ex a lot in the relationship and that he moved on and lied and admitted he manipulated me. So then like today his mom came to school and we ran Into eachother and talked about all this and she said none of it was true and she bet her life on it cause he was crying and not sleeping the last couple nights cause he missed me but he told me he moved on so idk who to beleive so everyone literally everyone I’ve been in a relationship with has ever lied to me cheated or emotionally abused me