broke the yolks

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I’m a pastry chef and I’m a HUGE fan of separating eggs by hand both because of the lower chance of bacteria and because it really is SO MUCH FASTER. I’ve raced against a couple of my savory chefs who use the shells and went through three flats of eggs (90 total) in the time it took them to do a little over one, and broke maybe two yolks total while they broke about two out of every five, because of the jagged shell edges. DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY, PEOPLE.

I cannot explain to you how delighted I am by the story of three chefs racing to see who can separate the most eggs the fastest. Like the mental image I have of this contest is dazzling. You have made my afternoon brighter, especially since now I’m picturing this happening in the Foodieverse. (Coulson wins.)