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We Have Rules For A Reason [Epilogue]

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Epilogue of We Have Rules For a Reason

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at times

A/N: Set 5 years in the future from final chapter

You couldn’t believe the club was celebrating 5 years of being in business already. It’s crazy success, due in large part to your efforts led JYP to offer you a joint partnership in this club and all his future business endeavors. You no longer had to run day-to-day operations. You now got to pay people to do such things for you. It felt like you had finally made something of yourself and tonight, you were going to celebrate.

You made your way into the VIP lounge for the first time as a guest, not a manager. 

Your eyes lit up when you saw the 6 familiar faces that filled it.

“Y/N! Welcome to the fun side of the nightlife,” Jackson joked. “Please tell me the new girl is as cute as you. I need someone new to tease”.

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Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 6

Summary: Your kiss escalates to something more.

Genere: Smut, fluff (at the end… idk)

Warnings: Sex

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

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He almost immediately kissed me back. His soft lips against mine made me remember how much I wanted him. That night in the garden was a true revolution in my life. Rejecting Jongin was actually the best thing I could do. But now, I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about the differences between us. He was a prince and I was a servant. It just didn’t matter anymore. I even forgot about lady Shin.

I felt him nibbling on my bottom lip, asking for entrance. My lips parted and his tongue swept into my mouth. He brought me even closer to him and I slowly started to lose control. I tangled my hand in his hair and tilted his head, so I could deepen the kiss. Now, I was kneeling on the mattress, while Jongin was sitting on it. Without breaking the kiss, his hand caressed my cheek, as he pulled me onto his lap.

“I just can’t” he whispered against my lips “I just can’t stay away from you”

He started to kiss my jawline and next he moved to my neck. Sucking and nibbling on it. One of my hands was still in his hair and I used the second one to cover my mouth, muffling my moans. Breath hitched in my throat when he found my sweet spot and sucked on it viciously.

“No, baby” Jongin took my hand away from my lips “I want to hear you”

He gently rubbed my sides and once more attached his lips to my neck. This time, I didn’t hold back. I let out a moan, feeling him smile against my skin.

“If you want me to stop” Jongin placed a kiss on my collarbone “Then just tell me” another one a bit lower “I won’t make any further move”

I knew I had to stop it. He even gave me an opportunity to do it. I knew how this is going to affect our future, but I promised myself one thing. That I will listen to my heart. Only my heart.

“No” I whispered and Jongin looked up at me “I’m yours. Do what you want. Kiss me, touch me, just… Just take me”

In that moment he connected our lips together. The kiss was much more rough than the previous ones we shared, but sweet at the same time. There were all words and feeling we wanted to say and express, but we couldn’t. Anxiety, pain, cowardice, fear. But also hope, courage and love.

His hand slowly traveled against my thigh and pushed back the dress I was wearing. I felt myself shiver.

“What happened?” Jongin quickly pulled away “Too much?”

He was worried and shocked at the same time. I could see it clearly.

Should I tell him? Was there anything I could lose? I guess not. I already risked almost everything I got. For unknown reason, I had a feeling I could tell him everything. There was something in our complicated relationship that just made me trust him.

“I-I’ve never… “ I stuttered unable to match the words “Jongin I’ve n-never…”

He looked at me and smiled gently.

“You’ve never done…” he paused for a while “That?”

I nodded shyly, blush spreading against my cheeks.

“That’s okay. There’s nothing to be shy about” he said “We don’t need to hurry. It’s your decision”

“But I want to do it” serious tone of my voice surprised me “I want to do it with you”

I saw some kind of spark in his eyes. Now, I realised how straightforward I was. He rubbed my back and asked:

“Are you sure?”

Unable to say anything, I just nodded. Jongin smiled, gently kissing my forehead, my cheek, and finally, my lips.

“I promise I’m going to make it perfect to you” he whispered, brushing strand of my hair off my face “At least, I’ll do everything to make it like this. It’s all about you now”

Taking a deep breath, I lowered my head to connect our lips. It wasn’t rushed or forced. Any of our kisses was like that, but they tend to be more rough. This one was something new, something I’ve never felt before. It was slow, sweet and gentle. His soft lips were working against mine, making me feel like I am on cloud nine. I used my hand to undo the first button of his shirt. While I was doing it, he pushed up the hem of my clothing and carresed my thigh. His touch was making me shiver, but not in a wrong way. I just needed him. And I needed him now.

I didn’t even realise how quickly his shirt fell of his arms. When he finally pulled away from the kiss, my eyes immediately went to his toned chest. I knew Jongin was good-looking and I should expect him having some muscles, but I felt shocked somehow. My cheeks went red. I used one of my fingers to caress his chest. The prince sighed loudly. His hand traveled up my thigh to my stomach, while he used the second one to unbutton my shirt.

“Are you sure?” he asked quietly, still savouring my touch “We can still stop”

I looked down at him. His eyes were half-opened and he was breathing heavily.

“No” I kissed him quickly “Please, don’t ask me that question anymore”

The servant who helped me change left the underwear on me. I didn’t know if I was grateful or not. I took his palm and placed it on the clasp of my bra, kissing his jawline.

“Take me” I whispered against his skin “I’m all yours”

His lips found mine for a thousand time, while he took of my bra. Without breaking the kiss, he placed his hands on a small of my back. Gently moving me from his lap onto bed, Jongin moved his lips to my neck. Now, I was laying on my back, the prince hovering above my half-naked body. For some reason, I didn’t feel any urge to hide myself. The only thing I was wearing, were some panties. He pulled away from my neck and his eyes traveled up and down my body.

“God” he whispered “You are beautiful”

Blush creeped up my cheeks, as he lowered himself to place butterfly kisses on my stomach. Every single one was making me want him more and more. My hands went to his arms and caressed them. He stopped kissing my body and I whined loudly, feeling like something’s missing. Now, I realised how fast was my heart racing. It felt like it could jump out of my chest in any second.

“I’m sorry” he chuckled, his eyes all over me once more “I just had to look at you once more”

I blushed at his words and said quietly:

“There’s nothing impressive in me”

Without even knowing, I moved my arms to cover my naked chest. Before I could do it, Jongin grabbed them and pinned to bed.

“How dare you say that?” he asked “You are the most beautiful, gorgeous woman I have ever seen”

He kissed me roughly, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I moaned loudly against his lips and quickly started to push his pants down. I’ve never felt this before. I never wanted anyone the way I wanted Jongin now.

His hand caressed my thigh and moved to the hem of my panties. He broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes. It was like a question, our last decision, but I was sure. Without hesitating, I gave him a small nod and he pulled my down slowly. I closed my eyes, feeling the heat on my cheeks. Suddenly, I heard his pants, the last piece of clothing separating us, hit the ground.

He gently kissed my neck and breath caught in my throat.

“Do you trust me?” he asked

“Yes” I whispered

“It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but then it’ll feel good” his words made me open my eyes “Do you believe me?”

I saw that he was also afraid. I could feel that. But not because it was his first time too. It was because he was afraid to hurt me.

“I do” I said with a shaky voice

Jongin kissed me and slowly lined himself with my entrance. I felt the tension between us grow. My heart started to race faster, if that was even possible. He slid himself inside me, a loud gasp escaping my lips.

“Everything’s fine?” he breathed out “Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?”

It was uncomfortable, just like he said it’s going to be, but I was trying to be prepared for that. I knew Jongin didn’t want to do anything wrong so I just shook my head.

He slowly pushed in further, making me moan. The prince growled slightly and gave me a few seconds to adjust. I felt his hot breath against the skin of my neck. The feeling of that uncomfortable stretch passed away after some time. The need of him was stronger than anything else.

“P-please” I whined “Move”

Jongin looked at me and started to set a slow pace, pushing himself inside and out of me. That rhythm was just perfect. He didn’t hurt me in any way. The only thing he gave me was pleasure I’ve never felt before. I grabbed at his shoulders and let out another moan:

“Oh, God”

His lips found mine in a sweet, yet heated kiss. I felt him speed up a little, a sudden yelp escaping my mouth. This was something I’ve never felt before. I knew I won’t regret giving all of me to Jongin. I trusted him and I loved him. I didn’t say that before because I was afraid to. I wasn’t sure what he felt. I was scared that I was just another girl for him, but now I knew that it was just dumb of me thinking that way. Somehow now, I was sure.

I bit on my bottom lip, trying not to scream when he hit that spot. The pleasure now was delightful. It was something better than before. I lifted up my hips, so I could feel him even more.

Suddenly, I felt something strange build up my core.

“J-Jongin” I whispered “I-I’m-”

“I know” he interrupted me “I can feel you”

Then he shifted himself and nibbled on my ear, saying quietly:

“Come for me, baby”

His words send me over the edge. I dig my nails into his back and his name left my lips in a loud half-scream, half-moan. A wave of pleasure hit my body and a few seconds after, I heard Jongin growl, burying his face in the crock of my neck. I felt something warm inside me as he thrusted a few time before pulling away.

The prince fell down on the mattress next to me. Both of us breathing heavily, both of us covered in sweat. His hand sneaked around my waist and he pulled me closer to his body. I looked up and my eyes met his chocolate brown ones. With a gentle smile on my face, I moved his sticky hair from his forehead.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles

I giggled and buried my face in his chest.

“What?” he chuckled

“You’re saying this again” I mumbled “And it’s embarrassing”

“But it’s the truth” the prince tickled me slightly “I wouldn’t lie to you about anything”

I sighed and closed my eyes, with a grin on my face. I tried enjoying the last few minutes in Jongin’s embrace. Soon I had to be going. It wasn’t safe to be here.

What am I even talking about?

Doing the thing we’ve done wasn’t safe. We were in the castle and I was sure someone heard us because, being honest, we weren’t as quiet as we wanted to be.

God. I just did what every girl in the kingdom dreamed of. I just gave my virginity to prince Kim Jongin. It was unbelievable.

I smiled and soon after it, I started to laugh.

“What is it?” he asked

“Nothing” I managed to say “I guess I’m just happy”

“That’s good” Jongin placed a kiss on my forehead “I promised that it’s going to be perfect, didn’t I?”

I nodded and turned around, so my back was facing him.

“I need to go” I said

“Why?” he pulled me into him once more

“Because you know what will happen when someone will find me here. It’s nearly 3pm. Anyone can come here in any minute”

“But they can’t entre without my permission” I felt the mattress sank as he shifted himself on his arm

“It’s better to be careful, Jongin”

I tried to sit up, pulling the covers with me, but suddenly I felt some pain between my legs, making me hiss quietly. That was something unexpected. No one told me it’ll hurt after. I decided to lay down.

“I think I’ll just stay for few more minutes” I curled up to Jongin’s chest once more with a huge grin on my face

Author’s note: I’m sorry.


Summary: The Wang’s walk in on something unexpected.

Member: Jackson

Word Count: 1,077

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Jackson walked into his hotel room and sat at the edge of the bed with a sigh. While you were in the bathroom brushing your teeth when you heard him enter. “Babe that you?” you called spreading the tooth paste.

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How my Wife was corrupted. Part 1

When I first met my wife she was a shy innocent school teacher. She had only ever been with one man before me and she said he had a tiny dick. I remember how tight her pussy was and how much work it took to get my dock inside her. She was very reserved and would only have sex missionary style and and always made me wear condoms. She would give blow jobs but never let me cum in her mouth or anywhere on her body. She never denied me sex but would never allow cum to touch any part of her body. We quickly got engaged and was married just 6 months after meeting. In an attempt to be romantic we decide to stay apart and go without contact the week before we were married. I also insisted that she have a bachelorette party with her friends which were also teachers. This week apart would ultimately be my downfall and her path to becoming another mans property. The following accounts of that week, I have just recently learned from my wife.
Beth told me that nothing happened the first two nights, but that she was extremely horny and lonely not being able to see or talk to me. She said she was starting to regret our agreement, but thought her bachelorette party on Wednesday night might keep her occupied. Wednesday rolled around and her closest friend Sara came by to help her get ready. She said she felt very slutty and uncomfortable leaving the house in a miniskirt but her friend insisted to let loose and have fun, that soon she would have a ball and chain and be stuck as a house wife. Her friends openly disapproved of her marring me and always said she needed to date other men before settling down and that I was too old for her anyways. Beth said once they got to the bar her friend started pressuring her to drink, which she finally gave into even though she isn’t a big drinker at all. After about two drinks she said she was buzzing and that’s when Mike first showed up at their table and asked for a dance. Her friends insisted she go and she finally gave into the peer pressure, but she said she felt very guilty as he led her to the dance floor. The night continued and Beth continued to drink. She said as she became drunker she felt less guilty dancing with Mike and he got bolder at holding her close and fondling her ass. But she admits she had no desire or thought of going home with him.
Beth had made plans of staying the night with Sara because she didn’t want her mother to see her drunk. It was close to time to leave when Mike asked her for one last dance. Beth said she tried to refuse but Sara insisted so she gave in one last time. When they came back to the table there was a note on a napkin from Sara. It said, “Sorry Beth I had to go, some hot guy offered to take me home. Mike is a good friend he will take care of you, besides this is your last night to have fun.” Beth said there was a smiley face with horns drawn on the napkin as well. Beth said she began to panic and wanted to call someone to come get her, but none of her family would approve of her drunken state. Mike offered to take her home and she explained she couldn’t go home because her mother wouldn’t approve of her being drunk. So Mike offer his place, said he had a spare room. Beth said she new better but feeling she had no other option she reluctantly and nervously agreed, besides her friend Sara had vouched for him. Sara had actually set her up and asked Mike to seduce Beth in hopes of stopping the wedding. Beth told me that Mike was a complete gentleman helping her to the car and opening the door and all the other good stuff.
Beth said during the ride to Mike’s house she said she could feel the alcohol clouding her judgement as she allowed Mike to place his hand in her thighs. She said felt she owed it to him for taking care of her, but would stop his hand before he would contact her pussy. She said she knew it was wrong but she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Once they arrived at Mike’s house he led her to the bed room and showed her the bed room which had an attached bathroom. Beth said she went straight to the bathroom to pee and get ready for bed. She said it was at this time she realized all her clothes were in Sara’s car. She decided to sleep in her panties and shirt, she was Ina guest room and could shut and lock the door right. That was her drunkened reasonings anyways.
When Beth came out of the bathroom she saw Mike right away. She said she was stunned and had expected him to be in his own bedroom. She said she was even farther sunned to see him sitting on the bed naked slowly stroking his hard dick. She said her first instinct was to run but realized the bedroom door was shut and the lights were off. But the light from the bathroom was shinning on Mike’s naked body. She said she just stood frozen in her lacy see through panties. Mike broke the silence by saying look what you have done to me, nodding toward his hard dick. Beth said her mouth was dry and she couldn’t speak, but said she could feel herself getting even wetter. She said she was amazed at how handsome and sexy his body was, how the light seemed to gleaner on his muscles. She said she was still frozen and speechless when Mike finally got up off the bed and waked towards her still slightly stroking his hard dick.
When Mike reached her, he kissed her without warning and she surprised herself by kissing him back. She said it was a long passionate kiss that sent her sexual excitement over the edge. As the the long passionate kiss ended, Beth said she managed to say, “I can’t, I am engaged”. But Mike ignored her and place her left hand on his dick, and began kissing her again. During this kiss he began to finger her and she said she was powerless to stop him and to her surprise, she realized she was stroking his dick with her hand. Beth said when the second kiss finally ended she looked down at her hand and couldn’t believe what she was doing. Then Mike pushed her down to her knees, she said she didn’t even resist. But once on her knees she saw my engagement ring sparkle on her hand that was stroking his hard dick. She said she felt guilty once again and looked up at Mike and said I can’t, I am getting married. Mike put his hands on the back of her head and slowly pulled her mouth to his dick. She said her body didn’t resist and she slowly allowed Mike’s large dick fill her mouth.
Beth said it was like a reflex had taken over and she slowly began to sucks Mike’s dick. Working up and down the shaft and taking as much of it into her mouth as possible. She said she felt out of control, she always said she would never be on her knees for a man, but here she was on her knees sucking a strangers dick and in the light nevertheless. Both a first for this reserved teacher. Beth said she could feel Mike’s dick to even get harder as she sucked and then he look at me but keep sucking. She said it was more like a command instead of s request and she said she felt degraded but could resist. She said Mike looked down at her and said Sara tells me you have never had a man cum in your mouth before and he smiled. Beth said she panicked and tried to pull away but Mike held her hair tight. He said no don’t stop, this is the best blow job anyone has ever given me. Keep going and don’t stop looking at me. Beth said his demand, compliments, and power cause her to comply with his requests and she continued to make love to his dick with her mouth, but he never released his grip on her hair. Soon Mike moaned and his dick started shooting cum into her mouth, her reaction was to pull away but Mike held her fact and humped into her mouth as he continued to cum. She said her mouth was quickly filling with cum and Mike wouldn’t release her, he said swallow baby we don’t want my cum to go to waste do we. With little choice Beth began swallowing and slowly Mike relaxed his grip. He pulled his dick from her mouth, looked down and smiled, and said, “that wasn’t so bad was it baby”. She sat there on her knees realizing she had kneeled at the feet of a man, given a blow job in the light, looked into a mans eyes while sucking his dick, let him cum in her mouth, and swallow. All were first for her and all were things she swore she would never do. And to top it off it was for a man she had only met hours ago.

To be continued in the part 2

the three best friends

a/n: sos pls send help this is awful. I have no idea how threesome’s work and this is just so awful. sorry.
enjoy. or try to.


Turning into the boys’ driveway, I quickly got out of my car, box of donuts in hand and made my way inside to my two best friends house.

Even thought it was only 10 A.M. I was immediately hit with the smell of weed and loud music filled my ears. Entering the living room I saw my two best friends, John and Nate, and a cloud of smoke around them.

“hey, it’s my girl, looking fine as hell today too.” Nate flirted. I smiled and plopped down in between the two of them, the donut box on the table in front of me.

“I see y’all started without me” I joked, reaching and taking the blunt from John as he leaned forwards and rolled another one.


The munchies hit us quick, so the dozen donuts I brought were long gone. We were currently all taking hits from a bond, talking about tour and other shit.

“yeah (y/n) the next tour you should definitely come” Nate spoke, blowing out smoke.

“that’d be really cool, but I don’t wanna like cock block you guys. Plus you know like all your fans hate me just for being friends with you guys.”

“they’re just jealous of you babygirl.” John flirted. “plus your boys’ got mad game, and it ain’t like you wouldn’t be getting any. You’re practically a sex symbol.” he continued.

“what?” I laughed, looking at John.

“I’m just saying, you’re 100% fuckable. Like, I would fuck you in a heartbeat.”

“yeah right. I haven’t got any in like 5 months.” I sighed.

“no fucking way.” Nate spoke next to me.

“yeah, there’s no way.” John joined in.

“okay, but like, my dildo doesn’t count, so 5 months.” I replied, blowing out smoke.

“dude, (y/n) I’ll help you out gladly. I haven’t even got a fucking handjob in like 3 months.” John spoke.

“it’s been about 2 for me.” Nate spoke.

“that’s not even that bad guys. 5 fucking months” I huffed, throwing my head back.

“I’d be more than happy to help you out. We can help each other out.” John spoke, placing a hand on my thigh, and raising his brow at me. I bit my lip, fighting my smile. 

“fuck that, I’ll help you out. We all know I’m bigger than John boy.” Nate laughed. “and I always leave my girls satisfied.” he finished.

“what if we all help each other?” I spoke quietly, getting shy for even suggesting it, but the thought of it was making my panties wet.

“w-what?” Nate stuttered.

“I was just saying.”

“are you suggesting a threesome?” John asked.

“You know, I’ve always imagined what a threesome with you two would be like. We’re all sex deprived. Why not?”

“fuck, that’s hot.” Nate spoke.

“fuck, I’m down.” John spoke.

“me too.” Nate spoke, both of them looking at me now.

“well obviously I’m in, it was my idea.” I laughed.

John reached around and turned my face towards him, capturing my lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth immediately, our kiss getting hot in a matter of seconds. Nate’s lips found their way to my neck, causing me to moan out into the kiss.

I reached down and started palming both boys through their pants, eliciting a low groan come from the both of them. While I continued to do that to them, John’s hand went under my shirt, massaging a breast in his hand, tweaking a nipple while Nate moved down to my collar bone, and also slipped a hand into my shorts, teasing me over my panties. 

I broke John and I’s kiss to moan out as Nate slipped his fingers into my panties, immediately attaching my clit. While he continued to do that I turned my head and met his lips, still palming both through their pants.

“damn (y/n) you’re soaked.” Nate spoke huskily as he ran his fingers along my folds before sliding two fingers into me causing me to moan out. Meanwhile, John undid my bra, and immediately took a nipple into his mouth. 

“s-should we go upstairs?” I asked against Nates lips.

“mmm, it don’t matter.”

“yeah, I’ve dreamed of taking you on every piece of furniture in this house babygirl.” John spoke, me getting soaked at his words.

“u-up” I moaned out, throwing my head back as John bit and pulled at my nipple, and Nate kissed my neck.

We all got up from the couch, and Nate was the first one up the steps, then me and John behind me, grabbing my ass, all of us stripping our clothes, besides my panties and bra, and the boys in their calvins.

Once we got into the bedroom, I climbed onto the bed, sitting up on my knees and looking at Nate and John who had smirks on their faces.

Nate came over, and grabbed my face and crashed his lips to mine, pushing me back on the bed.

“alright, can we skip foreplay?” John asked as he approached the bed.

“p-please.” I whined as Nate’s lips attacked my neck.

“okay baby.” Nate muttered, rolling us over so I was on top. 

Nate grabbed my hips, lining me up with him and guiding me down, causing me to moan out and throw my head back. Bringing me down to him, attaching his lips to mine.

John grabbing my hips and lining himself up and slowly pushing into my ass, causing me to moan out. Once they were both in me they waited until I adjusted before Nate started to thrust into me. Him and John’s thrusts alternating, so when John was thrusting in Nate was thrusting out.

I was a moaning mess in seconds, especially when John reached around and started playing with my clit.

The guys picked up their pace, thrusting into me faster and harder. I screamed out as Nate thrusted up into me and hit my g-spot, causing my body to jolt in reaction to the pleasure.

I sat up more, giving them different angles to thrust from, and John reached around and tweaked my nipples while his lips went to my neck. I was moaning out, and clawing Nate’s chest.

They both started pounding into me, the sound of our skin slapping together and my wetness making the sound even more angelic. I felt a familiar heat forming in my stomach, clenching around Nate.

“oh fuck ma, do that again.” he groaned, and I threw my head back and clenched around Nate again.

“I’m close.” I moaned out, as Nate’s thrusts got more erratic, losing his ‘rhythm’ of his thrusts, getting sloppy.

After a few more thrusts, I screamed out as I came around Nate, him riding out my high and reaching his.

Once we both calmed down from our highs, I moved off Nate, and immediately had my head thrown down into the pillows, and my ass up in the air as John continued to pound into me.

I was moaning out from the pleasure of him stretching me, and John was grunting behind me.

He pulled out and I was catching my breath when I felt his load hit my back, before he got up off the bed and went and grabbed some tissues, cleaning himself up and then walking over to me and cleaning up my back.

“damn (y/n), you look good with my cum all over your back.” John chuckled out, after throwing the tissues away. 

I just huffed and collapsed onto the bed next to Nate, and John falling next to me, so I was in the middle and all of us were just staring up at the ceiling.

“that was crazy.” Nate spoke.

“yeah. I can’t believe we haven’t done anything like this before.” John spoke.

“me too honestly.” I spoke.

“we’ll have to do it again sometime.” John spoke.

“right. well I mean, we are the three best friends that anyone could have.” Nate spoke, letting out a chuckle.

“did you just quote the hangover?” I asked.

“shut up, just accept it.” he muttered.

“whatever.” I laughed.

“so same thing, next week?” John asked, laughing when he finished the sentence.

“I’m down” Nate spoke.

“I’ll bring the donuts again.” I laughed.


shittiest fucking ending ever but yolo.
this was honestly so poorly written I’m not proud.

HP next-gen SMUT

This fic is based on a hp next-gen fanfic I read today. I thought it was so good, I needed to write SMUT about them. So here goes!!

(Here’s the link if you’re interested:

“No! Just leave me the fuck alone!” I could feel tears of desperation swell up in my eyes. I was getting sick of him. Sick of his stupid games and his way of toying with my emotions. 

“No Ali, I fucking won’t!“ 

"Why not! I don’t want you, I don’t need you. You’re suffocating me, why don’t you understand James, please.”

Had it gotten so far, so desperate, that I had to beg him to leave me alone? 

Before I knew what was happening, James pushed me hard against the closest wall, next to a window. I could see the snow outside, and the cold fog on the windows reminded me jet again that it was Christmas. And that the school was almost completely empty, except for the losers who got left behind. Myself and Potter included. 

“Because I want you.” James suck in a sharp breath after saying those words. There was something about him being this close to me, something in his hazel eyes that mad my heart react in a different way than normal to his words. 

I tried to push myself off the wall but couldn’t. He was too strong. “Fuck you James.”

I felt him push his body against mine, to keep me in place. His eyes were dark, but not with anger. There was an emotion in them I’d never seen before. One that made my heart beat faster than normal. Almost like… Lust. 

“Ali, stop pushing me away.” His voice was not much louder than a whisper, the softness of his tone taking me off guard. “I like you. A lot. Please,” he lifted his head slightly to the side, still looking me in the eyes. 

He was so close, his eyes burning through my soul, so I closed mine. I closed my eyes and started squirming my body in an attempt to escape from his grip. 

I only heard him take in another sharp breath and curse, I stopped when James rested his forehead against the wall right above my shoulder, “fuck Ali stop doing that.” A soft moan escaped for in between his red lips next to my ear. The sound was so unexpected that my body responded before my brain could even catch up, I arched my back -causing for my chest to crash with his. 

We were both stunned by the unexpected twist and didn’t dare to move. I could hear his breathing speed up just like mine was. 

“Ali…” He whispered. “Just give me one chance.” He lowered both of his hands, one to my waits and the other to interlock with my fingers. 

To my surprise I didn’t protest. I let his fingers close around mine and there was that soft feeling again. That feeling of security, and longing. 

I couldn’t respond to him, his heavy breathing in my ear was making it really hard for me to concentrate. 

“Ja- James.” I heard a soft chuckle in my ear and let my eyes close to the beautiful sound. 

“Ali.” He whispered. His hand on my waist was starting to move, and explore my side and lower back inch by inch. I could feel him lift his forehead from the wall and press his body even further against mine. 

I was done. There was no way of escaping now. I didn’t care either. This felt too good, too good to be bad. How could something so bad feel so good? 

The minute his lips brushed against my collarbone, I didn’t care anymore. 

I give up. 

The electricity was shooting through my body, and I could feel it though his too. 

“James,” I didn’t care that his name came out as one big moan, I was glad even, because it took him by surprise an made him really start kissing my neck. I let my head fall back against the wall and placed my free hand on his lower back, trying to push him more into me. 

“Fuck.” I felt Potter kissing his way up my neck, leaving my skin burned in his track. 

I was surprised when he stopped, so I opened my eyes to look into his hazel ones. And I could only describe them with one word; desire

That’s when it hit me; I want him. Bad. All this hate I felt for him in the past few years came together and changed into a bigger, stronger emotion. Passion. 

“Yes.” My voice was cracking because of the pressure my body was under. 

“What, babe?" 

His voice was so rough, it almost made me want to moan again. How did I possibly resist this boy for so long? "Yes I’ll give you a chance.” I whispered. 

Before the words had even fully left my mouth, James closed the small space between our faces. He had to let go of my hand to place his hand on my thigh, to prevent me from possibly falling to the ground. His lips were like heaven, and for a second or two they were just there… heavenly soft against my own. 

Dear Merlin, if I had known that his lips tasted so good I would have kissed him long before. 

When his lips started to move, I felt a zap of electricity. The room seemed to spin around me. I clutched desperately, never wanting this moment to end. The urgency in the kiss was unbearable. I wanted him; I wanted every fiber of his being and I couldn’t lie anymore. 

I wrapped my hands around his neck, pulling his face closer to mine, and started running a hand through his hair. As soft as expected. 

He moaned, making me bit his lower lip in response. It didn’t take too long before I felt his wet tong against my lower lip, asking for an entrance. I let him in and felt the sudden change in James’ mood once the kissing started to get heavier, and more passionate.

I pulled away from his lips to recover from the heavy kiss and started kissing and nibbling his jaw line. Feeling James’s hand move way under my lower back as he let his head fall back, I continue to suck on the skin of his neck, leaving red marks on my way. 

When I took his earlobe in my mouth to lick the spot behind his ear, things got out of control. Before I could do or say anything else, potter lifted me from the ground. As a reflex I wrapped my legs around his waist. 

I looked down at him, surprised, my eyes going from his passionate gaze to his mouth. He was biting down on his lip, making his hungry look complete. I leaned down to release his bottom lip from his teeth just when I felt him putting me down on the cold window sill. 

“I want you so bad.” I whispered against his lips, the words leaving my mouth before I could think. They were true, though, so I didn’t regret saying it. Especially when he groaned in my mouth, pulling himself closer between my legs. I could feel the bulge in his pants grow, making my hormones fly even more though the roof. His hand disappeared under my skirt, massaging the inside of my thigh. 

I lowered one hand from his neck to the hem of his shirt and let it slid under it, touching his hard and muscular stomach. It felt amazing to have him stand so close to me, arching my chest into his while kissing him passionately between my legs, one hand in his hair and one on his abs, and feeling his hand slide further and further up my skirt. 

When his thumb reached the wet spot on my panties, he broke the kiss, making me moan desperately. 

“Don’t stop, never stop.” I whisper against his lips as we both tried to catch our breath. 

His voice was dripping with desire when he spoke, “I’m not planning on it.” He gave me a quick peck on the lips, leaving me wanting for more. “I need to hear you say it first." 

I looked at him, confused, he was wasting our time with words while we could do so, so much more better things. "Say what?” I panted.

His eyes moved to my lips, and he kissed me again, this time pushing his hand a bit harder against my throbbing sex. “This." 

I took in a sharp breath and bit my lip to prevent myself from breaking down into a fit of unstoppable moans. "Yes, please… James.”

I felt his body tense when I moaned his name, he leaned down to kiss my neck again, “I want you to never stop saying my name.” He whispered. 

“Fuck.” I let my eyes roll to the back of my head as I felt him push my panties to the side and tease the skin around my entrance. I pulled on his hair and dug my nails in his lower back. “You’re so responsive to me, Ali. You’re soaking.” He used his palm to massage my mound, and within three second my hips started moving on his hand by their self.  

“Kiss me.” I begged him, my lips were aching to feel his again. He kissed his way to my lips, smiling doing so. 

He started touching my clit and the opening gently. He was being very gentle and slow, gradually moving sideways, up and down.

I moved my hand from his lower back to his shoulder, I needed something harder to hold on to while I tried my very best to suppress the urge to close my legs from the overwhelming good feeling of his hand. 

He stopped kissing me and pulled away to look me in the eyes. “I want you to look at me when I enter you." 

Considering the circumstances, I wasn’t shocked in the least bit by his words. In fact, they even turned me on more. We had gone too far to ever go back to how it used to be. I mean, he was about to finger me on a cold window sill next to the fire in the Gryffindor common room. Anyone of the other 5 students that stayed at Hogwarts for the holidays could walk in on us any minute. 

He gently pushed his finger into my entrance, looking me deep in the eye. My chest was speeding up when he deeply inserted his finger, using a smooth and regular circular motion to rub, searching my G spot. 

I pulled on his hair, hard, when I started moaning his name over and over. As much as I wanted to keep staring into those wonderful, hungry hazel eyes, I couldn’t, my eyes kept rolling back in their sockets.  He started moving his finger in and out of me, while massaging my clit with the thumb of the same hand. 

My hips started rocking back and forth on their own, making him speed up his pace, "That’s right Ali, come for me.” He whispered in my ear, pushing me over the edge until I came on his hand undone. 

We stayed like that for a while, both breathing very heavily. I whimpered when he finally pulled his finger out and wiped it clean with the hem of his shirt.

I bit my lip and lowered my head in between us, only to see the huge bulge in his pants. And just like that the warm desire crept up on me again. I looked up again, meeting his eyes. “That was… the best ever.” I whispered. 

“You’re so hot when you come.” He started leaning closer to my lips, licking his in the process. “I want to fuck you so bad." 

His lips crashed down on mine again, giving me no time to react to what he said. I pulled him down with me as I leaned down against the cold glass of the window and wrapped my legs around his waist, making sure to press his bulge hard against me. 

"Then fuck me.” I whispered as he moaned loudly. 

Immediately my hands started tugging on his shirt to take it off, we broke apart so that he could pull it over his head. I stopped him when he wanted to kiss me again. 

“You’re so hot.” I traced my fingers over his chest and stomach. I knew he worked out, he was the captain of  our team and I heard numerous girls talk about his perfect body in the common room. But actually seeing it with my own eyes was just so much more arousing. 

“There’s time for that later.” His voice was dripping with hunger which only managed to turn me on more. “Let’s go to my room." 

Without waiting for my answer, James pulled me of the window sill and carried me to his dorm. 

We were kissing passionately as we entered his room, not breaking apart even when we collapsed on his bed. When I realized that he was practically out of breath, I broke the kiss. "Wait. I want to do something.”

James groaned, almost annoyed at me for breaking the kiss. “What?”

“You sit on the bed, against the headboard.” He looked at me confused, “just do it.” He did as he was told and placed himself on his large bed. I pulled my skirt off leaving only my panties on down there. I didn’t see the purpose in wearing clothes now. As I placed myself on his bed, ready to straddle him with my legs, I made sure to pull his bed curtains closed around us.  

I started kissing him, taking full control this time, making him moan and groan at the right time. When his hand slid down to cup my ass, I started unbuckling his belt. I moved my lips from his mouth to his jaw and down to his collarbone. I moved my weight to my knees as I pull down his pants, I only sit down when he succeeds in kicking it off. 

The touch of my skin against his thighs felt so amazing it made us both stiffen for a second.

He moaned, “Fuck Ali, fuck.”

I started rocking my hips back and forth, allowing my instincts -or hormones, which better worked- to guide me. I closed my eyes and grabbed the cold metal headboard behind James’s head while dry humping him. 

Both of his hands were on my hips now, following my speed. “Ali, fuck what are you doing to me.” I looked down to see him biting his lips, eyes closed. 

I didn’t know why it aroused me so much to see him like this, completely helpless and under my spell, but I decided to enjoy it. I kissed him hard, not stopping my hips as he opened his mouth to let me in. I could feel his hands play impatiently with the buttons on my shirt, almost braking them of as he threw my shirt behind us. 

I was almost completely exposed now and I thanked Rose in my head for pushing me into wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes for no reason. 

Who knew I would be fucking her cousin only a few days later. 

James was the one breaking the kiss this time to look at me, “You’re so sexy.” His rough voice was enough to make me go insane. 

I lower my hand. I kept my hand on top of his boxers and slowly reached the slight bulge in his boxers. He sucked in a breath as I grazed my hand over him. 

A smile creeps on my face when I saw him grab the bedsheets tight, “I want to return the favor-” he moaned when I lean down to lick his earlobe, “but not completely.” I whispered. 

I cup my hand around his length before he could say anything, making him push his hand against my ass. “Fuck Ali. I can’t-” he arched his back and bit his lip when I started jerking him of slowly through his boxers. 

“I’m not going to make you cum, even though desperately I want that more than anything. I still need you to,” I bent down to almost touch his lips with mine, looking him in the eyes, “fuck me." 

I lean back up so that I can move my hand properly, speeding up my pace. I tighten my grip around his manhood just enough to make him moan my name again. He was the one with more experience, and seeing him almost breaking down under me felt so good. He grabed ahold of my breasts for the first time. His fingers lightly pinch my hard nipples through the fabric as he leans forward to kiss me. I moan into his mouth and almost stop my hand in surprise.

"Babe, stop, I’m gonna-" 

It was almost painful to stop, I wanted to see him cum under me so bad, but the throbbing feeling inside of me was desperate enough to  make me release him. 

He sighed and leaned his head back against the headboard, "as much as I love having you in control,” taking me completely by surprise, James pushed me down on the bed, with him hovering over me. “That’s over now.”

I spread my legs to make room for him in between them. We start kissing again, this time a bit slower more gentle, to calm down a bit and realize what is really going to happen. I kiss his lips softly when I ask him, “Do you have a, you know." 

I didn’t want to say the word, thinking it would ruin the moment. I mean, ‘condom’ was such an ugly word. 

"I do.” Looking in his eyes was all it took for the burning feeling to rise inside of me. I hoped that this feeling was not going to go away once we were done. 

James lowered his hand to cup my breast, moving to the stripes on my back to open them. As if he had done it a million times before, the bra landed on the ground within two second. I was naked under him now. I didn’t bother to cover up when I saw his eyes change to an almost black color. He was so sexy when he was like this. 

“I- fuck you’re hot.” James started kissing the small space between my breast, squeezing one of them slightly. The feeling that came over me was indescribable, but when he replaced his hand with his mouth to suck on my nipple, I was sure that this was the best feeling in the world. I arched my back, pushing my breast harder in his mouth. He chuckled when I started tugging on his hair, begging without using words to never stop. 

I started massaging his shoulders slightly in a hope that his muscles  would relax me but when he started licking and nibbling my nipple I was sure I was going to cum again. 

I started twirling under him, moaning his name so loud I was almost screaming, “James, James, Ja- oh my… Yes…fuck!”

He kept licking my nipple but looked up at me through his lashes. Looking him in the eyes while seeing  him lick my nipple with his perfect tong was probably the most sexy thing I’d ever seen. “I can make you cum like this can’t I." 

It wasn’t a question, he knew he could. Never had anyone made me cum by just nibbling on my nipples but the way James did it was just the most amazing feeling in the world. 

Right when I was about to cum again, I felt him push his hand against my soaking panties hard, pushing me over the edge. 

James laughed when I screemed and tiredly collapsed on his bed covered in my own sweat. "I’m still going to fuck you.” He lowered his face just a few inches above mine. “Don’t get too comfortable." 

Looking in his eyes, at his beautiful red lips and lowering my gaze to his muscular torso I said, "You can do whatever you want with me. I’m yours.”

He groaned, “fuck Ali don’t say that. You’ll regret it.” He started kissing my neck again and moved up to my lips. 

“I won’t. I want you to fuck me, James.”

He bit my lip, a bit too hard but right now I couldn’t tell pain from pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started playing with the end of his boxers. “Take it off.” I order in his mouth. 

“What did I tell you, you’re not in charge anymore. I am.” Before I could ask what he meant I felt him jank off my panties. “Now shut up and let me fuck you.”

I didn’t bother to answer him, I just kissed his lips instead and let our tongs dance with each other for a few long seconds, before I could feel him taking of his own boxers and positioning himself again between my legs. I looked down to see his long length. It didn’t surprise me to see how big it was, nothing about him surprised me anymore. I spread my legs to let him in. 

I heard the ripping of the plastic before I felt him pushing himself inside. 

“Fuck you’re tight. You have… You have done this before right?”

I was biting down my lip as I felt him slowly move up and down. “Yes, yes I have. I’m jus nervous it’s with you.”

I heard him moan in my ear when he trusted again, this time harder and faster. He kept speeding up until the bed was moving along with us. 

“Arghh, James- fuck..”

I could feel the orgasm build up inside me, how was it possible for me to have so many orgasms within 30 minutes? 

I knew it wouldn’t take him too long before he would cum, seeing as I didn’t let him finish earlier, but I wish I could feel his throbbing sex deep inside of me every day. 

He was breathing fast and had his eyes closed, a drop of sweat was rolling down from his torso and dropped on my stomach. I realized that in this moment he probably didn’t even know his own name. 

I dug my nails in the back of his neck when he finally pushed himself deep inside of me for the last time, making us both cum at the same time. 

His sweaty body almost immediately collapsed on mine and we just laid there for a second, catching our breath.  

“Wow.” I finally managed to get out. 

James removed himself from between my legs and rolled next to me. “I know.”

“So,” I was suddenly aware of everything in his room. The half-closed red curtains around his bed- that now somehow seemed too small for two people, our clothes on the floor, the other beds in the room and the red-gold wallpaper on the walls. 

I just had sex with the guy I hated the most since I was 14 -and I liked it. 

James’ breathing finally slowed down to a normal pace and he positioned himself next to me so that he could look me in the eye. “You were saying?”

Damn his eyes are so beautiful. How did I not like them before? I pushed a piece of his black hair back from his sweaty forehead and fought the urge to look down to check the rest of him out. “I was?”

He nodded his head and smirked -which for some reason did not annoy me anymore. “You said ‘so,’" 

"Right. I don’t remember what I was going to say.”

“Oh, well I do.” Taking me by surprise, James threw an arm around me and pulled me closer to him so he could kiss me. “You were going to say, 'so, what happens now?’ And then I was going to say, 'what do you mean what happens now? Obviously we’re going to have some more sex in the shower in a few minutes and when we’re done, I need to go run to Hogsmeade real quick to buy a present. Because what boyfriend doesn’t buy their girlfriend a Christmas present?’”

“Girlfriend? James, I don’t-”

James groaned and grabbed me by my wrists, pinning both my arms above my head he looked down on me with a strong emotion in his eyes. “Listen, Ali. I’ve been after you since I was 14. I like you. I showed you a numerous times. I just fucked you senseless, you wouldn’t have let me if you didn’t like me back." 

"I think you’re hot. Yes.” James was leaning down to kiss me, thinking this was my way of telling him I wanted to make it official.

I wanted to be with him now, there was no denying it anymore but James was still no good, and I needed to let him know where I stood first. “But,” I move my head just I time to avoid his delicious looking lips. “You’re still not a good guy. You’ve been driving me crazy for the last few years and no I don’t regret fucking you, you’re the best I ever had, but I don’t think us being an item is going to be easy.”

“Who says it has to be easy?” He finally let go of my arms. “Relationships aren’t easy, it would be wrong if they were. And yes, we argue a lot, but think about all the rough, hot and sexy make up sex we’d have oh man.” James closed his  eyes and bit his lip only thinking about it, and I had to admit -if the makeup sex was only half as good as the sex we just had… It would be illegal for us not to be together. 

“Fine,” I finally let him kiss me again, but as soon as the kiss was starting to get heavier I stopped.

“But first,” I got up and walked backwards towards the bathroom. Seeing James lay naked on his bed leaning back on his elbows made that feeling swell up inside of me again. “How 'bout that shower sex you promised?" 

The words hadn’t even left my mouth jet or he jumped of the bed and threw me over his shoulder towards the bathroom, ready for round 2.

How You Like It

Originally posted by dyoru

Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo

Type: Smut/Fluff

You blinked up at the ceiling, feeling Kyungsoo’s hair tickle your bare lower stomach as he pressed open-mouthed kisses at your inner thigh. It wasn’t that you didn’t like it; you were always comfortable with whatever he did to you now that you two had started becoming more intimate, but right now you just weren’t feeling it.

“I’m not stupid, you know,” he hummed, propping himself up on his elbows looking down at your almost-naked form. Your shirt and sweatpants had been forgotten somewhere on the floor and you were under him against the pillows in only your bra and underwear. He continued, his eyes meeting yours, “What’s wrong?”

You shrugged, forgetting to realize he probably couldn’t see the movement of your shoulders. You waved you hand in a ‘come here’ motion, backoning him to you. Sitting up, he moved to sit next to you with his legs crossed. He watched you, an eyebrow raised, waiting for your response.

You sighed, replying finally, “I don’t know it just isn’t…exciting. You know when you feel the little sparks and stuff? Yeah that’s just not happening.”

“You’re not horny,” he said frankly, making you wrinkle your nose up at him.

“I was trying to find a better way to say that. I mean okay I don’t mind doing stuff but…I don’t know maybe try something else?”

He sighed, dropping his chin onto his elbow as he stared at you thoughtfully. “Well do you want me to experiment or will you just tell me what you like?”

“How am I supposed to tell you? ‘Oh yeah, just move your tongue up there, swirl it around a bit-’” you started before he cut you off with a laugh, shaking his head. 

“I mean show me.”

“Show you?” You moved your hands, pushing yourself up to sit next to him as he smiled, shifting closer to you. He took your hands lacing his fingers with yours as he leaned closer to you, kissing your mouth. 

You sighed into the kiss, letting his lips envelope yours as his hands squeezed yours tighter. He moved your hands to your crotch, releasing them so he could play with the skin just above your panties. He broke the kiss, pulling back so he could raise an eybrow at you, his eyes sparkling with mischief and his mouth smiling slightly.

“Show me,” he whispered, his fingers moving down to grab your underwear on either side of your hips, slowly pulling it down as you spread your legs slightly. “Touch yourself.”

You gasped at the boldness of his words, which came out in a deep growl. His eyes were on yours, then they flickered down to your crotch as he pulled your panties down further, to your knees. Your hands sat between your legs, your thumbs twidling as your heart raced at the idea of Kyungsoo watching you finger yourself. 

You watched his tongue peek out to lick his lips as he wated for you to move, and all too suddenly you realized how wet you had become. You slowly inched a finger towards your clit, rubbing it slowly as Kyungsoo watched. 

Your finger moved down, feeling the wetness that had pooled and spreading it around your slit. He was watching your so intently, his gaze not leaving your moving fingers. Your eyes fluttered closed and the heat rushed to your cheeks. You couldn’t watch him like this, it was driving you crazy. 

“Babe,” he growled, and you eyes stayed shut, his voice sending sparks down to your core. You pushed two fingers in easily, letting out a soft moan as you pumped yourself. 

“Kyungsoo,” you whimpered softly as your thumb flicked your clit as you fingers fucked you. You other hand moved up to your bra, where you pulled down the cup enough to expose one erect nipple, which you rolled between your thumb and index finger. You pulled at it, moaning as you scissored your fingers inside you.

One of Kyungsoo’s hands suddenly landed on your bare thigh, and you made the mistake of opening them to see your what your boyfriend was doing. His eyes were wide and dilated, his cheeks pink and his breathing uneven as his other hand shamlessly jerked his dick as he watched you. He was painfully hard and red with need, his precum beading at the tip. You moaned at the sight; your fingers pumping faster into you. 

You added another finger, feeling the fantastic stretch of your walls as you felt yourself build, your other hand still pinching your nipple. His fingers dug harder into your thigh as you finally reached your release, pumping yoruself through it as your boyfriend watched, mesmerized as your hips bucked into your fingers.

“Fuck that was hot,” he muttered, still pumping himself as you pulled out your sticky fingers, watching him as he continued jerking himself. And idea popped in your head, and you moved you fingers closer to your mouth as he watched. As your sticky fingers touched your bottom lip, he realized what you were doing, his eyes widening and his mout opening slightly as he groaned. 

You took your index finger into your mouth, sucking it as he watched you, his thumb moving to press agaisnt his tip as he jerked himself faster. He groaned as hot white spurts of cum spilled onto your stomach, his eyelids fluttering as he watched you suck your juices off your finger. 

His chest rose and fell with his breath as his eyes were on you again, eyeing yotu other two sticky fingers. He grabbed your wrist, yanking it towards him as he took your fingers into his mouth, sucking hard. You whimpered, and his grip on your wrist tightened, his teeth nibbling on the pad of one of your fingers. 

He released your hand and you pulled your fingers out of his mouth. You saw the glint in his eyes and the ghost of the smile on his face as his hand moved to your sensitive core, sliding a finger in and hooking it upwards, making you shiver. 

“I like watching you finger yourself,” he muttered boldly, making the heat rise to your cheeks. “But I think it’s my turn to try.”

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Summer Three-slam

Sami Zayn/Finn Balor/OC: A smutty, fluffy threesome. I got this request before the shenanigans at SummerSlam, but I’m writing it now. So I’m fairly certain you know where this is going. Requested by anon

Lmao, y’all, I thought this title was funny af but the more I look at it the more I hate it so I’m just gonna leave it here, this is fine. Also sorry it’s so short. I’ve been a bit preoccupied today bc the college bookstore is fucking up my life. But that’s another story for another time.

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Anatomy Lesson

For all the boys who get less attention from us.

Warnings: Smut

You heard screams outside, not surprising since you knew there were idols in town, but the incessant noise had you cringing as you attempted to study for your upcoming medical exams. You heard footsteps come crashing down the corridor to your apartment and your unlocked door flung open. A young man came crashing through, slamming the door shut behind him. He leaned against the door, exhausted, and panted as he slid down to the floor. You could hear the screams following him down the hallway and ran to quickly bolt the door, dropping your study materials to the floor as you lunged to throw the deadbolt before the screaming mob made it towards your apartment. It was a struggle against the women pushing down the hall, but his dead weight on the floor aided you. Luckily they didn’t see which door he entered as you could hear them musing outside. The man brushed his hair back from his sweaty brow “Ottokaji!?” He exclaimed, not even registering your presence. As the voices became more distant you crouched down to his level. “Are you okay?” You asked. For some reason it did not really faze you to have a stranger burst into your apartment, it wasn’t like he did it on purpose to bother you.

He looked up at you startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.” You smiled warmly and brushed some dust off his sleeve. “Would you like a cup of tea or water or something? I don’t think they’re going to give up too fast.” He looked up at you like you were an angel sent to save him. “My name is Ken.” He spoke to your back as you went to put the tea water back on. You were pretty sure your entire bloodstream was made of tea and caffeine after this week of exams. “Eun-Kyung” you replied. He stood and moved towards the table where you had been sitting, bending to scoop up the materials that had been strewn across the floor. “Oh, you don’t have…” Your voice caught in your throat as you saw how tall and lean he was, this was accentuated by the way he bent to pick up your mess. You fumbled with the mug in your hand and set it down forcefully as you turned tomato red. “I was just..uhm…studying for my exams.” He looked up from the papers he was holding and smiled in a cute, crooked way. “You’re a student?” You nodded and turned back to the counter, reaching for the nice loose tea your friend had sent from her trip to China. It was slightly too high for you to reach easily, even on tiptoe, and your fingers brushed the metal a few times, serving only to push the container further back in the cupboard. You were so focused on the container that you didn’t hear Ken place the papers down on your books and come to stand behind you. An arm reached up past yours as his other rested on your shoulder for balance. Ken easily plucked the container from the cupboard and put it in your hands. “Thanks…Ken…” you said, moving away to scoop the leaves into the waiting teapot and pouring the water in afterwards, “Ken, You’re with VIXX right? I like your music”.

You could almost hear him freeze. You turned to see he had the frightened look from when he came crashing through the door. You giggled, “I’m not some deranged fan girl; I’m not going to attack you or anything”. He breathed a visible sigh of relief. Pouring water into the mugs, you brought them over to where he stood at the table. You placed them in front of chairs and stacked your books on an extra chair, pushing papers and binders to the side. You dug under a pile of paper to pull out a plate of baked sweets to go with the tea. “On second thought,” he hesitated for a moment, “Call me Jaehwan. I’ve heard enough of Ken today”. He sat next to you and went to take a drink of tea. Faster than you thought possible your hand was over the mouth of the cup, the heat scorching, and his full lips came in contact with the back of your hand as you kept the mug from him, “No! Hot! Be Careful!”. He looked at your hand shocked, his face burning red. You removed your hand slowly and apologetically, “Sorry, I…ah…yea, its really hot” you spluttered nervously. He slowly set the mug down. “Uhm, thanks” he scratched the back of his neck nervously. “So… you study medicine?” He asked, grabbing the nearest paper. He stared at it intensely, his face slowly turning less red.  “Yes, I just started this year.” He nodded emphatically, “What is this?” He brandished the paper towards you and pointed to a random place on the illustration. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Uhm… well…that is…uh… that is a phallus.” You gently took the paper from him, “I was, urh, studying the reproductive systems when you came in”.  It was your turn to scratch your neck awkwardly. Jaehwan nervously sipped his tea. “Well, ah, I should be going.” He abruptly stood and went to the door. You stood to lead him out, but paused when you noted his discomfort. “Thank you for the tea and everything, Eun-Kyung, it was very nice of you”. He opened the door just in time to hear the sound of thunderous footsteps. He slammed it and locked it quickly as he heard his name being called out. The fan girls were still looking for him.

“Biscuit?” you offered brightly. You can call your company if you want to have a car sent over; I’m apartment 12B. He shuffled his feet awkwardly, “I don’t want to intrude.” You smiled, how could this man intrude? Any woman would be crazy to let him leave. His lean figure was slouched slightly as he shoved his hands into his pockets. A look of horror crossed his face, “Hakyeon has my phone”. You looked at him quizzically, “You can use mine.” He tapped his foot against the floor and looked down, “I don’t know the number.” You stopped, hand halfway to your back pocket, “You don’t know anyones’ number?” He shook his head.”Uhm, well you can stay here until they stop searching and then we can go see if we can find your hotel”. He stepped towards you and smiled brightly, you almost fell over at how much of a change had occurred in a few moments time. It was like lights being turned on after a movie. “There is a PS2 hooked up to the tv,” you gestured, “I’m just going to finish studying”. He plopped on the couch, somehow gracefully despite his size and grabbed the controller sitting on the coffee table. You set his tea in front of him and went back to work, distracted by glancing up every few moments to admire the curve of his jaw, the line of his nose, and his furrowed brow as he played Resident Evil 4. You scolded yourself and stuck your nose back into a random book. A few seconds later your phone alarm went off, blasting the theme to Zelda, signaling mealtime; You were startled to look up and see that the sky was dark and your mugs were drained. “Jaehwan?” You said questioningly, “Are you hungry?” He looked straight into your eyes; you could almost see his eyes darken as he slowly licked his plush lips. “Starving.” You actually did stumble this time as you went to the kitchen. “kimchi jigae?” you questioned, he nodded and turned back to the game as you went to cook.

You hummed to yourself as you cooked. Cooking was something you had always enjoyed, especially when there was someone else to share the result. You stirred the stew with a spoon while you sprinkled in sesame-salt. You turned to grab a towel as some sloshed over the side of your pot and jumped when you realized Jaehwan was standing behind you. “Sorry” you muttered and held up the spoon to him to taste. His mouth closed around the spoon and his lips slid over the smooth surface. You closed your eyes and focused on not melting into the floor. Having him stand so close was torture to your deprived senses. His warmth ran up your side, and his manly scent wafted from the grey sweater he wore like cologne. “Delicious”. You almost dropped the spoon as he spoke. You quickly moved to place it in the sink and turned the heat off on the stove. You shooed him to the table, which was now cleared of study materials. You threw down a trivet for the hot pot of stew and grabbed some dishes. Rummaging in the fridge you came up with a couple beers. You held one up above the door and were met with an excited nod.

Four drinks apiece later and you were both giggling like fools. “Shhh, shhh, shhh, shh Jaehwan, aren’t your band members worried?” You pawed at him gently as he regaled you with another hilarious story. You had made your way to the couch, but had long forgotten the video games, the screen “You Died” flashed repeatedly. You went to stand to go to the restroom, but fell backwards as Jaehwan grasped at your wrist. In a fit of giggles you fell into his lap and before you knew what was happening his warm lips pressed against your own. Jaehwan’s hands moved from your arms to encircle your waist in a warm embrace. His tongue entered your mouth to battle with your own. You broke away reluctantly, “Can we…continue this in a moment?” you breathed heavily. His lips found your neck in that instant and you moaned loudly. You slid off of him, beckoned him forward and disappeared into your room. In the time it took him to realize what was happening you had managed to use the restroom and shed the majority of your clothing. His eyes were hungry when he saw you on the bed and he made no short time of removing his own garments. The bed covers were cool and your nipples clenched in at the sensation. You could see that he was already at attention as he strutted towards the bed. You laughed aloud at the motion. ‘Come here” you said, sitting up to pull him forward. “Don’t be shy”. He grinned in response and captured your lips once more. His hands traveled down your body and grasped your wrists, shoving them above your head as his tongue laved downwards over your body. He used one hand to constrain you as he undid your bra and aggressively took your nipple into his mouth. He rolled it between his teeth as his hand worked its way to rid you of your panties. You broke free of his one handed grasp to stroke his length. He was larger than you expected. His girth was surprising, even with his height. Imagining that weight filling you made you groan and go to a place where you nearly climaxed on your own, but he was having none of that. He returned to your lips to bite them in a savage way, halting your climax. “Only I get to make you cum”. He felt immobile as his hand traveled to part your folds, a long, tapered finger easing its way, less than gently, into you. His hand worked expertly, his second soon joined it to massage your clit as he kneeled back on his haunches. You writhed in pleasure and as the pleasure built you couldn’t take it anymore. You sat up abruptly and dragged him on top of you, forcing him to give in and enter. Neither of you lasted long, panting and sweating around each other as you writhed in bliss. It was not long before you both collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs, satiated. You drifted into sleep peacefully.

You awoke to bright sunlight outside your window. You groaned and pushed Jaehwan’s arm off of you. He was still dead to the world. You dragged yourself to the bathroom and showered, changing slowly into a pair of jeans and tshirt. You had such a headache. You took a few aspirin and chugged a glass of water. You passed by Jaehwan on your way to find food and smiled gently. You pulled the covers back up to cover him and rummaged in the fridge to find a bagel. A knock sounded at the door soon after you had finished scarfing down your food. “Hello?” you said as you opened the door. A group of men looked at you quizzically, you quickly recognized them as Jaehwan’s band-mates. “uhm, one moment…” you said, blushing furiously. You rushed to the bedroom door and knocked forcefully, “Jaehwan? Your band is here?” You heard him groan and prayed that he had understood you. Hakyeon regarded you carefully as the door opened and an obviously miserable Jaehwan entered the living area. His eyebrow raised at Jaehwan as he grabbed you round the waist and kissed you in a very public, explicit way, “What? This is my girlfriend.” The guys shrugged and went to leave, Jaehwan with them, but he turned to wink at you, pointing towards the bedroom. Once the door had shut you went to investigate. Your phone was lying on your bed. A few seconds later a message popped up from Jaehwan, “I meant what I said, you’re mine. I’ll be back tomorrow to take you to dinner.”

It’s way too dark

It was a long a dreary night. One of those nights that literally came out of a horror book. The lights had gone out a while back, so you were in complete darkness. The only light was coming from the front window where the moon was but it was barely. The eeri silence making your body shiver. You stood by the front windows  of the house scared stiff. You were waiting for Jay. You had called him from your cell phone when the lights went out scared and in panic. The house you guys lived in was huge and being alone on a dark and scary night was definately not the way you wanted the night to go.

“ Where is he?” you questioned under your breath. Your eyes glued to the road before you, and your body not moving an inch from the window. You looked at your watch and saw it was 12:45 in the morning. It was pretty late why hasn’t he reached home yet. The road were glistening from the rain shower earlier. you could only assume that there was a lot of traffic and everyone was driving safely so they didn’t have any unfortunate events. you crossed your arms around your chest and heaved a deep sign. Your thoughts tried to drown you thinking of negative things that could happen but you tried and pushed them away. You didn ’t need more incentive to drive yourself insane. You heard the roar of an engine in the indoor garage and sighed a sigh of relief.

“ Oh thank god”  you said to complete darkness. You quickly made your way towards the indoor garage. The lights of the car helped you pin point where you had to go. You opened the door and saw Jay coming out of his car. You smiled warmly at  him and then ran to him to give him a hug. He gave you a tight bear hug that lifted you of the ground.  You giggled and then hit his back playfully

“ Jay put me down” You said still smiling but still holding on to him.

“ Okay.. okay” He smiled and then slowly put you down. He hit the alarm button of his car and the car doors slowy came down and locked.  

“ What took you so long?” You asked worried but still happy he was home safe and sound.

“ Gray was showing me  a track he was working on?” He said nonchalant

“ Oh was it good?” You asked to the darkness. You were trembeling and jay could tell you feared the dark.  He went behind you and gave you a tight back hug. You inhaled and then let it out.  His warm embrace instantanously making you relax and forget why you where freaking out to begging with.

“MMMM this feels nice” you said out loud

“Does it?” he whispered in your ear causing you to gasp rom the vibration of his voice on your eardrums. You shook your head yes on his chest. you heard a little chuckle leave his luscious lips.

“MM I missed you babe” He said as he held you tighter. You turned around and tried looking for his lips with the tip of your fingers. You traced his jaw line and then up his chin and finally his soft lips. You traced the bottom one then the top ever so lightly. You heard him groan. You pulled him down to where your lips were and every slighty moved foward to kiss him. You lick his bottom lip and then top. His hands held your hips tightly you could feel his nails digging into your soft delicate skin. He was hungry for you. Our kiss was getting more hungrier by the minute.  From delicate to gentle to rough and aggressive.

“Jay..Jay” You said in between pants. His lips traveling to your neck making your mind melt because he was kissing that sweet spot that made you melt and forget.

“MMm” He managed to get out but still working on your neck.

“Let..Let’s get out of the garage. Come on..pp.Oh God. Please” You said in between heavy breathing and low moans. He groaned and then stomped on the ground. He sucked one last time before answering

“ Okay” He said in a I-don’t- want-to kind of voice. You laugh softly and then held his hands which was still holding tightly to your waist.

“Come on Jay” he groaned again and then stomped his way inside the house with you behind him. You laughed and shook your head *He is such a kid sometimes* You said in your head. you could tell you were inside the house because you could see the barely lit living room.  

“ Babe I’m scared” You voiced out fear creeping up your body.

“Don’t be babe. I’m here. Just squeeze my hand when you feel your self getting scared okay” He said in a confident voice. Your small hands holding tightly to his strong manly hands

“Okay” You answered in a barely audible voice and wincing because you felt like you saw something in the dark but it could be your mind playing tricks on you.

“ I wonder why the lights went out” He questioned but still managing to get around the house without no light.

“ I don’t know. I was in the living room reading a book when the lights out of no where went out.” You answered you could feel him tracing circles on your palm to soothe and calm you which was working.

“ Hmm. Strange” He said his tone confused but questioning

“ Why?” You asked curious

“Because this house had a built in generator. If it didn’t go on once the lights went off then something is seriously wrong” He answered. You felt a  lump rise in your throat. You were literally squeezing your boyfriend’s hand so tight. That he started to complain about

“OUCH!!Ouch babe..babe relax. I’m here don’t be scared. Babe calm down” His voice soft and  calm.

“ But..but.I..I..I’m scared Jay. I’m really scared” You said your voice was trying to remain calm but the fear was taking over. Your eyes were as huge as saucers and tears soon threaten to fall. Jay turned around and held you. His arms wrapping around your head holding your head near his chest so you coud hear his heart beat. Which was slowly calming you. The rhythm of his heart making you relax and be in tranced by the soft beating sound. You smiled finally and let out a soft sigh.

“ You okay?” Jay asked you, kissing the top of your head softly.

“ Yeah” You said into his chest

Come on. Let’s go upstairs" His voice soft and sweet. He let you go and then grabbed you again making his way up the stairs and dragging you with him.

            You could hear a knob turning and you could only guess it was to your bedroom. Jay pulled you inside and then  lead you to the bed. You sat down and looked around the dark room. Barely being able to see what was around you.

“ Jay…JAY” You screamed out in panic.

“I am right here. Right next to you” He said his hands gently holding onto yours. His lips kissing you and calming you down. His fingers softly making there way down your body and making you shiver as if it was an autumn day.  

“Jay” You whispered out his finger reaching your inner thigh and squezing them causing you to gasp at the sudden action. Your eyes looking into his, the only thing that twinkled in the total darkness. He kept going until he reached his destination.  Your skirt being his best friend but your undergarmet being his enemy. He felt around your panty line.

“ MMM..lace baby” He moaned in your ear

“yeah” You softly answered he kissed your neck causing you to whimper and let out a small moan.  His lips sucked on your skin and then licked causing you to stiffen from the action. He broke your panty with one hand and then he did circular motions with his thumb. Your mind was hazy and couldn’t think straight. your face hidding in his shoulder. It was way too dark but it was better this way  because Jay knew how to use it to his advantage and make you forget about the darkness

Gif Pack: Sutton Foster

Below the cut you will find +550 gifs of Sutton Foster as Liza Miller in Younger. All of these gifs were made by me. The gifs all come from the episodes “The Exes” (s01e04) and “Broke and Panty-less” (s01e07). These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes mostly textless gifs, with few gifs with text and faceless gifs. The sizes of the gifs are all 245px in width, with varying heights. All of them are below 2.0 MB. The size of the download is +390.84 MB. The download link can be found by her picture in my gif directory. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated!

Trigger/Content Warnings: Sex (NSFW), Alcohol
Gif Pack Features: Nico Tortorella, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. Do not remove my watermarks. Do no redistribute my gifs. Do not repost my gifs in a gif hunt. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not use my gifs to make crackship gifs. {Download}

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Forget About the Angel (ReaderxDean)

Request: Hey could you write a smut about the reader being obsessed with Castiel, but is seduced by Dean, she succumbs to him and falls for him? agentweepingangelcas

Warnings: smut, teasing/seduction, a bit of dirty talk, a little possessive!Dean

Words: 2307

Note: oh what do you know…Dean smut. Enjoy! X

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Pietro Maximoff Smut

Prompt: PietroxReader that goes from cute and fluffy to DO ME PLEASE in like .006 seconds please? Like the reader is with Pietro and they are all cute and then suddenly they are banging? Please please please I am a thirsty fangirl

Ok bear with me here because I’ve never written smut before (I’ve read tons of it though) so I may completely fuck this up but whatever here goes

It was always that damn Sokovian getting into trouble.

You had been part of S.H.I.E.L.D. for quite some time now, but it was only recently that you were moved from their second US base in Sacramento to your current location; Avengers Tower in New York City. Once Fury had notified the head of the California sector that more trainers were needed due to the new abundance of heroes, you were picked without a second thought due to your experience, physique, and flat-out stubbornness. When you were relocated, you expected some trial and error. You expected some tough cases. What you didn’t expect, however, was to have your heart stolen- plucked right out of your fingertips- by one of the new recruits.

You were just concluding your training session with Wanda Maximoff. Her issue was that her focus was strong, but she struggled with the confidence to carry out the action. Suddenly, a small gush of wind flew by you and you found yourself laughing. Wanda looked up at you quizzically and a little offended. You quickly dropped the smile that was on your face and blurted out, “I’m sorry. I have no idea why I just did that.”

Wanda shrugged it off for a moment, before the same gush of wind reappeared and suddenly you were laughing again. Having witnessed the interaction, Wanda rolled her eyes and groaned, “Come on, Pietro. I’m trying to finish my training.” At the mention of his name, Pietro stopped by the doorway and turned back at you and Wanda with a stupid grin on his face.

“Actually, I think you’re good for today. Go get some rest.” You declared. Wanda’s face lit up at the idea of being done and was soon out of the training center, leaving you with your final trainee of the day- Pietro.

“What do you have in store for me today, milenka?” His velvety Eastern-European accent made you feel weak at the knees as he stared you down. But you would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

Placing your hands on your hips, you smirked at him and asked, “What does that even mean? Milenka?” He chuckled and shook his head, before zooming over to me, tickling me yet again and then returning to his original position as if nothing at all had happened. Squirming with a smile on my face, I pointed my finger up at him, “And cut it out with the tickling! I am the authoritative figure in this environment. You can’t just-”

Before you could even finish your sentence, Pietro was back on you again. Only this time, he stayed on you and started tickling you continuously. You couldn’t help but start laughing as you attempted to get him and his fingers away from you. Eventually, you lost your footing and tumbled to the padded floor. For a brief moment, you thought you would be free from Pietro and tried to catch your breath. Unfortunately for you, Pietro didn’t even hesitate to climb right on top of you, giant grin on his face, and continue tickling. 

After a minute or so, he stopped and you took the opportunity to catch your breath. Once you were breathing normally again, you became aware of Pietro’s body on top of yours and his dazzling blue eyes staring down at you. Mere moments after your eyes met, Pietro’s arms gave out and his body, more importantly his lips, came crashing down onto you.

For a second or two, you were so shocked that this was actually happening, you forgot to kiss back. Scared he had spooked you, Pietro began to pull away. However, you realized your own intentions and you wrapped an arm around his neck to pull him further towards you. Pietro smiled into the kiss and gracefully rolled over to position you above him. You questioned his motivation until his hands trailed down to your ass and he squeezed roughly. You smirked to yourself; you always knew he was an ass man.

You left his lips and slowly dragged your mouth across his jaw and down his neck until you reached a spot that made him gasp. Smiling a bit in victory, you promptly began to attack the sensitive spot with your mouth. A flood of curse words (in both English and Sokovian) spewed out of Pietro’s mouth as you continued your assault; sucking, kissing, and even gently biting at his neck until you were sure it would leave a mark. 

Your lips then returned to his like a magnet, and it was then that you noticed Pietro’s hard-on poking you in the thigh. Reaching a hand down, you started slowly palming his crotch, which caused him to let out a loud moan. As you continued to knead him, your lips once again broke off from his as you tore his shirt over his head. You then slowly began to kiss your way down his torso, feeling his member throb from under your hand at the contact. 

When you finally reached his pants, you decided to tease him by snapping the waistband and inching the fabric down ever-so-slightly at a time. Pietro, never one to take things slow, growled at your tactic and ripped off his own pants faster than you could react. Getting the idea, you waste no time removing his boxers to reveal his gigantic dick. Your jaw dropped a bit which caused Pietro to smirk proudly. Nevertheless, you leaned over and and licked a long stripe along the underside of his dick, swirling your tongue along the tip before you plunged down and took as much of him as your throat allowed. 

“Oh, fuck Y/N… You’re so good… Shit, cmúľať péro milenka.” He became a mess underneath you and after a little bit, you emerged from his dick and pounced right back up onto his lips. His hands found their way onto your neck and he pulled you closer, leaning to the side and turning both of you over so he was now on top. 

“You are wearing far too many clothes, princeznà.” He murmured against your lips. Within the blink of an eye, you had been reduced to only your underwear, and in that moment you silently thanked yourself for not wearing a sports bra to training. Pietro’s hands roamed your body as he kissed you, eventually finding the clasp of your bra and undoing it. Once your breasts were free, he immediately began massaging them profusely, making you moan from such unexpected contact. 

After he decided your boobs had received enough contact, a hand trailed down your stomach and rested on top of your soaking panties. Pietro broke the kiss to growl in your ear, “Mmmmm, princeznà, you are so wet for me.” Without warning, his hand dove under the fabric and began rubbing your clit. 

“Ohh, Pietro… Fuck, right there…” You moaned loudly, as Pietro’s mouth had found a new home on your neck.  His index and middle finger soon penetrated you and made you moan his name even louder. “Pietro… Fuck, I want your cock dammit.” With a smile on his face, Pietro abandoned your neck and brushed his lips teasingly against yours as he replied, “Well why didn’t you just say so?” before plunging his dick deep inside you without a moment’s notice. 

You screamed and moaned his name, clawing at his back and pulling at his hair as he fucked you senseless. He was moaning against you, swearing in all sorts of languages and kneading at your boobs once more to give you even more pleasure. You quickly found a rhythm that made you realize that you both wouldn’t last much longer. “Fuck Pietro I’m close…” You managed to force out between heavy breaths and moans. 

Pietro nodded and looked you directly in the eyes, “Come for me, princeznà.” You weren’t sure if it was the sudden eye contact, the Sokovian, or simply all the pleasure you were receiving at once, but you suddenly came harder than you had ever come before. You screamed Pietro’s name as you rode out your high, Pietro quickly reaching his as well. Once he had finished, he rolled off of you and onto the floor next to you. The only sound that could be heard in the room were your and Pietro’s heavy breaths. You broke into a smile and sighed, “Wow, that was…”

“Incredible.” Pietro blurted out, finishing your statement. You nodded in agreement. He pulled you closer to him and you rested your head on his hot, sweaty chest. 

“Well, I suppose that’s one way to get a workout in.”




Breakbeast Lyrics

Lyrical physics // breaking bad on you bitches // cooking up some dope tracks in the kitchen // so my bars should be illegal // more addicted than some crack rock // 5 times more lethal // sell me on the corner // to your brother, to your mailman // to your teachers, to your local leaders // I am tasty sweet and satisfying // you call me the grand slam // have me with your breakfest to get a good start on your day // if you’re trying to me raw you gotta start the rawest way // pour me in a glass // mix me with your oj // to cut the taste of realness if you’re new to such a bitter taste // bitter taste from the tears of all these fallen fellas // who get they feelings hurt when my flow smoother than some butter // whipped up at a rapid pace like fresh whip cream // dripping with some sassiness like syrup from a tree // i am your daily serving of girl power with a bow // i am here to take your order // would you like that to go? // on some skates with a wink // so i can give you a show? // how about no // how about you get in where you fit in like some sealant in a crack // how about you seal your fucking mouth when you spitting on a track // you need a nap and a snack // and i’ll tuck you right in with the rest of these bitches who try to sleep on me // sleep tight hope the jealous bed bug don’t bite // you coutin sheep // when you should be countin pennies // when you look more broke than some dollarstore panties // off brand soda and a half of a mcdouble // you in trouble cause they put ice in your water // and you can’t afford the tax // you countin nickles // yeah you countin dimes // soon you’ll have a dollar then maybe you can holla at me // but until then shut your mouth and know your place // cause barf troop is the gang // kill your ass without a trace

It’s all me, stayed true, that’s all me

Well i’m incredible // I eat these niggas like they edibles // cooked up with the og kush // yeah I got that medical // dr.doo little or much // pushin buttons // think you stuntin // take off running when you get caught up // naw you stay here // the devil comes to play here // have you prayin like you should’ve when you knelt down on sunday // jesus got your back // but i got you by the balls// got your jaw on the wall like the swat team has been called // pulled up in the hummer // all black with the windows tinted // screaming out the window // watch out women and children // cause you came to play // but me i came to kill // bars sharper than the boner of the man of steel // lyricism stickier than some spiderman semen // yeah i weave a web that you’d be lucky to get caught in // and i am venom with a sinister smile // got a laugh more infectious than some boomer bile // hit you harder than a tank coming round the corner // leave you crying like a witch in the shadows where you slumber // yeah i’m goofy // keep it silly like i’m pre-school // yeah i’ll eat the pussy like some cookies if you supply the milk // grade A double d’s // gotta get it raw for the taste // you better blue scadoo to a new and better place // hold up blue blue give these niggas a clue // cause the mail is here and the rent check is over due

We Are One (One Shot #10)

Harry Styles One Shot 

The Boxer Series

Past One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

Warning: Sexual Content 

You lived for the moments where everything in your life was calm and serene. You were lying down in Harry’s room, which was now yours as well and waited for him to come home. 

Living with Harry was so much more different than you had ever experienced. It was still a bit crazy to know that you woke up every morning next to your darling boy and it put a smile on your face everyday.  

After about a week of living here in the apartment you officially knew where everything was and didn’t have to search everywhere to find something as simple as a bowl or glass. Letting your thoughts wonder off you mind turned them to a more pressing issue; an issue you were always thinking about. 

In less then 10 days finals would be happening so he was in full training mode and had been coming home later than ever. This year was going to be brutal, Pierre wanted revenge on Harry humiliating him and Harry wanted to wipe Pierre off the boards completely, especially after his little gift incident. Nothing was going to stop the both of them for they each wanted their own personal justice to justify the wrongs that had occurred. 

You closed your eyes, attempting to rid yourself of such thoughts, and a small smile came to your lips as you heard his car pull up. The smooth sound of his engine cutting off made its was to your ears. 

You looked over at the clock on the nightstand and were stunned to see that he was home at an early hour tonight. As you heard keys clinking over at the doorway and you jumped up to greet him. 

He slowly walked through the door and looked over to where you were standing quietly. 

“Hey baby,” he said lowly as he dropped his bag on the table and made his way over to you. He wrapped you up in his arms and you snuggled deeply into him. 

“Hi. I put dinner in the stove for you if you’re hungry. You haven’t been eating enough protein and vegetables so that’s what I made,” you told his from your place against his chest. He dropped a kiss on your head and you pulled away from him; he pouted as you walked over to the table and picked up his heavy gym bag. 

“I can do that you know. I’m not hungry either,” he said to you as you put it in its designated spot on the floor and made your way to the kitchen to get everything put away. 

“I figured,” you singed through the open doorway for him to hear. As you stood facing with your back away from the door two strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist and Harry buried his face in the crook of your neck. 

“I just want to go lay down with you,” he mumbled and your dried off your hands and lead him up to your bedroom. He began to undress as soon as he walked in and you watched from your side as he took his shirt off. Parts of his back had fading bruises that were a sickly yellow and it made your heart ache to know he had gotten hurt. 

You walked up behind him and he stilled his movements; your hands gently moved up to touch the bruises. His body jerked when you touched a large one that was still black and blue. You lightly pressed your lips to it and all the other ones that decorated his back. 

“I hate to see you hurt,” you told him and he turned to face you. He took your face in his hands and moved it so that you could only look at his face. 

“This is what I do and they are part of who I am. I know you hate to see them on me but I’m okay.” You nodded and laced your fingers throughout his hair, tugging his face down so you could kiss him. 

The kiss started out as gentle and soft, you closed your eyes in bliss and he rubbed circles into your back. He picked you up and moved you to the bed so that you were lying down and he was on top of you. 

He lifted up your shirt and played with the hem of your pajama shorts. You took his hands and with them you pulled the silk shorts off, leaving you only in your bra and matching panties. 

He broke away from the kiss and took his shorts before reconnecting your lips in a more rough kiss. He ran his hands over your chest, lingering at your breasts before moving lower. 

He broke away again and looked at you intensely, lust and love mixing in his green eyes. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked you, his voice deeper and huskier.

“Yes, I love you.” You told him and he smiled down at you before kissing you softly. His hands reached behind your back and unclasped your bra, the next item to go was your panties leaving you fully naked in front of him. 

Under his intense stare you grew flushed and giggled uncomfortably as he didn’t make another move, but just stared down at you face and body with a loving expression. 

“You’re beautiful,” he told you and he took off his boxers. “Are you on the pill?” You nodded at him and leaned up for him to kiss you. He gave you another reassuring kiss before positioning himself with your entrance. 

He pushed in slowly, kissing you just as slow to help take your mind off the pain filling you. 

When you murmured an okay he began to roll his hips along yours. It was smooth and slow, perfect really. 

The pace picked up slightly and each thrust matched the tempo of your breathing as you held him close. Your lips ghosted across his chest and jaw. 

It wasn’t rough, fast, or dirty. It was a moment filled with love and tender touches. This was the side of Harry you adored. Your strong boxer was sweet and tender with you and you couldn’t more head over heels.

When you finally did reach your release it was with whimpers of each others names and soft shallow moans. 

Loud breathing could be heard throughout the room and he pulled himself out of you and pulled you into his side. You cuddled onto his sweaty chest and kissed on of his tattoos as he moved your damp hair out of you face. 

“I don’t see myself anywhere else but here with you,” he said to you in a whisper. You laughed and closed your eyes. 

“I don’t want to be anywhere else than here with you. Would it be cheesy to say you complete me?” It was his turn to laugh and the joyous sound alone filled the room to the brim. 

“No because you complete me.”

“We must be soul mates then,” you told him, your voice drifting off as sleep held you in its hands. 

“We most definitely are baby, get some rest. I love you,” a kiss placed on the top of your head was the last you felt as you snuggled deeper into your love and feel asleep.

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Love, Lust, and Little Angels Pt 2

Pairing: Castiel/reader

Summary: Cas hadn’t talked to you for almost two weeks, you start to get worried

Part: 2 

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Warnings: smut (do i really have to warn you at this point?)

A/N: Soooo part 2 of L3A is looking a little not so shabby. hopefully i’m not jinxing the story

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The smell of grease and processed meat was strongly evident in Trev’s Diner. Dean had insisted that you three eat there after hunting down an extremely annoying demon, and you, being none the wiser, agreed. As soon as you walked into the place, you regretted your decision. Not trusting their food one bit, you only ordered a milkshake. Apparently Dean could see the apprehension on your face because he set his burger down with a roll of his eyes.

“Come on, (Y/N), this place really isn’t so bad! Jeez, you’re almost like Sam,” he laughed.

Sam glared at his brother halfheartedly, “Well, see, I actually want to live to be at least fifty.”

Dean pointed a greasy finger at him, “You’re a hunter. Living to be fifty is as rare as seeing the face of god.”

Sam squinted his eyes, “What about Bobby? How old was he?”

 Dean just glared at Sam before picking up his burger once more. Seemed like he’d never get over the death of his honorary father, and you didn’t blame him. Bobby was fucking awesome, and he did anything he could to help the people he cared about. You were over the mourning, not being the type of person to let these things haunt you, so you just picked up your milkshake and took a long sip before gently setting the glass back down.

“I actually agree with Sam, and being hunter means you should probably eat better anyway,” you added. Normally you’d be on Dean’s side, but the thought of eating whatever food they had at this place just made you nauseous. You could barely stand to watch Dean scarf down his burger.

“I’m eating healthy,” he said defensively, “this burger has all the main food groups.”

“Doesn’t mean anything if it’s drenched in grease,” you retorted with a laugh.

 The three of you ate your lunch, with bantering and similar remarks thrown around for a good half an hour before finishing up and heading back to the bunker. Feeling pretty tired, you went straight to your room for a nap, sighing as soon as your head hit the pillow.

 You stared up at the ceiling for a while, letting your thoughts wander to your angel. When you had woken up the morning after, he was already gone. You knew that he had his grace back, and that he didn’t require sleep anymore, but you couldn’t help but feel bummed out at the fact that he hadn’t come back in almost two weeks. You knew that he had other stuff going on in heaven and everything, but that didn’t mean he had to leave so soon, he could have at least said goodbye. Maybe it was part of your dream, but you could have sworn that he fell asleep right beside you that night, arms encircling you and pulling you to his chest like he used to do after sex, when he was human. Maybe after the lust spell had worn completely off he left because he regretted it. He was an angel again, after all. It could have affected his mentality. You groaned, not wanting to think that was the case. You wouldn’t be heartbroken if it was, you knew he loved you and you knew that you didn’t have to worry about him not loving you. What you were worried about was the fact that if sex repelled him as an angel, then you’d have to live the rest of your life without sex, which wasn’t undoable, it was just extremely tedious because, well, the man could fuck, and he could do it well.

You were knocked out of your thoughts when a gruff voice stated, “I don’t regret it, (Y/N).” You turned to your other side to see Castiel sitting at the edge of your bed, eyes on his hands. You were too used to him popping up out of nowhere to be surprised. 

You looked him up and down warily before replying. “Then why’d you leave that morning?” You questioned softly.

 He sighed and turned to meet your eyes. “I was.. worried,” he started. “That was the first time we got intimate since I got my grace back. After falling asleep and clearing my head, I had to ask myself whether the spell was the only thing driving you to have sex with me, and I had somehow convinced myself that it was true. So I fled,” he continued in a rehearsed manner.

You sighed and crawled toward him, sitting in his lap before looking up at him. “I love you, you know that, don’t you?” He stared down at you, a weak smile gracing his lips. 

Brushing his thumb across your cheek, he replied intently, “Of course I do.”

“Then you know that I trust you. Spell or not, that night was… amazing,” you marveled, trailing your fingertips down his neck.

 He responded by humming contently and staring lovingly into your eyes. “I’m sure we could outdo last time if we really tried,” he implied with a grin.

The thought was tempting, but you desired something different at the moment, “You know, tonight I actually want to take it slow,” you replied, biting your lip with a smile. You had felt just a tad unwanted the last couple of weeks, and taking it slow would remind you just how much he loved you. For a brief moment, you considered getting a condom, but the thought quickly passed your mind. You figured since he was an angel, he of all people would know how to prevent the creation of a nephilim. He can heal people of almost all their wounds. Why would a baby be any different?

 “Anything for you,” his reply came instantly. He pressed slow, loving kisses down your neck, lips trailing your skin softly. You hummed, leaning to expose your neck for his disposal. His hand sneaks underneath your shirt and his thumb circles your clothed breast. Your breath hitched and Cas let out a small chuckle. He started massaging your breast through your bra as his lips made their way to yours and captured them in a sweet, slow kiss. Your hand grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him closer as you sat up in his lap, turning your body around to straddle him. With your other hand, you gently pushed his shoulder and he took the cue to lay back on your bed, pulling your upper body down with him. 

You started kissing down his neck, unbuttoning his blazer before dragging it off along with his trench coat. Then you started on his white button down shirt, kissing each inch of his skin as it was exposed. You always loved the feel of his muscles underneath your lips, your tongue always darting out at each curve before latching your lips onto his skin once more. What you loved even more was just the sight of the light trail of black hair, leading all the way beneath his pants. Your kisses always became sloppier and more erratic when you reached it, your thumbs hooked underneath his pants as you placed wet kisses across his lower stomach.

 “(Y/N),” Castiel groaned, running his fingers through your hair. You could already feel the bulge forming underneath you as you sat back up, rocking your hips down slowly onto it. Cas gripped the sheets as he looked up at you through lidded eyes, his hips rocking up to rub his clothed cock against you. Your fingers trailed down his abdomen, fidgeting with his belt before unbuckling it and pulling it through the loops. You dropped the belt on the floor and proceeded to pull off your shirt along with your bra. Leaning down, you captured Castiel’s lips in your own as his arms snaked around your waist. In one quick movement, he flipped the both of you over so that you were underneath him. His hands caressed your breasts as the kiss turned heated. 

You moaned into the kiss, gripping his upper arms with both of your hands. His lips left yours, opting instead to make a path down your neck, tongue darting out to lick your skin occasionally before he reached your nipple and took it into his mouth, slightly sucking on it as he circled around it with his tongue. Your back arched just slightly off the bed as you softly moaned out his name, moving a hand to tangle in his hair. His hand kneaded your other breast, brushing his thumb across your nipple.  He placed sweet kisses down your chest and all the way to your stomach, his fingers working to unbutton your pants. He pulled them off slowly before hastily throwing them to the side. Hovering over you, he brings his lips down for a long kiss, his hand reaching down between your bodies, fingers tracing the outline of your panties. He broke the kiss and stared lovingly into your eyes, cupping your cheek with his free hand.

“I love you,” he says in his gruff voice. “So much. My grace..its power flares when I’m with you.”

 “Cas..” you run your fingertips down his chest, the need for him consuming you. “I want you, Castiel,” you sigh, knowing how the use of his full name affected him. He bit his lip before getting up and kicking off his pants along with his boxers. You licked your lips at the sight of his erection, the bead of precum dripping down the head. He gave his member a few strokes before sauntering toward the end of your bed and tugging down your underwear. He left hasty kisses up your leg from your ankle before attaching his lips to your slit, tongue finding interest in your clitorus. You closed your eyes and moaned, resisting the urge to buck up your hips. He rubbed circles on your inner thighs with his thumbs while he ate you out. Cas licked a broad stripe up your slit before leaning back and surveying his work. 

“You look so beautiful like this…ready and wanting. It’s becoming of you,” he ran a hand up your leg. You just sucked on your bottom lip and stared at him with lidded eyes. Grabbing his cock with his right hand, Castiel pumped it a few times before lining it up with your entrance. Slowly he pushed in, eyes shut and mouth hung open as he filled you to the hilt. He stayed there for a moment or so before slowly pulling all the way out and ramming back in. He kept that pace, ramming into you before slowly pulling out again. A small gasp left your lips with each thrust.

“You always feel…so good,” he moaned out his grip on your hips likely to leave sweet bruises in the morning. With each slow retraction, you could practically feel his muscles resisting the urge to fuck you relentlessly. While the fact that he heeded to your wish to go slow was endearing, you didn’t want your angel to hold back if that wasn’t what he needed.

“Cas,” you breathe out, “faster.”

 It was one simple word, but it was enough to have his restrained demeanor break down. He had your legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into you, low groans and growls passing through his lips. You relished in the steady sound of skin smacking against skin as your legs tightened around his waist. With this new angle, his cock started hitting that sweet spot deep inside your core as you moaned out his name.

“(Y/N),” he groaned, “I’m so close..” You stared up at Cas with hooded eyelids.

 “My angel,” you whispered, your breath too short for coherent words. You knew you were almost there as well, the knot inside you tightening with each passing moment. A couple more thrusts and Cas came, his cock pulsating inside of you as his seed filled you up. You came soon after, crying out and arching your back up even more than it already was.

 After a moment, you let your hips fall back to the bed, Castiel already grabbing the sheet that was at the foot of the bed and dragging it up to cover you. He got in beside you and pulled you to his chest, placing a chaste kiss atop your head. “My human,” he whispered, arms tightening around you. “I’ll keep you safe. Always.” You were already exhausted by that point, too tired to process his last words. Instead you smiled and mumbled out an “I love you,” before letting sleep take over.


You awoke to the smell of pancakes, drifting into your room from the kitchen of the bunker. You took a long breath, inhaling the scent, before turning over in your bed to the angel beside you. His crystal blue eyes had a twinkle of light in them as he smiled at you.

“Goodmorning,” his voice sounded gruff, but then again when doesn’t it? You smiled and traced the edge of his jaw with your finger. You leaned up to capture his lips in a quick kiss.

“‘Morning,” you mumbled, pressing your body closer to his. “You stayed.” He stared down at you, perplexed.

 “Of course I stayed. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

You chuckle and duck your head into the crook of his neck, “I always want that.”

 “Then I’ll always stay,” he replied.

 “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you  joked with a hint of a warning tone. Castiel leaned away, causing you to look up at him.

 “I intend to stay by your side as long as I am able. I want to - no, I need to protect you. You’re my human, and I would do everything in my power to protect this family.”

Your mouth opened, words meaning to come out but never did. You never knew how to respond to romantic crap, not that you didn’t like it, you just weren’t a romantic yourself. You were confused at first as to what he meant by ‘this family’, but you figured he just meant you, Sam, and Dean, which actually made a lot of sense after you thought about it. The first response you thought to say was ‘thank you’, but you thought it better to just remain silent and pull him into a deep kiss, revealing your emotions through actions instead of words. The kiss turned heated, Cas’s hands grabbing at your body in the same needy way that you fell in love with. You decided to flip the two of you over so that you were on top of him. You started to lean down to kiss him, but something started stirring in your stomach.

“(Y/N)?” Cas inquired, noticing the look on your face. He was about to reach up to you when you jumped off of him and hightailed it to the bathroom where you puked your guts out (at least that’s how it felt for you). Castiel appeared right behind you, awkwardly rubbing circles into your back as you emptied your stomach. When you seemed you were done, you spit and turned your head to the side.

“I fucking knew something was off about the food at Trev’s Diner,” you hissed, inwardly cursing Dean. You got up and looked over at Castiel, intending to tell him that there was nothing to worry about, but the sight of him stopped you. He was staring straight at your stomach, not with surprise, but with inner conflict clouding his features. He looked like he was hiding something.

“Cas?” you start warily. His eyes snap up to you, full of worry. You could tell that he desperately wanted to tell you something, you just had no clue what it could be. You called his name again, hooking your finger under his chin. He gulped, looking at the floor before meeting your eyes once more.

“It wasn’t the food, (Y/N).”

Broken Panties- A Jack Johnson Imagine (Requested)


“Mmm Jack right there.” I moaned out, grabbing Jacks hair as he kissed down my bare chest.

I could feel his fingers rubbing over the fabric of my underwear, he rubbed faster as he kissed lower on my stomach.

Finally, he was between my thighs. I could feel his warm breath against my area, the only thing separating his tongue from me was my underwear.

Without warning and with his teeth, Jack ripped off my underwear. I could hear the tearing of the fabric, but in the moment I didn’t care.

I arched my back as Jack went down on me, his tongue making figure eights and whatever other shapes against my area. My fingers tugged harder on his blonde locks.

“Holy shit.” I moaned as he got more into it.

As I reached my peak, Jack took notice and stopped. He raised his head from between my thighs, wipes his mouth and smirked. “I wanna be inside of you when you come.”

I shook my head as Jack slid down his boxers. I licked my lips at just how hard he was, I needed him inside of me now.

Jack positioned himself over me, kissing me hard before entering.

“Fuck.” We both moaned upon feeling the pleasure.

To maximize the pleasure Jack lifted my right leg above his shoulder. Everything I was feeling was intensified as Jack thrusted in and out.

Every now and then he would whisper in my ear how sexy I was and how much he loved me. The rush of emotions and feelings I was having made it impossible for me to speak. To let Jack know that I liked what I was feeling I dug my nails into his back. The scratches and claw marks on his back would probably be noticeable in a matter of minutes.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m not gonna last another minute.” Jack groaned. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead, and he was already starting to contort his face.

“Me either, Jack.” I moaned out as I began to feel my body tremble.

I felt Jack twitch within me, signaling that he was about to come. I felt his liquids fill me as I clenched around him.

Jack pulled out, and laid next to me, both of us out of breath and sweating. Tired from our endeavor the two of us fell into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed, I assumed Jack had already went downstairs to the kitchen.

I slipped on one of Jacks t-shirts which fell to just past my butt. As I got ready to head downstairs I noticed my underwear from last night on the floor. I picked it up, totally forgetting how Jack ripped it apart with his bare teeth and of course this was one of my more expensive pairs of underwear.

I slammed our bedroom door and headed for the kitchen.

“Jack. You do realize how expensive those were?!” I bellowed as I went down the staircase.

“I can’t believe you would just do that without even asking me. Like what if I didn’t want them to be –” I paused as I entered the kitchen, which wasn’t only occupied by Jack, but Gilinsky, Sam, and Nate. I quickly tossed the broken panties in the garbage before the guys could get a look at them.

Each of the guys looked confused as they checked out my entire, except for Jack who was standing behind each of them, blushing.

“What are you so worked up about?” Nate asked sipping on his coffee.

I glared at Jack. “Someone broke my panties last night.” I said as I grabbed an apple from the counter.

Each of the guys turned and looked at Jack.

“Nice work Johnson!” Gilinsky cheered as the guys looked marveled that Jack had that in him.

“Y/N go get dressed, we’ll go to the mall and I’ll get you some new ones.” He told me.

I smiled. “Okay that makes up for it.”

I turned to leave the kitchen to get ready as I heard Sam whisper audibly. “Damnnn.”

I quickly turn around to Sam gazing at my body. Jack quickly punched his arm. “Dude, can you ever go a day without checking out my girlfriend?”

“Nah man, you’re so lucky. Y/N is hot, personally I’d like to be the one to rip her panties in half one day.” Sam said still staring at me,

“Okay, not happening ever Sam.” I laughed.

“A guy can dream.” Sam responded.

“No you can’t.” Jack said shaking his head as he glared at me to leave the room before Sam got a hard on.

I quickly left the room and made a mental note to buy cheaper lingerie, because actually Jack ripping off my underwear with his bare teeth was extremely sexy.