broke my heart tbh

Highlights of Regarding Dean
  • Dean and the bunny (#GiveDeanWinchesterABunny2K17)
  • “And B, I can still kick your ass” (always love brothers being brothers)
  • Jensen’s acting
  • Dean not remembering what key is the Impala’s one (tbh it broke my heart a little a lot)
  • Dean naming all the things in the room to prove that he’s alright
  • “This is a…light stick”
  • Dean trying to read lips
  • “I know how to shoot a gun?!”
  • “We kinda sound like heroes to me.”
  • (just think a little about the implication of this sentence and you’ll cry)
  • Dean commenting on Rowena’s hair
  • Basically Dean being so damn adorable
  • Sam putting notes on EVERYTHING
  • Mr. Ackles’s acting
  • Jared’s acting too (because everything this man can say with his eyes wow)
  • Sam caring and worrying so much
  • The BM scene in the bathroom
  • Sam almost crying because he can’t bear to see his brother losing everything he is
  • The mirror scene
  • The mirror scene
  • The mirror scene
  • Dean calling Sam’s name because he hears him being hurt even though he has forgotten his own name  
  • The notes “OPEN ME” and “NO!” on the grenade launcher and “THIS GUN!”
  • Dean holding the “witch killing bullets” note with one hand and his gun with the other (if you pause at this moment he’s so freaking sexy)
  • Sam pointing to himself and saying “brother” and then to the witch and saying “witch”
  • Jared’s acting 
  • “It was us, it was we do, you know; all of it.”
  • Jensen Ross Ackles

That, right there, was my good old Supernatural. 

I know that there’s been a lot of talk on here about whether or not we should be applauding power rangers for the representation of the yellow power ranger because of the delivery of the line in which she comes out. Like I get that it could be seen as a throwaway or not her actually saying she’s not straight


It resonated with me? Like I have a safe home to be bi in, but I know so many who don’t. And there’s people I’ve been scared to come out to. And the way she’s sat there, not saying much, but saying everything in the silences just spoke to me. The way she kept saying how her family was normal just wanted her to be normal broke my heart tbh.

I know that the bare minimum of representation isn’t enough, but they’ve set it up to be more, they’ve set up the potential to see this character grow into herself as a woman, as a power ranger, and as a member of the queer community. And I’m excited and hopeful.

Don’t do that. Don’t stop appreciating her. You thought that it was the thought that counted? You thought that it was enough that deep down you know you love her? Well, it’s not. Words are meaningless without execution. She is not some prize you fight hard to win then leave on the top shelf, always expecting her to be there. Her love is not conditional, her love is not your right, it is not yours to keep with greedy hands and selfish eyes. Wake up and start fighting for her, or she’ll find someone who ultimately will.
—  To The Men Who Take Their Girlfriends For Granted // Excerpt #62

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The Song Of Achilles, by Madeline Miller. You will cry, you will smile, you’ll cry again, you’ll smile sadly, then you’ll bawl like a baby. Honestly this book is amazing, it’s beautifully written, and it has two incredibly rare things; canonically LGBT main characters and a centaur. READ IT.

The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood. Hahaha imagine a dystopian world where women were seen simply as vessels for babies…wouldn’t that be horrible….sure glad that hasn’t happened…..

The Gospel Of Loki, by Joanne Harris. It’s Loki’s autobiography of how he destroyed the world and was a cheeky handsome little shit. Need I say any more?

Romeo And Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Honestly I’m usually not one to read plays but I loved this. Mercutio is the best minor character ever, and it’s genuinely so beautiful to read (even if you’re not into love stories).

Prince Of Shadows, by Rachel Caine. It follows the same storyline as Romeo and Juliet but it’s from Benvolio’s point of view and it’s so good omg. Also Mercutio is the best minor character ever (did I already mention that?).

Blind Beauty, by KM Peyton. Okay so you know that one girl in your class who was always obsessed with horses? That’s me. I got this book when I was 9 and I still love it 7 years later. Even if you’re not a horse person, you’ll love this book. The main character is a strong independent badass girl who wants to be a jockey, her step dad’s evil, her horse is practically a donkey, and it’s so good. I cried.

Born To Run, by Michael Morpurgo. Technically a kid’s book, I read it when I was 6 and I never forgave any of the people who let me read it because it broke my heart. I still love it tbh.

Not Bad For A Bad Lad, by Michael Morpurgo. Okay it’s another kid’s book, and it’s just a short story, but like I said I was the horse girl and it was my favourite when I was little.

A Tyranny Of Petticoats, by Jessica Spotswood. Do you like short stories? Do you like historical fiction? Do you like badass female leads? Do you like diverse characters? READ THIS BOOK NOW


blue Danse

( I stood on the platform, the emitter’s blue light flickered around us. Danse stopped to pace and came closer put one foot on the rim of the platform and looked at me. “ I can not take you with me.” I wishpered to him hoping the other two hear nothing of my words. That hardly noticable smile what crushed my heart. The thought hit me hard, I might not gonna see him and that smile again. Ever!) 

(pls do not laugh, I never been a writer it was a dream, it felt I loose him forever. I did not know how this mission end and I had to put it to words. At least I tried)

I remember getting unbelievably sad,

because when I look at her, she always looks back confused and asks me “what”? I’m just looking at her because I think she’s beautiful and I’m appreciating that. She told me she’s never experienced that before, whenever people would look at her it was always because something was wrong. No one has been able to appreciate her the way she deserves. Then I remember smiling, because I’m going to be the one who gets the chance to.  

Katsuki Yuuri



I’d been waiting for him to break down and let out all the negative feelings he’d been keeping… and I honestly loved it when it happened.

I’ve never seen a character development this beautiful. And it’s all because of Viktor.