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“I was a drug addict, I was a broke musician, and I had some fucking issues. I got married, I did some fucking soul searching, and now I’m back to take over the world with my fucking brothers.”

Rock Stars and Love

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Pairing: Rockstar!Deanxgirlfriend!reader
Word count: 1,273
Request: @casdeanqveen I’d love any type of fic that involves Dean as a rockstar!! I love all your fics and if you don’t want to do it, don’t worry ❤️
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Dean groaned, rolling over. He was surprised when the other side of his bed was empty. Where the hell were you? Furrowing his brows, he sat up. He could tell that you hadn’t even been to bed last night. Then again, he could barely remember most of last night. Yawning, he pushed the blankets off him and got out of bed. “Babe?” He called, scratching the back of his neck.

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Kuroo’s a broke musician who spend all his money on a plane ticket to L.A. and just barely gets by on tips he gets from the streets and gigs he gets from playing his guitar in bars desperate enough for entertainment they’ll pay a nobody as long as they sound decent. 

Bokuto’s a rich and spoiled kid because his father owns a major record company in Hollywood. His mother passed at a young age and his father drowns himself in his work. A lot of the people that come into his life are only there to take advantage of his father’s status and/or money. 

They meet at a bar. Kuroo is playing a gig there, but Bokuto doesn’t take much notice because of the rowdy group of people he brought in with him. Bokuto is constantly guilt tripped into buying rounds for his “friends” until eventually he’s had enough and slips through the back door into the alleyway where he locks eyes with Kuroo smoking a cigarette.

Bo stands next to Kuroo, putting his back against the brick wall of the building and they stand there in silence. The only sound that can be heard is the faint thumps of bass from the music they turned on after Kuroo was done performing, being blasted from the speakers inside, and the quiet exhale of smoke from Kuroo.

Kuroo breaks the silence between them, offering him a drag from his cigarette. Bokuto accepts the offer and they have a little small talk. Kuroo is clearly drunk while Bo is only feeling a little buzz. Once the cigarette is done and stomped into the pavement, Kuroo boldly asks Bokuto if he wanted to fuck. Bokuto just shrugs his shoulders and says sure.

They get a cheap motel room for the night, and afterwards they share another cigarette and start having a deep conversation. Kuroo talks about how his dream is not turning into a reality like he thought it would, and Bo talks about how his “friends” just mooch off him and how lonely he feels despite how many people are in his life. They both drift asleep at some point and when Bokuto wakes up Kuroo is already gone.

They continue meeting in bars and on the streets, and having one night stands in motel rooms. They both benefit in feeling needed by one another even though it’s brief, then being able to talk about whatever is on their minds and not receiving any judgement for it, but that’s pretty much the extent of their relationship.

Feeling brave one night, Bokuto offers to take Kuroo back to his place for the night. Kuroo isn’t too sure at first, but eventually agrees. Bokuto allows Kuroo use the shower first, then when it’s Bo’s turn to shower, Kuroo looks around the house at old pictures and around in Bokuto’s room. Bo comes back, they have sex, and share their cigarette. Before drifting off to sleep, Bokuto begs Kuroo not to leave him this time as he wraps his arms around Kuroo tightly. For the first time since they’ve started doing this, Kuroo stayed until morning and waited for Bokuto to wake up.

They share a lazy morning together just cuddling and talking until Bokuto offers to get Kuroo into his father’s record company to record a few of his songs. Kuroo reluctantly declines, insisting that he doesn’t want to take advantage of Bokuto like that, like everyone else does, but Bo insists that Kuroo is different. It takes a bit for Bokuto to convince him otherwise, but when Kuroo finally agrees, he tells Bokuto he’ll pay him back for the motel rooms and cigarettes he mooched when his album is a big hit.

Greg is so important in Steven Universe

When Steven was a baby, we know Greg was the one to raise him. Greg, not Pearl, not Amethyst, not even Garnet, was the one to truly understand how Steven needed car rides and toys and love.

And then Steven grew older. Now he was being trained by the Crystal Gems, now he was no longer just Steven, but Rose’s gem. He wasn’t Greg’s little baby boy any more.

Steven started to look up to the Crystal Gems. Why would you idolize a broke musician with a car wash when you lived with goddess-like alien women? Why look up to someone with tan lines and bald spots when these beautiful masterpieces could punch through brick walls?

Greg was no longer Steven’s favorite. He started seeing his son less and less as Steven started joining the Gems on adventures. He knew it’d happen someday, he just didn’t know it’d feel so fast. His kid didn’t even grow a single facial hair by the time he was kidnapped by Homeworld, for heavens sake.

Greg loves Steven so much because Steven is one of the only good things about Greg’s life. Steven is equal parts the beautiful woman Greg fell in love with, and a small picture of Greg himself, full of wonder and laughs, not the gruff personalities he sees so often. He sees teens only slightly older than Steven go to work, party without thinking about meaning, live without wonder. While the Cool Kids really do enjoy these things, Greg has never seen it. To Greg, every single person in Beach City is another one of him. Mr. Smiley had a R&B career. Petey is Steven’s age working a full time job. Everyone Greg sees is a sad shell of a human except for one: Steven.

Where the others are hopeless, Steven never gives up. Where the others pass by small things, Steven writes songs about them. Where others get upset when they’re hurt and say things they don’t mean, Steven made Peridot the Earth Destroyer a friend.

Greg loves Steven with all his heart, and to see him fade out of his life made him panic. The Broken Leg incident was him only trying to spend time with his son.

Greg wants Steven to grow up better than he was. He doesn’t ever want Steven to become monotonous and boring, he wants him to live, even if he does also have Gem duties.

So it makes complete sense that he would spend just about every cent of money he has to make sure Steven has everything he wants. Despite being broke, Steven lives in a huge house with tasty snacks and interesting things to play with. Greg was the one who paid for the repairs for every time the screen doors and windows broke. Greg paid for Steven’s entire Camp Pining Hearts set. Greg bought Steven anything the kid wanted even if it meant Greg himself would have to live in the back of a car and not get medical help when he needs it.

So when he gets ten million dollars, he absolutely still doesn’t want to ruin what he has with Steven. He buys Steven a car so he’ll have something to drive when he gets his license. He buys Steven suits and hotel rooms and fancy food, for no reason other than to see his beautiful son say, “Wow, thanks, dad.”

Prompt #35

“I’m a broke ass musician who plays in the subway station and you drop a couple of dollar in my instrument case whenever you walk by. You’re very cute and i always wink at you because i just want to acknowledge you somehow. One day you show up with two burgers and asks if i wanna eat with you because ‘you didn’t have any change tonight’” AU

calum blurb VERY loosely based on safety pin

it all starts when you tell your parents that you don’t want to follow the career path they chose for you and that you don’t want to go to a colloge near your hometown because the world is too big to get stuck in a small town where nothing ever happens. your parents do not take your decisions very well, and, kick you out (it’s “their roof, their rules” - at least that’s what they tell you. you didn’t know that a house could double as a leash on your ambitions, but they did, apparently). long story short, you are homeless and in desperate need of a plane ticket to new york city, where your cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s step-brother is going to give you a home and a couch to sleep on for sixty dollars a month (it’s sixty dollars because five other people live in that same flat, out of which two are broke musicians, one is a broke artist, and the other two are broke poets). you work double shifts at your local mcdonald’s, and sleep at a motel for twenty-five dollars a week, and finally, you get your fucking ticket. you’re lucky it’s one-way, because there’s no way in hell you could have afforded a second one. you get picked up from the airport by luke, your cousin’s best friend’s whatever. on the subway, you learn all about the house arrangements. there’s only one other girl in the bunch, and she’s dating one of the guys: ashton. the presence of a couple also requires a very unlikely rule: “if you hear them banging, record it. if you have proof, they have to put a dollar in the snack jar.” you laugh, because only broke people would have a snack jar filled with sex money. fast forward a few months later, and you’re basically a pro at this city thing. you go to college in the morning, work the afternoon, and then use your boobs to get beers and maybe to get some in the night. your roommates are impressed with your flirting skills, and you put more sex money into the snack jar than bryana and ashton. oh well. luke’s always complaining about pretending to be your brother to get your one night stands to leave. he had to punch some guy (jamie? you’re not sure) the other day, and you fake-cried. it was fun. you were the missing piece of their puzzle. the broke photographer.

you’re having lots of fun, because that’s what a group of fuck-ups is the best at. when you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to fear.

until you do. you have something to lose. you have calum. he came into your life so slowly and quietly that you didn’t even know it was happening until it did. sure, he had been flirty ever since you two first met, but you figured it was just how he was. apparently not. you’re dating, and your dates are probably the best things you’ve ever seen. he is a poet, after all, so he’s pretty romantic. romantic enough to prepare a candle-lit dinner on the tiny balcony, or to sprinkle rose petals on the couch you sleep on the first time you’re going to have sex. you cuddle and you kiss and he comes to your school to pick you up for a walk in the park after after your classes are over.

because after all, maybe two wrongs can make a right.

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im in love with all of you. Open marriage?

Ok but only if we get to be there when you tell your parents you’re marrying not 1, but 5 insecure, broke, homeless musicians lol rip


Imagine Dragons Look Back On Their Humble Beginnings

This new episode of From The Road takes an extensive look at Imagine Dragons - their journey from broke Las Vegas musicians to international rock stars. For the first time, the band and their production team speak candidly about the band’s rise to fame from playing covers in casinos to selling out stadiums across the world.

Over the past three years, Imagine Dragons have risen out of their local Las Vegas music scene to become one of the biggest bands in rock. In a new episode of From the Road, we catch up with the quartet in Hong Kong to talk about their roots, reflect on their meteoric rise, and dissect the relentless tour schedule that earned them the title of one of the most active live bands in the world. We also take a look behind the scenes of the band’s Smoke + Mirrors Tour, which finds them playing to stadium-sized crowds and seriously upping their stage production game.

  • taylor swift: i have the money to support myself so this isn't about me, this is about broke, struggling musicians that rely on streaming services to pay them because otherwise they arent making any money off their work
  • y'all: lmfao @taylorswift why are you so greedy?? why do you hate poor people??