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No, I don’t care how many times he apologized or how many nights you spent crying over him. You can never go back to him, you can’t let him play you ever again. I know he’s been your best friend for years and that once upon a time he told you he loved you, but HE left you. He decided he didn’t want you, so now you have to move on and know that you are worthy. He’s going to regret leaving and he’ll come right back, but no you can never go back to him.
—  Letters to myself @iloveyouforeverandmore
It’s been seventy-six days since I last saw you. 
Seventy-six days since you planted your lips on hers right outside of the coffee shop where we met, and you went in together and suddenly I no longer craved my usual coffee.
I’ve told myself every day since then that I’m over you, but I still count the days and I still hug my pillow at night, pretending it’s you I’m embracing, and I still avoid that coffee shop in fear of seeing you there with her.
Seventy-six days have passed and my heart still cries out for you, and my mind still plays with me by promising me that one day you’ll come back. Will that be before or after I’m completely destroyed by my love for you?
I wonder every day if she loves you the way I did, if she kisses you the way I did, if she gives you what I didn’t. You do not want me anymore, I know that. You don’t want my dull brown eyes, or my lame jokes, or my kisses, or my cuddles anymore. You grew tired of me. Because you were extravagant, and I was temporary.
It’s been seventy-six days, and I have written you seventy-six letters that I never sent, because you found someone new, and I don’t want to ruin things for you anymore.
Seventy-six is my limit. I’ll stop pining after you now, I’ll stop missing you, but it won’t be easy. I was in love with you, and a part of me still is, and a part of me will always be, but love means making someone happy and not destroying it, so I’ll finally let go of you. I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #106
If I could, I would write him a letter. I’d write to him something that would let me tell him how sorry I am for what I did to him, but mostly for what I did to us. I’d tell him that there was never a moment when he wasn’t enough for me, and that he shouldn’t ever let himself think so. I’d tell him that he never failed me, and that instead I failed him. Over and over again. I’d tell him that he shouldn’t have been charged with the weight of two people when he was already so much in one person, and that I truly wouldn’t mind if there were times when he just genuinely hated me. I’d have hated me too. As a matter fact, I really do hate the person I was. I hate how little control I had over myself. I hate how little control I have over myself, right now in this moment and at this time. I hate that I lost him, and I’d tell him that I’ve hated every single day since the moment when I realized that he and I would never be the same ever again. Because I lost something that meant more to me than I’ve been aware of. And even though we can sit beside each other without being as awkward as we used to be, I miss knowing the things that went on in his head. I miss knowing him. But maybe I needed this, you know? Maybe I needed to face all of this so that I could come out a new person. Maybe there will come a day in the future when I can be the person that he makes me want to be. And maybe that’ll be with him. But still…maybe not.
—  🖤

“To the one who thought that oblivion would bring me peace of mind,

The moment our eyes met, I knew that you too retained your memories. Hence, in this life, we’ll have to live in each of our happy endings, and ignore this tradegy. I pray that in our next life the wait will be short and the meeting shall be long… That we won’t need an excuse to see each other… Entitled with our own dearest names, so we could greet each other when we accidentally run into each other. With our love always being the solution, I pray that we can meet like that. I’m just happy that I saw your face.

Please live a long and happy life.

tvN Goblin  – Episode 15

You don’t deserve me.

23 June, 2017

You don’t deserve my love.
You don’t deserve my heartache.
You don’t deserve my tears.
You don’t deserve my time.
You don’t deserve my my happiness.
You don’t deserve my loyalty.
You don’t deserve my caring.
You don’t deserve my friendship.
You don’t deserve my reassurance.
You don’t deserve the whole of me.
You don’t deserve the broken pieces of me.
You don’t deserve me.

And you don’t deserve hers either.

But you have them all.

My MC’s in GIFs part 2: Max Black Edition

Hey, there! Get to know my MC’s in a series of GIFs because if there’s two things people like the most, it’s: strangers and GIFs.
(P.S. Feel free to tell me about your MC too. *tries to look as friendly as possible*)

Anya from My Forged Wedding:

Rowan from Seduced in the Sleepless City / Sleepless Cinderella Party:

Liev from Be my Princess:

Rohan from Samurai Love Ballad:

Pan (Pandora) from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder:

Juno from Love Letter from Thief X:

Cassandra from Star Crossed Myth: 

Did you guys ever do that thing where you twisted the stem of an apple while saying the alphabet and the letter it broke on was the first letter of the person you were going to marry?

What if Sportacus comes across all the kids twisting their apple stems one day, and is really confused?

Then, they explain it to him and excitedly talk about their letters and who it could be.

Soon after, Sportacus gets an apple shoved at him and it breaks off on R. He gets a couple devious smiles from the kids. He then repeats. R.

Then again. R.

The kids make him continue to do it until they are down to one more apple.

Then suddenly, they drag Sportacus to Robbie’s lair and start pounding on the hatch.

Robbie looks at the apple with disgust, but they tell him he doesn’t have to eat it, only twist off the stem.

He gets an S.

Sportacus rushes the kids out of there so fast, Robbie has barely blinked before they’re gone.

Robbie doesn’t understand why the kids keep giving him and Sportacus weird looks. Or why they keep trying to trap them in rooms together. Or why Sportacus can sometimes be found twisting stems off of apples without realizing.

He just assumes that the sportscandy has officially made everyone else crazy.

Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Review

Oh Boy this chapter…

We start with a cover page of Tower of Heaven. I really like it, I just wish that there was more a visual on the tower.

We open on Jellal who is fighting Acnologia in the air. Okay this Jellal hitting Acnologia I’m okay with. It’s believable that the force of his collision on solely Acnologia’s head while using meteor would actually do a little bit of damage.

But Acnologia shows off why you don’t fuck with Acnologia! Wait, you’re using a breath attack? Huh. Couldn’t you have used that earlier when chasing the pegasus.

Also on Christina, Anna struggles to open the ravines.

We cut to the guild hall where Zeref has turned the gates of Fairy Tail into the gates for Neo eclipse…. HOW! No seriously how? What was the point of the ravines of time? You can apparently just make a portal anywhere!

Oh so you do keep your memories from the previous time, okay. Thank you for not revealing that till now and letting us ponder f you can actually not just relive the same life over.

Cut to Magnolia… Ugh this scene.

So from Natsu’s damage the letters start changing but it’s okay, Lucy can rewrite them.

I hate this scene. I will defend Lucy having some skill in letter magic afterall we saw it in the daybreak arc where she broke the letter magic there. But here’s the thing, this is a fucking ancient magic for life that was crafted by the most powerful wizard in history and Lucy is able to rework it perfectly. There’s a difference between, “hey Lucy’s a writer” and re writing this ancient spell. This would actually make sense if Anna actually did this, after all she knew Zeref and comes from that time period. OR we could get Fairy Tail’s resident letter mage, Levy. The one who specializes in learning ancient language and writing, but nope lets just give it to Lucy.

We cut to the christina.

USELESS! YOU ANNA ARE THE MOST FUCKING USELESS CHARACTER HERE! Like seriously first she introduces the deus ex machina but not only that, she gets locked out of it and it’s not even her power to open it up! God you are waste of time.

With the Ravines Visible, Jellal Using Meteor says he’ll push Acnologia in. Umm okay I said I was okay with meteor being used on Acnologia’s head as it’s an area away from his bulk and can be targeted for damage, but here it looks like he’s going to strike him in his mid section. It took Giant Makarov and Igneel to actually push around Acnologia but now you’re telling me that this guy with only extreme speed is going to do it too?

We cut back to the guild where natsu is alive and well. Big shock.

Cut to Magnolia

Okay this last page. I’ve seen multiple reactions to this chapter and mostly it’s beern, “I was ok but oh man that last page is pretty tense”. And for me the this last page, just screws this chapter over from being average. This is horrible and let me also explain my problem with Lucy in this arc as well as this. This whole final arc Lucy has been nothing but a tool for other character development and none of here own.

Her with Brandish was understandable as it was a way of developing a new villain which is fine, but since then Lucy has been a tool for Natsu’s character. “Lucy be worried about Natsu, Lucy strip for Natsu to keep him alive, Lucy defend Natsu, Lucy pretend be dead so Natsu can go END, Lucy wax on about how Natsu is still Natsu, Lucy sit in this park and save Natsu’s life with rewriting. None of this is about her. People will argue that Lucy is a kind caring person so this all makes sense but Lucy is more than just emotional support.

But none of this about her, this is the last arc, the conclusion for her character. This is suppose to be all about her development but nothing this arc has focused on her development, but all she’s used for is nothing of what makes Lucy the character she was and that development: nothing about her, keys, her spirits, her family, her father, using a magic she doesn’t specialize in, and this is suppose to be her big character moment? Bull crap! I mean say what you want about devil slayer Gray and his whole END subplot, at least it was tied into his character and his development that came before hand, no matter how poorly executed. None of this is about Lucy.

Also here’s the thing, this would kinda be okay if Natsu and Lucy were a couple like Gajeel and Levy or Haru and Elie. While at times they can act as tool for the others development it made sense as that as a couple has been a part of their characters, but no. Lucy and Natsu aren’t a couple, they are their own characters, this isn’t about some arc they share together and right now none of this about Lucy.

So aside from that, it looks like a strange force is affecting Lucy. Now I’ve heard two theories, first is this is the curse of contradiction as Lucy brought Natsu back to life thus breaking Ankherseram’s law. And the other is Lucy’s body has the organic link transferred to her. Both of these again are just so unfair, I mean again Lucy is just becoming this tool for something that doesn’t involve her. “What will her bond take her?” Simple being being screwed over.

Post Chapter follow up: Well that was fast. Okay good stuff first Acnologia is once again proving how badass he is and Jellal is being useful.

Also unlike others, I’m not angry at Natsu being alive. I mean we knew the main character wasn’t going to die. So I’m not mad and I’m glad they didn’t drag it out.

Another good thing, is the pacing of the chapter, it really does handle the multiple threads well.

Cons now and there are a lot of them. First Zeref just being able to open the gates right there, I mean seriously what the hell. Also Anna is USELESS. I still predict she’ll get a pointless sacrifice but my god this woman can’t contribute anything.

That whole Lucy thing. People say Lucy doesn’t deserve this curse or whatever this is and I agree. Lucy doesn’t deserve any of this crap.

This chapter would’ve been average but that last page god…

Final Verdict: 3/10

  • Good Pacing
  • waste of characters
  • what the hell is going on at this point
More Than That (Pt. 4) (End)

[Summary]: Who knew your boyfriend knew Tony Stark in college. At a college alumni party, you meet the Avengers and they immediately take a liking to you, treating you like a “sister-like” figure. Except for one super soldier who likes you “more than that”. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you confide in Steve about it who’s willing to do anything to be more than friends with you.

[Pairing]: Steve x reader (mentions of the team)

[Warning]: a little bit more of intended “sexy time” but it’s towards the end…

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! More Backstreet Boys comin’ your way, peeps! [x] This one literally screamed Steve’s name when I was listening to it, so here’s the result… A short series! There might be a bit of breaking hearts in the beginning of this part and towards the end. Sorry guys! 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3

Originally posted by mightycaptainamerica

You were sitting at your desk, typing away at your computer when the mail deliverer came by and handed you the envelope. You looked at it curiously, not seeing a return address and not recognizing the handwriting on it right away.

“Excuse me,” you quietly asked the man that handed it to you before he walked away. “But who is this from? There’s no address label on it.”

“I don’t know. The lady at the front told me to give it to you. She told me that the guy who handed it to her said to tell you it was from “your hero” and that you would know who it was.” He shrugged and turned around to continue pushing the mail cart down the isle.

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I want you to know that I loved you. I loved you through every emotional part of the roller coaster you have brought into my life. I loved you on the days that you were pleasant and kind and also the days you were unrecognizable to me. I loved you through changing circumstance and the rapid movement of time. I even loved you when you decided that you didn’t love me anymore. I think a part of me still loves you while I sit here in the darkness, face hot with tears and disillusionment. But what I want you to know most is that I still love myself, and I still know what love really is.
—  An Open Letter To The Man Who Broke My Heart, Huffington Post Women, 2014

( ……I guess this whole time, I’m the one who’s being cursed. )

Saizo’s Birthday (22 April): Tenka Opening



Oh it starts with an arrow being shot in Saizo’s direction on the ground. MC said it’s a tradition for birthday person to get arrow letter, and if you are not doing what’s written in the letter you’ll be cursed (WHOT?) Saizo just chillingly [Hmm~] hearing it and MC read out loud what’s on the letter -

[ Kill each other with Saizo-san. ] 

(Who’s the one giving this letter is that Kotarou kkkkk)

Panicking MC deliberately say that the curse can be broke and another arrow letter comes. MC asks what’s written and Saizo being a teaser -

“Let’s kiss right now.”

What’s written originally: [ Well then, how about you go out and hold hands with Mimi? ]

MC being so hesitant and starts to back off little by little when Saizo starts to get closer. She gives up since she does not want Saizo to be cursed (aww~)

(Oh boy…closing her eyes so obediently.)
(Really, aren’t you foolishly honest, little lady?)
(……What should I do..)

Then suddenly the appearance of blushing Yukkin -

“WAITTT! I don’t recall of writing such insolence and misconduct!”

While Sasuke holds him, Saizo brings MC to the roof and saying Yukkin’s in the way. Saizo says to stop fooling around and be fast to still hesitant MC. She asks is he really would be cursed if they are not kissing since she’s really worried. 

Saizo: “Are you really that worried?”
MC: “Obviously!”

Then he asks MC for her hand and kisses hers, leaving MC speechless and said something around “Oh, even this can do too.”

Saizo teases her saying she’s actually imagining other things, leads to MC’s denial and expressing her glad feeling on Saizo’s not being cursed.

Saizo: “Is that so?”

( ……I guess this whole time, I’m the one who’s being cursed. )

Yeah, me too being strucked by love curse xD


Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: Just under 1200

Warnings: Fluff

Notes: This is something I thought up a little while ago after reading a soulmate fic. I hope you guys like it! xox

Soulmates were something you had never believed in until you had met the Winchesters. You’d heard rumours floating around that people had been lucky enough to find their soulmates but you didn’t put much stock into it. It was a fantasy a lot of people dreamed about; finding that one person you were destined to be with, that shared the other half of your soul. You had never believed in it, let alone wanted one. Being a hunter, it was too dangerous to have someone involved in your life like that. Dean and Mary knew that all too well.

When you had met them, you’d noticed what you thought had been tattoos on their ring fingers and questioned them about it. Mary had the letters J.W etched into her skin and had smiled as she had recounted their tale of love and loss. Dean, on the other hand, had the initials J.H and when you asked him about it, all he would tell you is that she was called Jo. He never spoke about her again and you never felt right asking him after that. Sam had filled you in eventually and your heart broke for Dean. The letters had appeared after he’d kissed her, minutes before she died. He finally found her when it was too late. Losing someone you loved was hard enough but losing your other half damaged a person beyond repair. Mary seemed to cope better but you assumed it was because she had died before John had and, from what you had heard about John from Sam and Dean, he had coped with losing her about as well as Dean had with Jo.

Hearing all of this had cemented in your mind that you never wanted to find your other half or anyone. You were happy being a lone wolf. Hunting took up too much of your time to worry about it. That is, until a handsome British man walked in to the bunker one morning…


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