broke his brain

My hubs just showed me a pic of Obama and Trudeau, chilling at a restaurant together.  His exact phrasing was “Look at how casual this hook-up is!”

I broke his brain by telling him that there is RPF Obama/Trudeau slash fic, and telling him he should choose his wording carefully…

I am a terrible person.  And I have zero regrets.

TalesFromRetail: In which a man doesn't understand how gift cards work.

I work at a gas station. Last night a man paid for a little over $20 worth of gas at the pump with a gift card. When he had finished, he came inside the store and absolutely broke my brain.

Man: Hi, I just used this gift card worth $25 out at the pump there and got around $20 of gas. I put the card in and pulled it right back out, so there’s no way it electronically wrote on there that I spent money.

Me: …but you purchased the gas?

Man: Yes, but the card didn’t electronically write that I did, so you need to electronically write that I spent the money.

Me: You couldn’t have gotten gas without issuing payment. The funds were taken out of the gift card’s amount.

Man: But it doesn’t KNOW the funds came out. YOU have to do it with your computer.

Me: The money comes out of a kind of account that was created when the gift card was issued–


Me: Well… I can print you a receipt showing the remaining balance on the card if you don’t believe it was charged. Please swipe here.

I had him swipe his card after bringing up the “Check Balance” menu on my system, and a receipt showing his remaining balance of $4.15 came out. I handed it to him, and he looked smug.

Man: There, like I told you, now you electronically wrote it on the gift card just now, the card was charged.

Me: …no, this is just information. It was already charged, you couldn’t have bought something without paying for it first.

Man: snorts Whatever, I’ll “take your word for it”, if you will.


K I L L M E.

By: cemetery_sleep

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Hi I stumbled across your blog and i honestly love it! i was wondering if you can do head cannons on how Kakashi would be with a s/o who's a little bit younger than him both nsfw and sfw (: you're an amazing writer, keep up the good work!

Ok so these aren’t headcanons buuuut I hope this is okay, if not just message me again and I’ll do it again bc I don’t feel like much would really be different with a younger S/O? Ok so, this is another one of those weird hc/scenario hybrids bc I’m indecisive and this idea popped in my head, so I was like “Well shit, better get it in a document before I forget it,” bc that’s how I live. Also, I was kinda inspired bc yesterday a dude tried to ask me out to drinks, thinking I was 23-24, and I had to tell him that I was barely 19, and that apparently just broke his brain…

Originally posted by weirdlyadorbs

  • Making his way down the hallway of his apartment complex, Kakashi took a quick glance out one of the passing windows, making a mental note of the fallen night that proved it was closer to midnight than he would have wished it to be. He had only just resurfaced into the planet after spending what felt like hours trying to sort through the various files and strategies of the ANBU, so needless to say, he was more than ready to return home.
  • He made it down to the last apartment on the floor, and went to reach for the doorknob, already knowing that it was unlocked bc you had a terrible habit of never locking anything.
    • he could hear the excuses now. “I’ve been an ANBU captain for years, what villager in their right mind would fight me?” Kakashi replayed that common laughter in his head as he opened the door to his home and looked over to you who was laying on the couch while scrolling through her phone.
  • Tilting your head back a bit so that you could see him as he walked through the door, you greeted him with a small laugh, “So you finally escaped?” you asked, a smirk painted across your lips. “I was starting to think that I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore.” you continued to tease as you stood to welcome him back home.
  • Taking his forehead protector off, he just shrugged, “We just gave up on sorting it all for tonight, left it for next week. There was too much in there for two people to deal with in one night.” he explained as you finally reached him and hugged onto him
  • “Aw, sorry.” you offered with a quick kiss. “If it makes you feel any better, I have review to all the new files with Tsunade tomorrow during the day and then I have to weed through all of the potential ANBU files tomorrow night.” you pouted a bit.
  • “Or you could always just reject everyone and then you wouldn’t have to sort through any. Then you could just spend the day with me. That would easier,” he offered up with the tiniest bit a sarcasm though there was enough of a serious tone that proved that he wouldn’t judge you if you did in fact do that.
  • You rolled your eyes, “As much as I need to have tomorrow off, I can’t. Tsunade’s orders.” your pout deepend.
  • “Give her a bottle of sake, she’ll change her mind.”
  • A small smile came upon your lips as you tried to hide your laugh, “Kakashi, you can’t talk about the Hokage like that, especially Tsunade. She’ll probably throw that bottle at you…”
  • He copied that small smile and shrugged as he guided you further into the house.
  • “But, hey in all seriousness, I have a quick favor to ask you about tomorrow. You think you can help me?” you asked, “Which, I mean, you should, because you love me and I made dinner at 11:37 pm tonight, so that it’d be warm for you. Plus  you think that I’m cute and I’ll do whatever you want and-” you rambled on trying to butter him up.
  • Putting his on your face to get you to stop talking he laughed, “Okay okay, what Y/N?”
  • Regaining your smile, you nodded, “So my little brother is coming to visit from Ame tomorrow, but since Tsunade is making me work all of tomorrow I can’t be here for him. So I was hoping that you could maybe possibly be super awesome and hang out with him until I can get out of that all that. He doesn’t really know anyone here, but I mean he’s a lot like me, so you two should be fine together.”
  • Not thinking that it was a big deal, Kakashi nodded. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Great!” you cheered. “And if it makes anything any easier, he just turned 21 and isn’t a straight edge like me, so you can totally take him out drinking if that makes it any easier. He’s been doing it since way back when I was still an Ame villager so he can hold it pretty well.” you gave the option. “But I mean, that’s just if you can’t think of anything better to do.”
  • Again, Kakashi nodded, but for a moment, he looked a bit confused. “Wow, I didn’t know there’s that big of an age gap between the two of you.” he remarked.
  • “Huh?” you asked, your confusion equalling his. “What are you talking about? There’s barely two years between me and him.” you corrected.
  • And it was at that moment you that you saw complete shock come across his face. “Wait, you’re only 23..?” he questioned almost as if you had just revealed this huge secret.
  • “Yeah…” you answered, “I thought you knew that…”
  • He just shook his head, still trying to process the fact that you were over 8 years younger than him and he was just learning this now, after knowing you for 6 years.
  • “Wait, wait, wait.” You stopped him for a moment as up put your hands up. “how old did you think I was?” you puzzled, as shocked at it all as he seemed to be.
  • “Like 28 or 29.” he replied. He knew that you were younger than him, but he only thought that it was only by a year, two at the most.
  • Wide eyed you shook your head quickly. “Do I look like I’m in my late twenties!? I know sometimes I have dark circles under my eyes, but…” you trailed off, now slightly self conscious. Taking a deep breath, you just reaffirmed your age. “No, I just turned 23 last month.”
  • “There’s no way…” he muttered as he tried to process it all even though he still struggling to get over the fact that you were so young and he had never known. “So wait, we started dating over two years ago…”
  • You nodded, “Yeah, I was only 20 when we first started dating. I turned 21 like three weeks into us becoming a couple.” you recalled.
  • “How are you only in your early 20’s? You don’t act like it; I thought you were in your early twenties when you first came into the village…”
  • You shrugged, “I was only 16 when I came here. And I mean, I grew up in Ame, you don’t exactly get to act your age when your entire country is in a civil war that’s killing hundreds every day. Plus when I came into Konoha, we were still in a world war and I knew that if I wanted to get anywhere in this village I needed to be more than exceptional, and acting like a 16 year old refugee wasn’t going to cut it so…” you frowned, bringing up the main reason why you acted the way you did.
  • He knew that this didn’t change anything, but God, you were making him feel so old all of a sudden. You weren’t even alive when he became a chunin….
  • And so for a moment he was silent, still trying to get all of this through his head. How did he miss this for so long?
  • Seeing this, you just pouted a bit. “Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal.” you rolled your eyes. “Besides, guys my age don’t know how to treat me. I don’t have the tolerance to deal with people my age…” you admitted as you latched your arms around his neck.
  • “So wait, back before we were a couple…” he trailed off, now remembering how the two of you were before you actually called yourselves a couple.
  • “You fucked an 18 year old,” you shrugged, getting straight to the point. “You go, Kakashi.”
  • Placing he hands on either side of your face, he took a deep breath, not quite sure what to say.
  • Looking at him with a frown, you shook your head at his overreaction. “Stop, it’s fine. I thought you were hot; it was as big of an accomplishment for me to lay you as it was for you to lay me.” you admitted. “Now, let’s just stop talking about it, because if we keep on going, you’re not going to be able to think anymore.” you smiled before giving him a quick kiss.
  • “Y/N…”
  • “Shh, or I’ll make it so you stop thinking because of something else and not my age.” you smirked.
I need to rant

Okay, as most of you know, I am a huge fan of Black Butler and the characters. But I was doing some watching of the series for like the 100th time and noticed some things I hadn’t before about Sebastian and Ciels relationship. Now this isn’t gonna be a SebaCiel post first of all.

I just need to rant to the fan girls who think Sebastian is some god who cares so much about Ciel’s wellbeing and portrays him as innocent. Please keep in mind I appreciate everyone’s opinion but please do keep in mind that well, he still is a Demon. I also know that Sebastian has his moments when he is kind, but sometimes that can be rare to happen.

So Sebastian is a demon, and people have pointed out in the manga, that Sebastian has punished Ciel both mentally and physically when he has done things wrong. So when Ciel saw that the ring was broke by Elizabeth, his brain registered that punishment needed to be resolved with pain. The fact the ring was his fathers didn’t help the fact. When he got a problem wrong in the school ark or something like that, Sebastian hit him on the hands and was SMILING while doing so. He’s purposely put the young earl in danger just for his own amusement.

Sebastian’s diabolic nature is also shown through his dark humour throughout the manga and anime, and his inability to see good in pretty much anyone. At times Sebastian can be indifferent, and he deliberately delays ensuring Ciel’s well-being to tease him. Sebastian has also put Ciel’s life in mild danger for his own amusement. He calls Ciel a “brat” who treats his workers rudely, when he honestly cares for the Phantomhive servants.

Despite his appearance as a courteous and excellent servant of the Phantomhives, Sebastian is actually a heartless and sadistic demon on the inside. He expresses these traits in a very passive and sarcastic manner. He is ruthless when attacking others on Ciel’s orders, such as when he kicks Grell Sutcliff’s face because it is the thing he most cherishes.

He has even insulted many woman, like Beast in BOC, just because of their attire. He also has taken advantage of many women just to get information and just pushed them away. Take Beast for example again, she was not in the wrong, she had been vulnerable, and just wanted to forget the pain she was experiencing. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong because, Sebastian convinced her, and he did it in the completely wrong way. In both the Anime and the Manga I didn’t find where he got proper consent from Beast or the Nun for sex. It just didn’t seem to properly be there.

Back onto the topic of Elizabeth and Ciel. There was a scene in the manga where Elizabeth was eating. And Sebastian subtly insulted Elizabeth about how she would gain weight if she ate too much. EVEN THOUGH ELIZABETH IS PRACTICALLY A TWIG. He belittled her and made her feel horrible!

Now for Ciel, like I said before, he has physically hurt Ciel and has done so mentally. He has kept crucial information from him many times for cases. At the end of season 1 he purposely broke the contract with Ciel slightly just to watch the boy suffer. He made him sleep out in the cold and even let him get shot and framed for murder. In season 2, despite it not being in the manga. He made a type of bet with Claude on Ciel’s soul so the contract could finish quicker.

I’m sure there are many more instances where Sebastian was a total sadistic jerk but I don’t want this post to be too long. Also this isn’t a hate post about Sebastian, I still cherish his complex character. But I was just saying my view points on his true side which many seem to just shove under the rug,

I honestly cannot believe it took me this long to realize how BIG Mike Lawson's arms are

There were just so many other features to admire, I never made it to the arms. Now that I’m taking all of that in (on top of the thighs and torso and beard and ass), I’m just so overwhelmed.

I legit cried about this a little yesterday after @macaroni-rascal posted that shirtless bedroom gif. Honest-to-goodness sudden tears of shock and gratitude and nervous energy sprang to my eyes.

Why is your body, sir? How? Thank you..?

Soooo headcanon... autistic!10th Doctor was almost functionally blind.

10 had serious visual processing issues. He mastered the art of glancing and using peripheral vision wherever he could. Looking directly at something for too long caused it to break up into visual noise.

Basically, everything he saw looked and moved weird like The Boneless if he looked at it for more than about three seconds.

As you can imagine, visual overload was a problem for 10. Sometimes he kept his eyes unfocused just to lessen visual input. But sometimes he looked at abstract art or sculptures and let his brain break it up because he found the process interesting. “I love watching abstractions become more abstract!”

His glasses were kind of a work-around for his visual cortex. The earpieces had emitters that stimulated his occipital lobe to slow down the visual breakup. He put them on sometimes to do very delicate work or because he was having a bad visual processing day, needed to focus and didn’t want to work so hard to make sense of visual input.

The glasses didn’t fix his visual processing issues, they just helped control them a bit.

10 recognized people by their general coloring and voices. He could pick up faces if he looked fast enough to memorize them before his brain broke them apart into weirdness. He was also helped by his long memory from previous incarnations.

Also, 10′s coat…

His big, heavy long coat was more like a weighted blanket disguised as a coat. It was a comfort object although he could go without it for short times. The entire hem had gravity-reactive thread that, with a little zap from the sonic screwdriver, would cause the electrons in the thread to react more strongly to electrons in the ground. Kind of like extended static electricity with a stronger pull. He could adjust the strength of this to get more weight or less weight. If he had to move fast or run, the thread automatically broke contact with the ground and the coat returned to its normal weight until he stood still again. The thread also “turned off” automatically if he took the coat off.

Because sometimes he forgot to, and sometimes he had it set so heavy it broke the floor it landed on. (Don’t forget, Gallifreyans are stronger than humans! Maybe not Superman strong, but still! :P)

He wanted to patent “gravi-thread” but didn’t because of internalized ableism and being afraid to expose his autism while explaining the thread. 10 desperately tried to conceal his autistic traits as much as he could. If he stimmed in public, it was in ways that looked like typical fidgeting. He didn’t stim freely unless he was absolutely totally sure he was alone, and only then he did it for short times to self-regulate.

Nobody knew his eyesight was a mess because he got so good at hiding it. Visual overload drove him bonkers almost daily. It was easy to write his frantic hair mussing/head scratching off as a nervous habit rather than a distress stim. He forced himself to talk during shutdowns. He put up with a lot of physical pain by not stimming via movement when he really needed to.

Hell, Wilfred saw him have a meltdown and didn’t even know it because it was so quick. (* * *WARNING: Flashing/blinking lights that may upset seizures or migraines.* * *)

10′s entire last moments were him going into a burnout, but he regenerated before he completely collapsed into it and all of a sudden he had a clumsy, dyspraxic body because his visual processing issues shifted to become a hyposensitive sense of touch with movement and proprioceptive issues. 

And then he had to learn to adapt all over again…

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Hello! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you can do a summary of Kana and Odin's convo from the child scramble DLC? I know someone on that Serenes Forest child scramble thread made one but it's not very good. If you want to, of course.

Hi hi! I couldn’t seem to find the summary that you’re talking about and I noticed that there wasn’t a translation for them anyway, so I decided to just go ahead and translate it ;;;; which I hope you’re okay with.

Hoshido Festival DLC spoilers below!

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A short Hamilton/Hogwarts fic

I’m sorry. I don’t know why I wrote this.

Alex draped himself over the back of John’s chair and let out a deep sigh. John did his best to ignore him and continue editing his Muggle Studies essay, but after a minute or two, Alex sighed again and flopped over so his ponytail smacked John in the face. With a sigh of his own, John set down his quill.

“Okay, Alex, what is it?”

Alex waved a hand lazily and perched on the arm of the chair. “Oh, you know.”

“I don’t.”

“I just can’t believe I have to go to a Career Advice session when we’re already swamped with work. I mean, they know I’m gonna get “outstandings” on all my O.W.L.s.”

Oh. This again. Alex had recently acquired the very stressful habit of bringing up the O.W.L.s with every other student in their year, and slipping in hints that he himself wasn’t particularly nervous for them. Fortunately, he only blatantly bragged about his own intelligence to his very close friends. Unfortunately, John was one of those friends. Still, he would absorb the worst of Alex’s arrogance if it meant his boyfriend wasn’t getting hexed in the hall between classes.

“The sessions aren’t just to figure out what subjects you need to study for,” John said. “You’re supposed to go over different career options as well.”

“Well, I already know what I’m going to be,” Alex said dismissively.


“Yeah, I’m gonna be a lawyer. I thought I told you that.”

John turned to him in confusion. “A what?”

“Sorry, a magical lawyer,” Alex said, with an eye roll and a small smile. 

Sometimes, even in their fifth year, John was forcibly reminded of Alex’s muggle upbringing. Of course, he would never say that aloud, not when Alex had made such a clear effort to learn everything he could about the magical world. He very rarely made reference to his life outside Hogwarts.

“Ham, we don’t have lawyers.”

Alex furrowed his brow. “What?”

John picked his quill back up and returned to his essay. “Yeah, no lawyers. Magical or otherwise.”

“Well…what do we have instead?”

“We just stick the defendant in a chair and have them plead their own case to the Wizengamot.” John had misspelled ‘vacuum’ again, and bent over to scratch it out. 

There was a long silence, and then, “What?!” 

John jumped so badly he splattered ink across his parchment, the table, and the sleeve of his robe.

When Herc and Lafayette climbed through the portrait hole into the common room a few hours later, Alex was still pacing in front of the fire and muttering furiously to himself. They looked to John for an explanation, but he shook his head and beckoned them closer.

“Either I broke his brain, or we’re about get a forty-foot proposal for a new system of magical law,” he said in an undertone. “Just go to bed. You know he’s going to be up all night with this.”

Herc and Lafayette laughed and headed up the steps to the dormitory. 

“Good night, Alexander!” Lafayette called, and got a curt nod for his troubles.

John smiled quietly and settled into the armchair, watching Alex pace. He knew that after a while Alex would tire himself out, and then he would want to tell John whatever it is he’d come up with. John could stand to stay up a little longer.

Abstinence Part II: My Addiction [The Joker x Harley]

Part I is HERE. Summary: The Joker is finally reunited with Harley.
You can find the playlist for this fic here.

I’ve lost my goddamn mind
It happens all the time
The drug in me is you
And I’m so high on misery

He woke up in the darkness, breathing harshly. Something was wrong. He never slept during the nights; always staying up until his body collapsed every third day or so. Still, he only got a couple of hours rest every time.

Like a mixture of a zombie and a vampire, nights were for terrorizing the city and rolling around in misery. For him to be asleep before the sun went up, something was definitely wrong.

The Joker sat up in the bed, every muscle rigid as he grabbed the nearest knife. The nightmare was lingering in his head, increasing his need for violence. There must be someone nearby whose face he could cut up, not so much for enjoyment but to distract himself for another few hours. Everything without her had been like slowly dragging his dying corpse across a graveyard, desperately looking for distractions to get himself through another night.

He looked around for a bottle of Devil Springs Vodka, his newfound habit to numb his mind. It was a different degree of hell, just turning the heat down an inch, but at least it managed to drown his demons for a while. With a frustrated growl, he realized Frost had taken the last empty bottles away yesterday.

He gritted his teeth. Why did she have to come back to torture him like this, the crazy woman, as if she hadn’t fucked up his life enough already? He remembered his dream crystal clear. It had him twisting and turning, at first it went through the old routine: Harley being taken away to some place where he couldn’t find her, other people touching her.

But then his sleeping mind had continued further down the abyss: this time she was also falling down in front of his eyes, drowning in the water, her body crushed against concrete. Her screams, caused by someone else, she was bleeding by someone else’s hand.

There it was again. Pain. For being a practiced sadomasochist, he sure was sensitive.

So many times he had been tempted to pick out his favorite knife and put it to his throat, making the process short for everyone involved. He didn’t know why he hadn’t done it already, but maybe a stubborn part of him still decided to wait for her. He would rather have her slicing him up; to get some pleasure out of it all.

The urge to murder was overwhelming, but he wanted to fully indulge in it, like the animal he was without her. He wanted to rip someone’s skin off their flesh, the muscles off their bones, crush the bones into a fine powder. He wanted to hear a human scream for their life; he wanted to savor their pain. But all motivation was gone from his system when it wasn’t about her, he had no will to act on his urges and it suffocated him.

The Joker put his hands to his face, still grasping the knife, and chuckled quietly. It sounded like strangled sobs. He was utterly stuck in a corner; there was no way to get out. She was supposed to never leave him like this. She was supposed to always be there and help him through. He hated her for it.

He didn’t the notice the shuffle of covers until something moved in the edge of his vision. He instinctively raised the knife, but then he heard her voice. Bright and soft.


He stared angrily into the darkness. How many times had she not been taunting him like this, his drunk mind tricking him? How many times had he not reached for her, only to end up grasping his own skin?

Harley was kneeling in front of him on the bed; he felt the smell of her. With well-learned caution she moved closer, her hands rubbing soothing circles on his tense arms.

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Nightwing caught a glimpse of my phone after he saved me from a nuthead. I didn't realise he was still around after beating the guy up. It doesn't sound that bad but I was reading a fanfiction of him and Red Hood. I've talked about the breadstick meme with Red Hood but explaining how I ship Nightwing and Red Hood? Most embarrassing time of my life. Nightwing walked off in shock, I think I broke his brain. #Stupidsneakyvigilantes #onlyingotham #myfacewasonfire

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"Life is a game, and there are no rules."

“Life doesn’t have rules, Evans”

“yes but gravity does Potter, get off there before you die a horrible death”

“awwwwww, you do care”

“nope, I’m just not interested in looking after Black at your funeral. he would be distraught. Widows usually are”

“so you’re coming to my funeral then?”

that’s what you got out of that sentenc- HOLY FUCK ARE YOU ALRIGHT”

“I think I’ve broken every bone in my body. tell Sirius i love him” 

(he hadn’t. But Lily held his hand on the the way to the hospital wing and that kind-of broke his brain) 

Title: A Love Story Like Never Before

Pairing: NaruHina

Prompt: Day 21– Fashion AU

He really didn’t want to be here.

He was forced to come along with his best friend and his girlfriend shopping. Really, Naruto doesn’t mind buying clothes but when you go to one store then to the next and stand around looking at clothes for hours, you can’t really blame the guy. He was so damn tired that he just wanted to crawl back to his apartment and binge watch his favorite show. But alas, being the good friend he was he agreed to something that he regretted immediately.

But it wasn’t every day to see Sasuke Uchiha holding bags of clothes.

They were finally at the last stop—Sakura said this with a sad sigh but Naruto yelled in happiness—and they were waiting for Sakura to come out of the changing room. There were three other stalls and Naruto noticed a young girl with long brown hair and odd, light lavender eyes staring eagerly at the door in front of her. At least some people were happy today.

“Here I am!” Sakura opened the door and she came out wearing a sundress that complimented her quite nicely. “How do I look?” She fluttered her eyes at Sasuke.

“Good,” he responded immediately and her shoulders slumped.

“With more enthusiasm, Sasuke!”

“You look nice, Sakura.” Naruto gave her a small smile. “Can we go now?”

“Wait, I want to try one more outfit.” She went back inside and both men groaned.

“Does she do this often?” whispered Naruto to his best friend.

“Yes. You’re lucky I just invited you to this one.”

“Lucky my ass.” Naruto pouted when Sasuke glared at him.

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When he was young, America thought that all white people/Europeans spoke English. One day, several Plains Indians representatives told him they were having trouble communicating with some pale faces because they couldn't speak English. America didn't believe them, but followed them anyway. Finding out that they, in fact, didn't speak English broke his brain and he spent the rest of the day yelling at them in English, hoping it would teach them to "speak normally".


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So does that mean that Sherlock has let go altogether? So now we'll come back to series 4 and he'll have just let go of his deeper love for John? And they'll just go back to being buds? Thats a little disappointing...

Hm.  Is this in relation to violin meta I reblogged?  

I actually don’t think that at all.  I believe that Sherlock was still trying to make sense of his feelings until the end of TSoT, and he was trying very hard to be happy for John, because he wants John to be happy.  And it would never have occurred to him that he would be the best thing for John or that John could possibly love him.  (The fact of being John’s best friend literally broke his brain, because he sees himself as so incredibly unworthy of affection in general, and particularly of the love of someone as amazing as John Watson.  Look at what goes on in the poor man’s mind palace!  No wonder he’s an addict!)

In HLV, Sherlock completely embraces his feelings for John, even though they rip his heart out (e.g. Mary in her wedding dress shooting him in the heart in his mind palace).  John has always been conscious of his love for Sherlock, and tried numerous times in TEH and TSoT to see if there might be something there.  He was utterly devastated by the Janine situation.  Unfortunately, Sherlock keeps reaffirming the “sociopath” fiction (his botched “not dead,” the fake engagement with Janine), and John has been hurt so much by Sherlock pushing him away that he continues to wrap that fiction around himself like a shock blanket, even when it no longer makes sense. (“Who would he bother protecting?”  Don’t be DAFT, John!!)  

But even still:  If you watch that final scene on the dance floor in TSoT, Sherlock pushes John to choose Mary when John can’t make himself move away from Sherlock.  And the next time we see John, he’s waking up to dreams of Sherlock rescuing him from his boring suburban married life.  John Watson has it bad, and he always has.  Mary was always his second choice.  And conveniently, Mary’s a bad guy!  She is so going down.  They just have to wait until she’s not pregnant and figure out if the baby’s even John’s, etc.  (Story arc for Season 4.)

The point of Sherlock letting John go (and the point of this entire season) is that Sherlock Holmes has finally, finally learned to be selfless for the sake of love.  Mary is selfish, but Sherlock has made himself selfless for John Watson.  He cares about John more than he cares about the work, more than he cares about any of his own needs or desires and even more than his own life.  He not only saved John’s life this season, he came back from the dead for him, ran around bleeding internally and then killed to protect him, all without concern for the consequences to himself.  (I will leave the morality of that last bit for others to debate, but nonetheless.)  He fucking loves John more than air.  And once John figures that out…It’s going to be glorious.

Missing Memories Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Meryl’s parents were just now getting off of the plane from Detroit, both looking tired, rugged even. The flight had been full of nothing but anxiety and worry, worry lines were indented into the couple’s foreheads. The doctor had called in the early morning hours, which had startled them both out of bed. Cheryl almost hadn’t answered it, thinking it was just a telemarketer. But, something told her that something wasn’t right, and as always, her motherly instinct had reigned true. They had no idea what was going on, the doctor only told them that there had been an accident and that Meryl was in critical condition. The fact that Dr. Lane hadn’t told them much, created more worries. Both Cheryl and Paul’s minds drifted to the worst possible things that could come out of an accident. The doctor didn’t even mention what kind of accident their eldest child had been in. Could it be a car accident? A fire? Plane crash? Accidental shot to the head?

           Their minds were wandering to the darkest places. Not knowing the details of something horrible was supposed to be better, but in this case, it was their mental enemy. The couple was so distracted, that they didn’t even notice Maks sitting in one of the black waiting chairs. He approached them quickly, stumbling over his words.

           “Hey guys, um, I can take you guys to the hospital. And don’t worry about finding a hotel, my place is thirty minutes away. I mean, if you’d like to stay with me.” Maks was staring into two pairs of blank eyes, but he noticed a familiar twinkle in Cheryl’s. The same twinkle he could see in Meryl’s when she was fascinated by something. “It’s okay if-,”

           “Maks,” Paul interrupted. “We’d love to stay with you and your brother.” Maks’ smile spread so wide, it almost looked like it was painted on his face. He carried as many bags as he could, trying to lighten the load for Meryl’s parents.

           “It’ll actually just be you guys and me. Val is out in New York.” He led them towards the exit of the airport.

           “Oh really, what is he doing out there?” Cheryl chimed in, quietly. They soon fell into a comfortable conversation. No one trying to impress anyone, no one nervous; just normal. For a moment, they almost forgot about the incident that had been wracking their brains the whole way here.


           He led Meryl’s parents throughout the hallways of the hospital, until they finally reached Meryl’s hospital room; room 312. Cheryl gasped as she walked in and Paul’s mouth dropped open. They had never seen their daughter so quiet and still. Meryl was constantly moving, always having to fidget somehow. Whether it be a foot tapping, a finger moving, or a leg shaking; she was always moving one way or another. But, here was their daughter, not moving a muscle.

           The doctor came in before Cheryl and Paul could completely process all of it. It hadn’t sunk in just yet.

           “Hello, my name is Dr. Lane; I will be taking care of Meryl until she’s out of recovery.” Paul shook the doctor’s hand, plastering a fake smile on his face. The doctor continued, wanting to break the moments of silence, “Meryl was in a car accident last night, did you know that?” The parents shook their heads in unison. “Well, when she arrived, her brain was swelling so much, so fast, that we had to do something or she wouldn’t be able to survive. So, now that she’s in a coma, we cannot forcefully bring her out of a coma; she’ll have to do it naturally. This could take a couple days, weeks, months; it all depends on when her body is ready. Do you all understand that?”

Dr. Lane’s eyes scanned all of the people in the hospital room, looking for some kind of panic or worry; but he saw none. All he could see was love, affection, and hope. He hadn’t expected this to go over so well. With most families, it took a couple of repeats to get it through their worried filled brains. But, with the Davis’, their seemed to be no problem.

           “Okay, so, you’re saying we just wait?” Maks broke the silence, his brain still a little muddled.

           “Yes, it’s just a waiting game. But, that’s if there are no complications from now until she wakes up. If there are some issues, then we’ll handle them then. But, I think that she’s progressing well. In this stage, she can probably hear noises. I think that it would be very helpful if you guys were to talk to her. I mean, she won’t be able to comprehend what you’re saying, but at least she’ll know you’re here.”

           All three of them nodded and waited until the doctor left for them to move. Cheryl and Paul found seats next to Meryl’s bed, while Maks leaned against the window sill, facing Meryl. Jenna walked in and smiled towards her best friend’s parents. They stood to greet her, taking turns hugging one another. They became involved in a normal conversation, while Maks stood in the corner, next to the window. His phone vibrated in his jogger pockets, signaling a text message. He thought it may’ve been from Christa, but he looked down to find the name: Grandma in his phone.

           Is Meryl alright? She is on the news.

           What did that mean? Were the paparazzi really invading her privacy right now? He looked out of the window at the crowd of people waiting outside, with cameras in hand. She was in a coma for God’s sake; you’d think they’d give her a break. He was so wrapped up in his anger that he realized he still needed to respond to his grandmother.

           She’s in a coma. Doctor thinks she’ll be okay.

           While standing there, he started to get texts from everyone: Christa, Mama, Papa, Val, Sharna, Tony Dovolani, Erin Andrews, Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, Peta, and even some of his Dance With Me clients. They were all positive and upbeat, hopeful even. He realized how much everyone loved and cared for her. He took this chance to look at her Twitter and Instagram pages. Her fans were supporting her like crazy.

           It was amazing how everyone that had met, or had even heard of Meryl, had fallen in love with her personality, with who she was. He sent out a mass message to both her friends and fans, saying that Meryl would be alright and that she’ll be home soon.

           “Hey, we’re going to grab some lunch with Jenna. Did you want to come?” Cheryl’s high voice interrupted Maks’ ongoing thoughts.

           “No, it’s okay. You guys go ahead.” He waved them off and took a seat next to Meryl’s bed, grasping her limp hand. His legs started shaking and his throat started to constrict. Maks hadn’t seen her in so long. They had decided in January that they would go their separate ways and come back in one year. She wasn’t ready to get into a serious relationship; she had too much going on. So, he let her go.

           Eventually he climbed out of his constant misery and found someone. That someone just happened to be his life-long friend, Christa. He liked her, but he definitely didn’t love her. The only person he really loved was…Meryl. He hadn’t realized how much his love had grown until Jenna had called with the horrible news.

           Did he love her? Or was he in love with the idea of being with her?

           He couldn’t answer those questions at the moment. There was already so much going on. Maks was surprised that he hadn’t gotten a lecture from Christa about being with Meryl instead of her. Christa was nice, but she could be overprotective when it came to Maks.

           “I wish you were awake so you could give me some type of excellent advice. You always used to offer advice even if I didn’t want it. I think the first time you did that was when we were rehearsing for our Tango. ‘Hold my hand’,” He chuckled remembering asking her about it four weeks later on The Road to the Finals. “I really miss you, you know? I miss when you used to scold me for trying to wrap my arms around you at night, and then you would let your guard down eventually. I don’t sleep like that anymore,” He trailed off not knowing what else to say.

           “You know, I’m kind of happy that you will only hear this muffled,” He paused, squeezing her hand and bringing it up to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly. “I love you.”