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I have to choose between saving up for a drawing tablet (again) or going to VidCon this summer (still leadingthat broke college girl life) So you should help me my dude, id be forever gracious

Well, it depends. I always go for my passion. The convention will always be there next year, but if you don’t go for your passion that’s another year not pursuing what you love :)

Prompt written: Reylo college AU 

(Notes: Continued under the ‘read more’ due to length.) 

The first time she sees him, she is working the morning shift at the coffee shop two blocks from campus.

While not the most glamorous of jobs, a college girl, (particularly a very broke, very parentless college girl) has to make a living somehow – and how better than catering to the hordes of caffeine-dependent, insomnia-riddled undergraduates of Skywalker University?

The job does have its perks on occasion, including serving the cute football players that usually frequent the shop after practice, being an inadvertent witness to several dramatic college break-ups (Rey has counted the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ spiel at least thirty-two times already since she started working two months ago), and a boss that didn’t mind her sneaking a free cup of coffee every now and again.

Anyways, Rey clearly remembers the first moment that she catches sight of Ben Solo there – and it wasn’t due to his dashing good looks, witty repartee, or charming smile, but the fact that he is snoring loudly in one of the corner booths, head of black curls buried in his arms and a cold mug of coffee sitting forgotten a foot away.

One meaningful look from her boss and Rey sighs, finishes ringing up the couple at the register (the one consisting of a guy and girl that had difficulty keeping their mouths and other, um, body parts away from each other while ordering), and marches over to the corner booth that houses the unwelcome, snoozing tenant.

Having become quite the expert at rousing students who viewed her coffee shop as an acceptable place in which to indulge in a nap, Rey calmly extracts a pen from her apron pocket, leans over, and jabs the writing utensil mercilessly into the man’s arm.

He awakes with a startled grunt, wavy hair bouncing haphazardly when his head snaps up and his eyes squint at her in disorientation.

Rey takes a startled step back, blushing as she grips a table behind her for support.  Normally the cretins she has to prod awake and scold are in the eighteen-to-nineteen year old range, greasy-haired college boys with cocky eyes and smarmy grins.

This guy is certainly a bit older, and much more than a bit hotter. Her eyes skim over the jagged scar that crosses directionally over his face, before she remembers herself and quickly averts her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” the man says, voice raspy and laden with the remnants of sleep. “But did you just stab me with a pen?”

Dreamy black eyes, strikingly angular face, and cute beauty spots by his nose this guy might have, but Rey doesn’t ever respond well to accusing tones.
“I’m sorry,” she retorts acerbically, cocking her head. “But did I just catch you taking a nap in a coffee shop? That’s what beds are for, buddy. These seats are for paying customers.”

Rey resists the urge to uncomfortably shift her weight from one foot to another when he stares at her blankly for a moment. The compulsion to fidget is further bolstered as a slow smile spreads upon his lips, the wide-set quality of his mouth lending an adorable touch to the whole thing.

“Touché,” he concedes. “I’m clearly at fault here, then, and therefore deserved my punishment via the nib of your pen.” For all of his words of seeming apology, his tone is teasing and unrepentant. “But you can’t even make an exception for an exhausted grad student?”

“No,” she says stoutly, and has the pleasure of pivoting about and stalking away from this human epitome of annoyance.

“I’m Ben,” he calls after her, apparently undeterred by her prickly attitude.

She doesn’t bother to even spare a glance back at him. “So long as you’re Awake Ben and not Sleeping Ben, I don’t much care.”

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hey taylorswift so on a scale of 1-10 how delicious are Karlie kookies? I recently got told I couldn’t eat gluten and most gluten free cookies taste like cardboard. I’m a broke college girl and can’t dish out $25 on cookies, but I’m craving some like crazzzzzzy.