3 ways to wear Oxfords

There are many occasions when wearing heels are just not an option. City living, scooting around campus, hopping on and off the subway - you need footwear that is comfortable and practical. But these words are no longer synonyms with ugly and unfashionable. Flats can be so fab, especially oxfords. This spring the menswear inspired lace-ups are back in town. Once you start wearing them, you’re hooked for life!

Here are some tips what to wear with oxfords:

1. This outfit is great if you want to dress up a bit but keep that laid back look. Oxfords are perfect match for boyfriend jeans and look good with blazers as well.

… and this is a more classic way to wear them. Dinner date anyone?

2. This outfit is really on point. Black pants with grey-stripes blouse, sweater, an absolutely lovely necklace, and, of course, the oxford shoes in this stunning silver color. DON’T be afraid to pick up some colors you never thought you could pull off! Try something different besides the good old black and brown.

3. If you’re more like a skirt type of girl, don’t worry. Oxfords look incredibly chic with skirts as well. This outfit is really simple, yet absolutely eye-catching.  These metallic oxford shoes DO MAKE MAGIC!