Rome, 71 AD, “Well we’ve conquered the rest of this island, as well as basically the entire known world, we should be able to steamroll over Caldonia pretty easily.” 

The Caldonians, AKA the Scottish People; “If you don’t get tae fuck…. “

(Cue several decades of misery on the part of the Romans)


The Caldonians, AKA the Scottish People; “AN’ DON’T COME BACK YA BAWBAGS.” 



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Since I’m trying to dress better and more grown up and also since watching Kingsman: The Secret Service have I gotten more interested in dress shoes and as it is said in the movie “Oxfords not Brogues”. 

I’ve just compiled some diagrams I’ve seen on the first page of google so credit where credit is due none of these images are mine.

This is just a reference for me and for anyone else who is interested.

Update: Added detail of the different Brogues

why i love eggsy unwin
  • he does that lil thing when he gets upset where he crosses his arms and pouts
  • the lil cute bags under his eyes
  • he cares!! a lot!!
    • within an hour of meeting harry he told him he should go away so he doesnt get hurt by deans kid
    • makes sure his baby sister is ok before he leaves home
    • willing to fight anyone who even looks at his mum funny
    • dropped out of the actual marines so he could be there for his mum and sister
  • his relationship w roxy (aka the most wholesome thing ive ever witnessed)
    • constantly reassuring her 
    • the platonic use of the name of ‘good girl’ !!!! my heart !!!!!
    • probably would take a bullet for her
  • his child aka jb the pug (and general love for animals)
    • “i’ll fuckin shoot you!”
      • proceeds to love and nurture the dog and fails the biggest opportunity of his life to keep the dog alive
    • didn’t run over the animal even when he was being chased by the police
  • this kid is sentimental as hell
    • keeps a photo of his dad in his room
    • kept the kingsman medallion 
      • remembered “oxfords not brogues”
  • giant nerd who loves classic movies and is a closeted audrey hepburn fan
  • “huge iq, did well in primary school, was pegged olympic material for gymnastics, and joined the marines” 
    • …..need i say more
  • the most Loyal Boy u will ever meet
    • wouldn’t snitch on his friends
    • wouldn’t snitch on the kingsman
    • wouldn’t do u dirty like the fuckbois u talk to

anonymous asked:

Outfits/styles for the venus signs?

This is just my idea of what I’d think each sign would prefer based on the archetypes and my opinion of what sounds fitting! 

Aries venus: bold fashion, favor “statement” looks, casual fashion tends to have a defining piece, dark outfits with a pop of color, tight > loose-fitting clothing, minimal accessories, prefer pants, leather, shoes that are good for kicking asses

Taurus venus: fashion that accentuates their favorite body part, shirts/dresses that cinch at the waist, flowy skirts and dresses, gold earrings and necklaces as well as diamonds, like to carry big purses for the heck of it, classy with what might seem gaudy to others, heels > flats, velvet, fur coats

Gemini venus: likes to mix and match styles, tends to go for colorful clothing, sometimes values the practicality of clothing more than anything, but still likes to switch it up now and then, flats, blazers, graphic t-shirts, high rise jeans, rompers, either many accessories or very few, black hats

Cancer venus: wears clothes for comfort generally, loose-fitting > tight clothing, scarves, boots and flats > heels, neutral colors, sweaters, subtle accessories, diamond earrings, thin belts, leggings, white t-shirts, floral skirts, a frequent user of bobby pins

Leo venus: looks for an outfit that will no doubt make them stand out, heels > flats, likes glitter and bedazzles items when necessary, likes bright lipstick, big earrings, hoop earrings, MORE is more, makes tacky fashion shine, “leopard print is in always in,” luxurious like taurus venus

Virgo venus: reserved in their fashion choices, fancy skirts, olive green and neutral colors, flats > heels, small earrings, loose-fitting clothing, blouses, small hair pieces, black tights, bows,neat sense of style, more minimalistic, silk, turtlenecks, vintage

Libra venus: pearls, flower crowns, blush pink, flowy dresses, daytime dresses/tea party dresses, cream colors, clutches, bracelets, modest and graceful clothing generally, shoes with straps around the heel, wedge heels, lace

Scorpio venus: likes black as well as other grey tones, red lipstick is a must, the occasional winged eyeliner, likes to wear fitting dresses with a belt, skinny jeans, either stilettos or pointed flats, skip out on most accessories except maybe a small necklace and fish hook earrings, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, stripes

Sagittarius venus: tries out all styles, work well with bohemian fashion, feather earrings, crop tops, sandals, suede boots, loose shorts, patterned clothing, big earrings, lots of earrings, long necklaces, anklets, caps, flowy skirts

Capricorn venus: pencil skirts, brogue shoes, black high heels, slicked back hairstyles, contour, black, white, grey, also tend to be reserved with fashion choices, cropped trousers, natural makeup, polka dots, leather book bags

Aquarius venus: tie dye clothing, different combinations, all colors of the rainbow, holographic clothing, cat eye glasses, circle glasses, lightning bolts, abstract patterns, the type to make clothes out of their curtains, colorful footwear, converse, studded shoes, lots of accessories

Pisces venus: cool colors, blue, loose-fitting clothing, silver, sequins, dangling earrings, pastels, long skirts, maxi dresses, knitted hats, beanies, greek sandals, flip flops, short boots, wide legged pants, charm bracelets, forehead headbands, rings, wool

Thank you for asking :)!!!