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toomuchplor.dreamwidth…. plor writes the best sex, this fic is rodney pov, perfect, and involves him taking it up the butt (YAY)


heh, Rodney takes it up the butt. I AM RIDICULOUS FOR GETING SO UPSET OVER SOMETHING SO SILLY. But you make me feel better <3

Thank you so much for the link *rushes to read*

When you’re welcomed back by a box containing these killer gifts from your best bro, you can’t help but feel amazing. I seriously have the most amazing friends. Thanks so much for helping the unreal depression of coming back to the states a whole lot less bro (@dmv_edm_plur)!
Love you so much! #bros #brogiftedme #brogift #zelda #zeldanation #zeldaswag #lucky

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