[Throwing a surprise party for Stan]

Cartman: God dammit, Craig! Move your long ass legs!

Craig: Not my fault you decided to hide with me.

Kyle, aggressively whispering: Guys, shut the fuck up! He’s about to walk through the door.

Kenny: I told you this wasn’t a good plan with those idiots.

Cartman: Shut the fuck up! He’s opening the door.

Craig: Oh really? I couldn’t hear because you’re so damn loud all the time.

Clyde: Oof he snatched your weave.

Token: Guys, shut up. You’re gonna ruin the surprise because y’all are being loud as fuck!

Stan: *Crouched next to Tweek* Who are we waiting for again?


Kyle: Stan….?

Stan: Mmmm?

Kyle: Wake up sleepy head, I have a surprise for you.

Stan, opening his eyes: A surprise? For what?

Kyle: For your birthday you idiot.

Stan: Oh shit…yeah! I totally forgot.