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There has been some…things addressed about tree bros taking over the message in Dear Evan Hansen. It’s frustrating people and I know I’m getting frustrated too. I post a lot of stuff for them, but my heart really lies with the actual show. It’s got so many important issues that are finally addressed and that’s what I love about it. I know I have a lot of tree bros here but it’s mainly a band aid that I can rip off when I’m feeling mentally stable enough.

Dear Evan Hansen made me look at my own life and for a little while I went into a tail spin. I have really terrible anxiety and am really really toxic to others when I’m upset. I say things I don’t mean and things I do mean. It’s a lot like homestuck to me. It’s harsh and heartbreaking so the ships are a little band aid and corner of happiness for the fandom.

Either way it’s a bandaid, just a little covering to try and heal the sadness in the show, you can’t just ignore it though. Tree Bros is great but please
Don’t let tree bros drown out the important things about Dear Evan Hansen.

BUT do not be too upset at those that do love tree bros. I mean well, it’s just a comfort thing… If you have any questions please message me or ask me so I can answer publicly.

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Okay putting my two cents in

Look guys, I’m an author and I like writing Tree bros for you and all the ships you send from dear Evan Hansen. But the show isn’t about the ships and I really want people to know that this show deals with topics like suicide and anxiety and mental illness. Tree bros is a popular ship but it’s au and it’s okay to ship it! And it’s okay to write it! But Dear Evan Hansen is not about two gay kids with anxiety. It about loss, suicide and a horrible lie fabricated by a teenager with terrible anxiety. Basically what I wanted to say here is yes while Tree Bros is a valid ship, we as a fandom should not ignore canon and what the show is about. We should be talking more about canon and what happens in the show. Now with that being said, am I going to stop writing your guys fics and requests? No I’m not. But let’s all be aware my writing is au and is in no way related to what happens in the show. If you have joined the fandom due to Tree bros, I sincerely hope you didn’t just stay for the Connor/Evan ship. This show is much more than a fanon ship that has been created. So please recognize the show for what it is, not what we as a fandom are making it out to be.

1/100 • 25.04.2017

Started setting up a new bullet journal since I’m not satisfied with the one I’m using right now. This is one is already looking a lot better so I’m pretty happy.

I’m going to try and do the 100 days of productivity challenge, I want to be more productive and I also want to post more, so this is a win-win situation.

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