brodys dad


some more townies that i made last night;; i thought these ones were especially cute, i wish i could play with all of them (。•́︿•̀。) have a good life townies…!

I just realized that Brody thinks his dad is dead. I guess I’m so used to power rangers logic where people don’t just disappear that I somehow missed how Brody interpreted his father’s disappearance.

Now, all I want to do is give Brody a hug. I mean, on the same day he was kidnapped, taken into space, and basically enslaved, he thought his dad died.


it’s summer when briley puts up space buns and gets flustered about everything // when weston won’t keep his shirts on // and when brody’s over all the time and destrie and him have secret club organizations about what flavor popsicle is their favorite (very top secret hushhhh)


  • Watching The Maze Runner with my dad
  • Dad: k
  • Dad: ???
  • Dad: can we see where he is
  • Dad: ok
  • Dad: already saw that guy
  • Me: *contains the feels* um he's in eh game of thrones
  • Dad: right
  • Dad: whoa
  • Dad: gally isn't cool
  • Dad: of course he's gonna go in the maze
  • Dad: what's a griever
  • Dad: i don't like gally
  • Dad: why is there only boys
  • Dad: what
  • Dad: is there a moment when we understand something or
  • Dad: ouch
  • Dad: what are they doing
  • Dad: is the end frustrating
  • Dad: oh finally a griever
  • Dad: gally is really ugly
  • Dad: hehe
  • Dad: nice
  • Dad: ho
  • *the movie is over*
  • Dad: ok
  • Dad:
  • Dad: it was nice

[She couldn’t help by be nervous about the dinner she and her dads were on the way to. Brody and his dad mean everything to her and she really wanted her dads to see that not only was Brody good for her but his dad was a part of their support system. It had taken her a hour longer than usual to get ready and had actually vomited on her first dress, but she wasn’t telling Brody that. She was scared that her dads were going to make things worse and maybe she did recognize that they had a few point she had to get them to see that they were wrong too. 

When they pulled into the driveway she got out as soon as it was stopped and hurried into her boyfriends arms and kissed him.]

This is going to be okay. We can do this.


Priscilla: How are things at home?

Brody: The same as always. I’m alone as usual.

Priscilla: What do you mean? 

Brody: I guess because I’ve been avoiding contact with everyone I guess it was’t known. 

Priscilla: What?

Brody: My dad passed. They found him drowned on the beach. He was probably drunk or something. 


[Getting Brody’s text was a gut wrenching and had taken everything to stay calm for him. His entire life had been rocked and she couldn’t believe it. His mom had always been someone she never quite got not liked but finding out about her affair and now Brody’s dad taking them to New York, it was a lot. She felt so bad for Brody, not only because he was leaving her but because he didn’t deserve to go through such stress. He was still recovering from having cancer. 

She quickly told her dads what were going on and surprisingly they were fine with her leaving and getting her boyfriend. Getting in her car she took a minute to let her emotions out before heading into the small city and to the ritzy neighborhood where Brody lived. She needed him to be okay, to not think about her suggesting that they break up because she had regretted it the second she had said it. Pulling into his driveway she got out and rang the door bell.]