brody x carrie

Does anyone else notice how soft Brody’s face is here? It’s not weathered and rough like it usually is, but smaller and rounder and smoother. The lighting is brilliant and he looks like much more vulnerable and free than before. Nazir is dead and he doesn’t have to lie anymore. He can just be himself - or figure out who that is. It’s as if he just can’t believe that the past eight years is finally over but he’s so happy that it is. It’s a sense of awe and wonder and hope and sorrow and a new beginning.  

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anonymous asked:

I think it's interesting how each season ends with a demonstration of Q's love for Carrie- 4.12 the kiss, 5.12 the letter, 6.12 the photo of C, you could even argue in 3.12 when Q tells C that Franny is a gift. I just don't think this story is done. I'm holding out for Q resurfacing no later than 7.12 and fully (in some fashion) back in Carrie's life in season 8. Here's hoping.

This is one of the loveliest arguments in support of the Quinnspiracy I’ve come across. I think it can be argued that every season finale has showcased love in some way, though, and I don’t want to discount that.

It’s not always romantic love. In season one, the centerpiece is Brody’s love for Dana, isn’t it? She’s the one who talks Brody out of detonating the vest. Saul’s love and admiration for Carrie, too, though things are iffy for a little bit.

Season two, Carrie’s love for Brody (and vice versa). Saul’s love for Carrie. Quinn’s love for Carrie. Everybody’s love for Carrie, basically. 

While I would love for the trend to continue C/Q style, I think that season seven and season eight could easily feature love in different ways. If they are even doing this on purpose.

I mean, here’s hoping that 8.12 features Carrie and Quinn making a go of it with Franny, but… this is Homeland. I’m trying to temper my expectations.