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PROMPT: Amelia gets accidentally anaesthetised, like someone stabs her with a syringe or something. She is pregnant. Owens is called, as her next of kin or is there as it happens. Please write this! I love your writings!

Here we go anon - tried to keep it canon to what was happening in Grey’s. Enjoy! 

A neurogenic tumor found in the posterior mediastinum, it was beautiful; it was also incredibly rare. After weeks of CTs and MRIs they were finally able to take Mark into surgery. Amelia and Maggie had spent hours together planning how to remove it; although this type of tumor generally affected the chest cavity alone, Mark’s ‘carpe diem’ approach after being diagnosed had resulted in him travelling the worlds for six months rather than being treated, resulted in the tumor – or Wilfred, as he called it –now compressing his spinal chord. Call her sadistic and dark but Amelia was secretly grateful for the ‘carpe diem’ method as otherwise she might of never have been needed, at least not to the degree she was now. The surgery was due to last around 10 hours, and the sisters could not have been more excited. In true Grey Sloan fashion, word about the tumor had spread among the staff like wild-fire and before they had even scrubbed in the gallery was already full. Bailey had been forced to organize for it to be filmed in order to convince some of the residents that they were actually required to do their jobs. Before scrubbing in Amelia took a couple of minute to stand there: feet shoulder width apart, head held high, fists resting on her hips – superhero pose on full display. Maggie watched her confused but brushed it off assuming it was how her sister chose to prep, though she had to admit it was a little ridiculous. 

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Grey’s Anatomy Music
13x21 - “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Song: “Can You Hear Me?”
Artist: Amber Mark 
Scene: Meredith practrices different versions of her speech to Maggie about her and Nathan being together while discussing the possible fall out with Alex from the house to dressing for press conference.
Song: “Already All Ready”
Artist: La’Porsha Renae
Scene: Brody and Warren gather to look on as Webber, Edwards and DeLuca remove dozens of worms from Mary’s insides; April tries to use Mary and Dennis’ relationship problems to talk to Richard about his.
Song: “Boy like you”
Artist: Weslee 
Scene: Veronica is taken into surgery where Jeremy stands by her side Arizona and Amelia deliver their son; Veronica holds the baby as he is born.
Song: “Angels”
Artist: Khalid 
Scene: April emphasizes to Baily that she and Catherine are very much alike; Catherine and Richard walk by each other with a word or glance; Veronica gives Amelia a message for Jeremy then asks for her to hold her; Veronica dies.
Song: “Old Friends”
Artist: Jasmine Thompson 
Scene: Catherine considers Bailey’s words; Amelia and Arizona watch Jeremy with the baby; Catherine extends an olive brench to Richard; Owen comforts Amelia; Mer convinces Maggie go out with her and Amelia.