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FIRST NAME:  d-d-d-darien
FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY:  im gonna go outside the 100 fandom and tw tbh leighton meester, naya rivera, eddie redmayne, lucy hale, jamie chung, emma watson, dakota blue richards, thomas brodie-sangster, lauren cohen, idk im sleepy i love everyone
FAVORITE SHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD:  THE ULTIMATE SHIP OF MY LIFE THAT REIGNS SUPREME IS MARLENE MCKINNON AND GIDEON PREWETT WITH @thankspriiincess but in this fandom its gotta be marper with @basiicphysics as well as the ot4 with @othcrsidex and @icarusque for emily i love what i got with @imnobodysson
FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN:  this one??? and the marauders years ago that was the shit
FAVORITE SONG TO GIVE YOU MUSE: the hamilton soundtrack in its entirety
LEAST FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY/PLAY AGAINST:  sometimes like dylan o’brien can turn me off bc of the overuse but for the most part i dont think theres anyone i dont wanna hang with
LEAST FAVORITE RP EXPERIENCE:  these ppl ruined sirius/remus for me but thats about it they sucked
LEAST FAVORITE GENRE OF WRITING: i like all of it but i suck at like action shit im all about dialogue
LEAST FAVORITE THING PEOPLE ASSUME ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER:  about harper: that she cant do anything but be used to fuel monty’s story and she’s just a piece of ass and idk what people assume about emily but i guess what i would hate for people to assume is that she’s a complete coward like people who baby her i dont think really read her bio or have talked to me about her personality bc she doesnt need pity or to be patronized she’s just got some ptsd she just neeDS TIME???
OTHER CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY:  i have no real urge to play any other canons for the 100 idk why uhhh but like i would love to make an alexander hamilton blog i know that sounds weird lol

MUSE PREFERENCES: females / males / canons / ocs / corrupted / good / live action/animated / human / supernatural / other species / hopeless romantic / averse to love/younger (15-25) / older (25+) / easy for you to relate to / hard for you to relate to.

PLOT IDEAS: accidentally married / affairs / age gaps (BUT LEGAL PLS) / angst /apocalypse / arranged marriage / boarding school / college roommates / criminals / enemies to lovers / enemies with benefits / exes / fake relationship / fluff / forbidden relationship / friends with benefits / online relationships / pregnancy / prison /professor/student / road trips / rich kids / royaltysmut / supernatural / toxic relationships.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS IN PLOTS YOU’RE OKAY WITH: abuse / bdsm / daddy kink /drinking / drugs / dub-con / gore / incest / kidnapping / murder / non-con / prostitution / stepcest / stockholm syndrome / torture.

So the new things I learned...
  • The shot of Whitney and Lauren waiting to go in for their interviews was actually when they met.
  • LC: “If we had a night out, we’d almost always want to have a lunch planned the next day so we could recap whatever happened.”  
  • [In the first episode] Heidi didn’t know she was “crashing” Lauren’s work party. The producers just told her to show up.
  • Production didn’t want Lauren to date ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler. They wanted her to meet a new guy in a new city.
  • Production were very upset when Lauren didn’t go to Paris (that makes two of us). Lauren would get daily phone calls from producer Adam Divello saying she had to go.
  • Jason thinks she should have gone to Paris since they broke up two weeks after that final scene was shot.
  • Lauren and Brody were always more friends than anything but the producers wanted them to be together even though they both felt they didn’t have any chemistry.
  • Lauren says the scenes like where she confronts her ex-BFF outside L.A. club Les Deux and utter those five words: “You know what you did.” were the best scenes and that they were the real ones.
  • Lo on the feud with Audrina:  Audrina wasn’t friends with us in real life, ever. She just never had much interest in forming a genuine relationship. So there was an awkwardness that was apparent, and they played into that. But I would not say that there was ever a real-life feud or animosity.

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