brody harris


Nearly finished my females of rock zine! There are so many more women I wanted to put into this but these are the ones who have influenced me the most. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. The quotes are from Riot Grrrl and varying artists through the booklet. 


Thomas Brodie-Sangster

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 1 +

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 2 *ComingSoon* 

+ AU MEME Your dying confession to Jojen Reed (GOT) +

+ AU MEME After being abused by his girlfriend, he comes to you +

+ AU MEME He tells you all the things he likes about you +

+ AU MEME You’re Kaya’s cousin, Thomas has a crush on you +

+AU MEME He’s the nerd, you become friends +

+ AU MEME He walks in on you self-harming +

+ TXT POST Thomas Brodie-Sangster Filmography +

One Direction - Harry Styles

+ AU MEME Telling Harry how precious he is to you +

+ AU MEME Harry and you at the hotel, morning after +

+ AU MEME You are an actress;The media won’t leave you guys alone +

+ FAN FIC Fallen, In love | Prologue (Fallen Angel AU) +

+ FAN FIC Joke’s On You | Pt 1 (Superhero AU) +

One Direction - Louis Tomlinson

+ AU MEME Telling Louis how proud you are of him +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Ashton Irwin

+ AU MEME You and Ashton are close friends, but like each other

5 Seconds Of Summer - Michael Clifford

+ AU MEME What he’s thinking about doing to you +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Calum & Luke

+ AU MEME You’re dating Calum but Luke has a crush on you +