Brody Jenner

Height: 6'0"

Most Famous For: Model and television personality seen on shows such as “The Hills” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” son of Bruce Jenner, half-brother to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and step siblings with Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian 

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) with baby Mojo The Frenchie and Brody!

Watching The Baby || Jo + Brody

Josephine tried to sleep. She really did, but it just wasn’t happening. Falling asleep felt nearly impossible for the girl, only able to toss and turn for what felt like hours. When she had gotten back up again and gone into the kitchen, the clock only read 5:27. So she was only in bed for a little over an hour before giving up, but she didn’t have the energy to toss and turn all night only to wake up when the sun began to rise and continue on with the rest of her day. It was easier to just give up now and just start now. Except, the apartment was quiet and she didn’t want to wake anyone up because there were others living with her now. It was different, she couldn’t accidentally drop something and make a lot of noise without worrying about waking up the baby or even Brodian. So instead of doing much, she found herself sat on the couch, quietly, lost in her own thoughts with the TV off and the lights out.

Hearing Cormac’s cries snapped her out of her train of thought. She wasn’t used to it so she nearly jumped up, but quickly remembered that he was right down the hall. Figuring Brodian would wake up and take care of him, she let him cry. But after five minutes, Jo got up and went to check on him herself. Quietly opening the door and peaking into the room, she saw Brodian still sound asleep and the baby crying in it’s cot. She couldn’t wake up Brody. He seemed too sound asleep and she just didn’t have it in her to wake him up. Stepping quietly over to the baby, she lifted him up in her arms and sighed softly. “It’s alright, I’ve got ya,” she said quietly. Now holding him in his arms, she quietly walked out of the room and took Cormac into the living room.

Jo changed him, thinking that would make him stop crying, and it did for about five minutes before he started to cry again. This time she walked around, making slow laps around the living him, watching the sun begin to light up the sky, with him in her arms until his cries start to subside and he began to calm down. After he was relaxed and happier, she sat on the couch with him on her lap, playing with him to keep him happy and hopefully he wouldn’t start to cry again. Cormac seemed happy enough, giggling and smiling as she played with him.