According to the research gathered by core logic and analyzed by Allen Brodetsky, President of ASB Capital & Boutique Realty, almost 11,000,000 properties, which equates to roughly 22.5% of all US homes, have negative equity in their home.
Alarming Real Estate Trend on the Horizon

The first two quarters of fiscal year 2011 have shown a declining trend in foreclosures. This can be attributed to the Robo signing fiasco with many of the major lending institutions. That story is now behind us. Many mortgage lenders including Bank of America, the nation’s leading mortgage servicer, have fired up there foreclosure machines and are beginning to replenish their supplies of real estate owned properties. Postponing foreclosure sale dates has become increasingly difficult if not impossible. Core logic researchers have found that nearly 3/4 of all underwater borrowers are paying above market interest rates on their home loans. The chance for borrowers to endure negative equity is increasing day

It was exactly a year ago, the day Chandra and I arrived in Israel. I remember my friend Ron waking us up with a bottle of Arak and pulling us off the couch. Chandra, Ari and I spent our first afternoon hanging out on the Tel-Aviv University campus listening to the smooth sounds of Israeli rock.

This year was quite different. My roommate Ben and I walked over in the afternoon and it was a complete bust. It was so hot, bad music and we waited almost an hour for the main stage act to set up.

At night a small group of us decided to give the festival another shot. Needless to say, I was surprised to see such a change in the scenery. These Israelis love their dance music.

To Ari and Chan, you were sorely missed. The entire afternoon was a constant flashback. I walked the same paths, sat under the same blue tarp and stood in front of the main stage where the tent began, just like in our pictures. It was the perfect kick start to our new adventure, my world travelers. I love you both so much, there won’t ever be a student day like ours.