I guess this could be considered my first official MCM post…do people even still do those? lol

Anywho, I’d just like to thank God for personally hand crafting this man’s face and body Himself. That smile and those cheekbones just make a gyal melt inside. Congratulations on your gorgeousness and your seemingly beautiful spirit, sir. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Broderick Hunter. {x}{x}

#tbt to my 5 minute ‘beef’ with @broderickh lol, but seriously

As you guys know, or may not know, I made a post with a series of screenshots of Broderick Hunter slandering black women in the way we’re most familiar when black men doing, aka demonizing them for not being ‘queens’ and ‘respecting themselves’ and other gross shit. So I won’t apologize for being quick to drop him because like I said, we’re all too used to being let down by black men we constantly hold up. Thankfully, in this situation that wasn’t the case, my new bestie Broderick and I got it all cleared up, someone else was handling his account at the time and they tweeted some… less than impressing things. An apology was made on his twitter publicly and the situation was cleared up, of this I was not aware. I just wanted to publicly spread the word to whoever’s watching this blog waiting on me to get ‘dragged’ about ‘lying’ or whatever else. So yeah, long story short, the information given to me wasn’t complete and I wasn’t aware of his apology and him fixing the situation, so here’s my apology, I don’t want anyone throwing dirt on his name for a mistake.

Also, I don’t want anybody trying to get wild with me in my inbox because y’all annoying.