Anderson’s Get Yoked or Die Trying Liquid Muscle Attack Shake Recipe:

Hey Bitch-Ass-Bitches,
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Anderson’s Get Yoked or Die Trying Liquid Muscle Attack Shake Recipe:

1 Tablespoon Whey Protein Powder
2 Tablespoons Soy Protein Powder
½ Cup Nonfat Milk
1¾ Blob Marshmallow Fluff
2 Nutella
Goldschlagger (to taste)

Get thick/crunk then thank my dick later!!!!!!!

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it's sad that sam and dean arent heroes anymore, but also that the brotherly relationship is such a flop. i mean it's suppose to be the main one. but Sam and Dean bring out the worse in each other, great relationship make each other better but Sam and Dean tear each other down (it's been their relationship arc since the beginning with Carver), the stand in the way of each other desires because of their codependency.

And to think I used to LOVE the brotherly relationship so much. All of season 8 I held a grudge because I thought it was out of character for Sam to not look for Dean in Purgatory and I wanted an explanation for it. But now… I was so bored and turned off during the central brother scene in the finale, which was supposed to be the emotionally gripping climax, that I was tweeting snark all through it to distract myself so I’d be able to stand it.

They could be going somewhere with the dysfunctional thing, though. Both Carver and the Js have been making noises for almost a year about how maybe the brothers are going too far and sacrificing too much in their quest to save each other. Maybe it will actually get addressed in the show at some point.

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If Amelia wasn't real how did Dean use her to lure Sam away from Benny?? It makes no type of sense, girl!

I don’t think it makes any sense.  I reblogged that post for criticism only.  But anything to excuse Sam for abandoning everyone selfishly.  There’s the added motivation of not wanting the brodependency to die so in their minds, how could Sam abandon his bro DOES NOT COMPUTE lol.  

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About the Amelia being a hallucination, I don't get why thats your preferenced reading the rest of the fandom seems to agree with the original post as well (and not just bibros). I thought? you (and a lot of the TWF fandom) are /against/ the codependency, this was our one and only instance in Carvers era where the brothers didnt default to aggressive brodependency and it was a mistake? Like no wonder we'll never see the end of it obviously everybody is for it but why say you want it to end then?

I WANT the brothers to have a very intense relationship and be willing to die for each other.

I DON’T want them to have a toxic dependence on each other that’s so over the top they would each sacrifice the world, or even one single innocent person, rather than let go of each other.

To me it’s very clear where the line is drawn between those two things. Sam looking for Dean, after he mysteriously disappeared in a supernatural event, would have been firmly on the good side. The way their relationship had been portrayed up until then, I couldn’t accept that Sam would just put Dean (and Kevin, and Cas for that matter) behind him and blithely get himself an apple pie life.

What happened later in season 8, however, when Sam and Dean ditched Amelia and Benny, respectively, because any closeness to other people was a threat to their relationship – that was unhealthy. That was dark. That was the bad side. It was the first inkling I got that they were about to start sacrificing more and more other people on the altar of the bro-bond.

And they did. In the season 8 finale, they allowed Hell to stay open so Dean wouldn’t lose Sam. In season 9, they got Kevin killed. In season 10, they got Charlie killed, released the Darkness and killed Death. All so they could keep holding on to each other. The stakes can’t get much higher than this. Something has got to give.

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where's the punch to sam tho? he manipulated cas, used him as a tool, used against him his weakness for dean, made him lie, never listened to cas' concerns even tho after he was the ultimate responsible of charlie's death, never cared what the consequences for cas could be, why is always dean the only one to bla, even if dean was not in control of himself but sam wasn't possesed by any external power, what is sam's excuse? why he has to go away with all the damage he caused completely unscathed?

Cas won’t blame Sam because even though Sam pressured him, Cas made his own choice to help him. And Cas is big on owning his decisions.

Should Dean blame Sam? Yes, and he did, very harshly (”it should be you up there, not her”) – although that was when he still had the Mark. But blame is a big can of worms between the brothers. Dean tends to blame both himself and Sam too harshly, while paradoxically also letting them both off the hook too easily. He wallows in guilt (and anger at Sam) but never attempts to really change their shared dysfunction that causes them to get people killed over and over. 

Should Sam blame himself? Maybe, but I’m honestly not interested in seeing him punish himself, or continue with his habitual thinking that he’s unworthy and he keeps failing everybody, especially Dean. I want him to see that the problem lies not with him exclusively but between him and Dean, and I want him to seriously work to do something about it.

There was a lot of talk of Sam’s “dark arc” in season 10. If it was a dark arc, there needs to be some acknowledgement and some direction changes in season 11, so he can start a redemption arc. And I think Dean needs one too.

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but codepedency is not about what happens to a third non involved party , but the people in the codependended relationship so being against the codependency effects how sam and deans relationship is on its own not just how it effects those around them. but well theres not need ultmately to get worked up about this for me since amelia wasmt canonically a hallucination and for you also since the brodependency wont end anyways so o guess it kinda works out and not both ways xDddd

For me it works, but it’s just a headcanon so there’s no reason it should bother anyone else if I think Amelia wasn’t real.