Anderson’s Get Yoked or Die Trying Liquid Muscle Attack Shake Recipe:

Hey Bitch-Ass-Bitches,
Are you a skinny little skeleton guy who’s all “why aren’t my tiny noodle-muscles growing?” Fucking READ THIS SHIZZZZZ:

Anderson’s Get Yoked or Die Trying Liquid Muscle Attack Shake Recipe:

1 Tablespoon Whey Protein Powder
2 Tablespoons Soy Protein Powder
½ Cup Nonfat Milk
1¾ Blob Marshmallow Fluff
2 Nutella
Goldschlagger (to taste)

Get thick/crunk then thank my dick later!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

i notice even some deancas positive people are staring to pick up on the fact that their interaction keeps getting more strained

It’s hard to miss it!

I was expecting more from this episode, honestly, in terms of direct Dean/Cas interaction. And it’s not just the lackluster acting, the dialogue also was nothing exciting. What were they talking about? Whether Claire would be better off on her own? And then that was mirrored with Cas and Sam in the car later, where Sam insisted that she would NOT be better off alone. Yeah okay I get it, there was a message there about brodependency and family and how Dean and Sam are viewing things differently at the moment, but I wanted their precious rare scene to be a little bit about THEM. Dean and Cas. We don’t GET that anymore.

We’ve been hanging on this whole season on starvation rations. We need to get some sort of payoff in the next three episodes, or Spn is going to lose viewers.

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Anderson and Zac run into each other at a taco stand; a brotastic reunion ensues.

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