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I love your meta. It makes me believe in destiel so much. You pick up on ALL THE THINGS. I just can't understand why they would put so much effort into this unless it was building up to something meaningful. But then the naysayers come along. 😭(1/2)

(2/2) and they just don’t have any justifications behind it. Like “it’s about two brothers.” It hasn’t been just about the Winchesters for a long time though. There’s nothing to back their naysaying apart from hate. What do you think?

Hello, dear! What do I think about all this? 

I have seen people who reblog some of my meta and add comments along the lines of “the writers do not think so deeply about things.” I don’t analyze set dressing and wardrobe in detail as some people do. I prefer to pay attention to the narrative structure and the songs (because of silent storytelling). And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a complete disrespect for talented writers like Robbie Thompson to say they don’t think so deeply. I know not all the SPN writers are as good and smooth as Robbie, but for god’s sake, some things are way too obvious. Sometimes I wonder if the naysayers have ever picked up a book or done a literary analysis. I see the narrative the show is giving us and I feel I can even touch it because it’s as evident as it can get without actually ruining the surprise factor. 

The show is not only about the brothers anymore. Jeremy Carver, the show runner, is a HUGE fan of Castiel and he’ll keep him in the story because he knows he’s important and probably that’s why he came up with Cas’ story arc for season 11: to shut Cas haters up by the end of it. I feel I have to repeat and emphasize this: The show is NOT ONLY about the brothers anymore. They continue to be the core of the show, but it’s about the brothers and the people around them now. It’s about the brothers’ willingness to let other people be part of their world, too. Kripke created a show about love (family love). Jeremy took the premise and added his own. He made the show about love… and love (family love and… something more). The brothers love each other, but it’s part of the course of life to love someone else besides your family, and that other love doesn’t mean you’re going to stop loving your family. The show is breaking the codependency between Sam and Dean. The show is telling us: YES, DEAN AND SAM CAN LOVE EACH OTHER, SAVE EACH OTHER, AND DIE FOR EACH OTHER, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? DEAN CAN LOVE ___________, TOO. AND SAM CAN LOVE _____________, TOO WITHOUT FEELING THEY AREN’T ALLOWED TO. THEY CAN BE LOVED BY OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT, JUST AS ANYBODY ELSE.

All that is important because that’s the boys’ endgame. Anyone who doesn’t see that probably lives in Egypt, near The Nile. ;)

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Part 1: Hi, I really liked the meta you just posted but I wanted to point out that the whole purgatory/sam not looking for dean issue isn't because fans like their codependency. The fact is that Dean wasn't dead, he was locked in purgatory with monsters. He didn't die and go to heaven or anywhere peaceful, so it isnt the same as if Sam were trying to resurrect him. Sam had no idea what happened, aside from knowing he was in a land where he was most likely getting torn apart and didn't try.

Part 2: It isn’t as if Sam found out that the stakes were to high, or that getting Dean out of purgatory would ruin the world. He just simply decided that he was done trying to save his brother. I think that is the thing that resonates with some people, the idea that your closest friend or family member could just give up on you because they have had enough. Sam didn’t want to have to hunt, so Sam chose not to try and save Dean so he could escape, but still feel good about his decision.

Hi, Nonnie! I guess you’re talking about this meta I wrote some days ago. Exactly what you said here is what Sam said in 11x11 (though you sent me this ask before the episode aired, so kudos to you). I understand what you mean, as much as I understand what Sam meant, and why the fans were upset because Sam gave up on his brother, the one person who’s always been there for him.

The thing is that Dean and Sam had actually promised to stop looking for/saving each other. Sam didn’t expect Dean to try to get him out of the cage after season 5. He wanted his brother to go and live a normal life. That’s why it never surprised me that Sam decided to simply do what he asked his brother before. Sam was always willing to leave the “family business” behind. And as Lucifer said, if Dean hadn’t come back, Sam would have been fine. However, Dean came back and once Sam learned where Dean had ended up, once he learned that Dean had been in a land of abominations, he felt terribly guilty because he did nothing to save his brother (though he couldn’t possibly know what was happening to him or where he was).

Throughout all of season 8, Dean made many passive-aggressive comments about Sam not looking for him, and of course, that just made Sam felt even worse. His guilt was such that he was willing to die to close the gates of hell because he didn’t want to continue disappointing Dean. All of season 8 was the beginning of Sam’s journey to become as co-dependent as Dean, in case we still had hope for him. All of seasons 9 and 10 were meant to prove that the co-dependent relationship between the brothers was unhealthy and just got innocent people killed (re: Kevin and Charlie). I understand why people want the brothers to never give up on each other; that has been the core of the show since the very beginning. But there’s love and there’s also unhealthy love. The Winchesters crossed the line of unhealthy love a long time ago. Dean was the first one, and Sam has been doing the same for a long time, too. They can and should fight for each other, but they should also be ready to die or let the other die without deals with demons or the like. Dean let Sam sacrifice himself for the greater good in season 5, but he couldn’t do that in season 8. Sam unleashed the Darkness upon the world just to save Dean in season 10. That’s the problem, as Lucifer said. But the fact that in 11x11 Sam FINALLY apologized for not looking for Dean while he was in Purgatory, and that Dean FINALLY said that he had already forgiven Sam is a good way to start the healing process in their relationship. Jeremy Carver is setting Dean and Sam for their endgames once they save the world. Endgames that will include each other but other people as well. The brothers will learn that they can love each other, and at the same time, leave space to love other people, too. The bond between the brothers will be based on love, not codependency, and that will be a beautiful thing to behold.

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The thing is, the bro only fans are going to be bitter by the end of the show, anyway. The bros are on their way to really fixing their relationship, but Sam has said it himself: he wants something more. They're not going to get their "just Dean and Sam ride off together because they're each others everything" ending. That's not what the show is setting up, so they're not gonna like whatever happens. They'll just be more ok with it as long as *we* definitely don't get what we want too.

true true. Like they could very well end it in a way with D/c subtley enough that they can kind of ignore it, but yeah no way is brodependency gonna be the big winner, and that makes me happy not only for Sam and Dean but cause that’s what they would want and I’m an asshole too lol

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Hello! Regarding the Topic about Dean being abusive - what about Sam? He said he would let Dean go in season 9, but we all saw how far he went to get Dean back when he was a demon. And even after he knew that curing the mark with the book of the damned would have major consequences, his only goal was still saving Dean. And back in season 8, he indirectly forced Dean to end his friendship with Benny, whom he maybe could have helped to adapt to the life topside.

For Dean, living with the knowledge that he led down one of his few friends and the guilt over releasing the darkness, I think Sam’s actions to hold onto Dean are kind of abusing,too. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love both of them, I really do, but I think both of them had their fair share of abusive behavior. Maybe Dean’s started earlier, but Sam cannot let go of Dean either.

Oh, dear! I totally agree with you. Both Dean and Sam are co-dependent, and therefore, emotionally abusive of each other. I just talked about Dean because the anon who asked me this question read something about Dean and focused specifically on him. However, I talked a little about Sam being co-dependent, too here. Emotional blackmail is something Sam has used as well, mostly in season 8. But I think it was Sam’s guilt over what he did to Dean (not looking for him when he was in Purgatory) that made him resent whatever brother-like relationship Dean had. In fact, Dean even told Sam once that Benny was the only one who had never let him down. That explains why Sam wanted Dean to end his friendship with Benny. As I said in the post I linked before, “all of season 8 was the beginning of Sam’s journey to become as co-dependent as Dean.” I definitely think that Dean has been more abusive than Sam, and that Dean has been more codependent than Sam, too. But by no means would I suggest that Sam is free from his own share of abusive and codependent behavior. I don’t misunderstand you at all. I love my boys, too, but we just have to accept that both of them are flawed, and that’s why they’re even more relatable. 

I just worry when people say they’re NOT abusive. I mean… what show have they been watching? There are different types of abuse. And the emotional one causes deeper scars than the physical one sometimes.