Can we talk about thematic significance of the scene in which Sam was trying to break down the door so he could get through to his brother and stop him, and he was failing, and Castiel tried, and they got through?

Yes let’s talk about this one

Sam & 9x14 - The Storm Off

A lot of people are calling Sam immature for storming off to his room once the Trans take their leave. Dean turns to Sam to say something, except Sam’s already gone, so Dean’s left standing there, confused and upset.

And yeah, I definitely feel for Dean. He just wants things back to normal between the two of them. He doesn’t want to hide in his room, blasting music and pretending his brother’s not down the hallway ignoring him. It’s hurting him, obviously.


Let’s not forget that Sam is a victim in all of this. Yes, there have been plenty of times when Dean’s been a victim, too; that prioritising Sam has wound up hurting Dean many times before. But that’s the point - if they can resolve this properly this time, then Sam won’t be stripped of his agency, be actually allowed to make his own choices, and Dean won’t have to sacrifice his own happiness for Sam’s benefit.

The big issue here is that Dean makes decisions for his brother - decisions that ultimately hurt Sam, hurt Dean, but at least Sam’s alive, right? Nevermind that Sam was willing to die for a good cause. At least Sam won’t be dead, and Dean won’t be alone with his guilt.

This cycle needs to end, but only Sam seems willing to acknowledge that it’s even an issue right now.

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