brodemus  asked:

I didn't understand why you liked Giorno so much, but he's really starting to grow on me now that I've gotten into Part 5 a bit.

reasons to like Giorno:

  • he kills a dude with a banana like if you aren’t won over already, I’m sorry about your bad taste
  • he is literally the best of both worlds: he has the passion for justice like a Joestar and the cunning and brilliance of Dio, all while being literally the most fabulous thing on the planet
  • Giorno only wants to join a gang so he can change it from selling drugs and harming the community to something resembling it’s former glory; protecting the innocent and doing what’s right
  • Giorno is a born leader, and he knows it, but you know what? He understands that the inner workings of Passione are not to be left to a newcomer, so he steps aside and lets Bruno be the face of the gang, knowing that he has much more influence and power, and that he’ll be able to do much more. He steps back and becomes the team secret weapon, because he understands that Bruno can accomplish more than he can. He fights smart.
  • Probably one of the best designs Araki has come up with tbh, although part 5 is just filled with great designs.
  • His Stand is able to weaponize life, which is fucking insane.
  • He’s probably the best comrade anyone could ask for, just ask all of Bruno’s gang like god damn. He risked his life for pretty much all of them multiple times and supported them like a god damn badass during all of their fights.
  • He’s 15 and he destroyed one of the most powerful and feared men in all of Italy like seriously I don’t get the hate for Giorno he’s literally the best.