[ andrew’s back at lucien’s door, camera in hand, shifting his feet. ever since he’d shown lucien the computer and they’d shared their secrets, he hadn’t been able to get the blond out of his mind. he wouldn’t admit it, but he’d gone back to the computer and reread lucien’s wikipedia page, absorbing every word of it into himself. he was fascinated by him, and eager to learn more about him than the words in the article provided. ]

Lucien, are you there? It’s Andrew.

So ye guys, I was finally able to read comic TMNT New Animated Adventures number 7!!! AND OMG! I couldn’t resist! It was so cute! All that idea of Mikey and Raph on brodate! I just HAD to draw it…

anonymous asked:

I summon Kuribro in defense mode! This card's special ability, "Egyptian No Romo", allows me to increase both our bromance points by over 9000. I activate the trap card Movie Night to double this effect and end my turn.


Omfgg who are you?! XD This is absolute gooold -tucks this ask into the Heart of the Pockets 5ever- asdfghjkl I feel like this is a brodate LOL but yeah! When I get around to making that skype (just need a fitting name) we can definitely d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do the do. B)

  • jetstream sam's bf:hey chris man
  • jetstream sam's bf:wanna be my bf
  • jetstream sam's bf:that mean brofriend haha
  • jetstream sam's bf:: )
  • his name is snart:haha no homo bro but of course
  • his name is snart:always
  • jetstream sam's bf:haha damnnnn ur my bf man no homo tho ayy
  • his name is snart:haha hell yeah man ill get u some broses no homo hahaha
  • jetstream sam's bf:hahaha shiiiit lets go out on a brodate
  • his name is snart:ohoh fuck yeah bro ill get dressed up nice for a good old bro day
  • jetstream sam's bf:haha nice bro see u at 8 o clock then?
  • his name is snart:hahaa of course bro ill be there with some bro flowers for you
  • jetstream sam's bf:ok see u broman

After one day of forcing Aidan to go shopping with her, and another day of the mall and the local bookstore, Aidan and Rhiannon made a sort of ritual of “brodates.” Every Friday, Aidan and Rhiannon would go do something different—just the two of them (unless, of course, there was some mission). This was officially considered “Rhi and Aid Bro-Day” and included things like going to new restaurant, a club (where Rhi would show off her excellent wing-man skills or the two would play a game where they would see who could get the most numbers that night. Winner would buy drinks for the rest of the nigh), and even one time ceramics…which was weird. 

here is the latest:
I got a new job.
I quit my old one.
I’m getting my car back this weekend.
Next week I am seeing fall out boy
AND having a weekend long brodate with my best friend
I’m working a lot but I’m going to be paid fairly and on time and properly
Everything is coming up MILHOUSE.


One of the greatest of our generation to do it @logic301! Arguably one of the greatest shows I’ve ever been too! This is HIP HOP 🔊🎶🔥💛 #Logic #YoungSinatra #YoungJedi #301 #Visionary #VMG #RattPack #Observatory #HipHopIsNotDead #1OfTheBestOfOurTime #WitnessGreatness #PeaceLovePositivity #BroDate @r_jeezy_dagreat #BrothersKeeper #StillGettingTheChillsAfterWatchingThis