away band camp is fucking insane

“my ass is M.I.A”

ok let me start with
I’m everyone’s favorite in drumline its been a week and apparently I’m fuckin loved
you know hot cymbal I was talking about?? well we’re hella close now and they asked me out as a bro date to the dance instead of the colorgaurd captain she normally asks out for a brodate to the dance
cymbal line is hella close

like we’re the closest section no one else compares
we have a fuCKING TREE
I started a tradition
like theres this naked ass tree that’s dying and when I passed by it I smashed my cymbal into it and it dented and now its a new tradition and we signed it in sharpie and I made an email for the cymbal tree and I also stole a stump and made it the tombstone for the seniors
we also made and buried a time capsule in front of it new cymbal tradition
I have a ton of pictures from it we completely vandalized the thing

anyway there was a photo booth at the dance and cymbals had like a 8 picture photoshoot with random ass props and I’m trying to find the pictures bc they’re fucking amazing

it was hell and now that I’m back it pains me tat i wont see the cymbals until next Friday or something
at senior circle i bawled bc senior cymbal is graduating and i couldn’t keep my shit together basically even though we have a whole season together stillthere was this cabin full of mostly seniors

the dabbin cabin
they had their own set of pranks along with the senior pranks
like the dabbin cabin stole a fuck ton of benches from the other boys cabin and my cabin was like “we don’t have a bench what the hell lets go steal a bench” this is the bench war

and i got a whole team to do it and we stole benches but this one girl in my cabin flipped out when she got out of the bathroom to see a bench inside the cabin and started FLIPPIN HER SHIT and she called her dad and her dad was on our side and said she overreacted and “yeah that sounds like her” and kept telling his daughter that we’d put the fucking benches back and its no big deal and i was just standing there like “holy fuCK ITS JUST A BENCH”

we were just gonna have em for an hour until everyone realized “oh wheres our bench” and then we’d bring them back

anyway we took them from the dabbin cabin and once they figured out who helped us from the boys cabin (we’re not allowed on each other’s porches) they put a bench on his bed it was fucking amazing 

yeah we’re making a girl version of the dabbin cabin next year called the fabbin cabin and I’m in it so that’s great

 also the skits??? they were amazing the trumpet section is fucking nuts and the staff and drum majors acted out that one episode of spongebob “band geeks” it was beautiful

someone boy shaved his legs for the skit where he crossdressed and the dabbin cabin wore really beautiful miss matched outfits to the dance and one guy wore pink booty shorts and i lost it

ah i sat with section leader on the way back on the bus and people kept asking them why they were hanging out with a freshman (they’re a junior)

anyway i got called out like a billion times from the person helping out drumline for doing well
1. “Julia and (section leader) nice marching
2. Julia you played that right. Everyone in cymbals don’t play but Julia and listen to what shes doing (i do the thing and everyone fucking clapped what the hell I’m a freshman whos never played percussion ever why me)
3. 2 happened again but then i was like ughhhh again??? and he’s like you got it right just do it and people are still clapping why me let me li VE
4. “stop giving Julia a cymbal solo i don’t think she wants one yet” -person, yet again, when everyone in cymbals weren’t playing every notes including me idk why he assumed i was
5. everyone thinks I’m a sophomore including the person helping out “are you a sophomore?” “no I’m a freshman” “good i have 4 years with you” like damn
6. “i’m willing Julia section leader once i leave” -section leader “you can’t will someone section leader tho” “i don’t care”
7. “damn Julia you’re a freshman and you’re showing up everyone else here”
8. “Julia that was a perfect thing you just marched” -section leader while we switched directions during one of the pieces
9. section leader is my dad and senior is my mom but like they talk about how I’m great apparently even though I’m not and they apparently trust me the most and I’m the dad’s favorite kid and the senior is our rad uncle even though i say he’s my mom
I lowkey came out to my section leader as questioning maybe??
i was walking to their cabin right with the color guard captain and she was like “hey are you straight?” out of nowhere and I was like “that’s a good question” and section leader was like “why are you asking” and color guard captain was like “everyone you ask to the dance is always straight” “she’s my brodate” “oh”

and also “who’s going to be the official drumline gay when i leave? Julia it’s gonna be you” -section leader who thinks im straight

i wanna say something hhhhHHHH apparently i am a younger version of them