@Brodards Restaurant

Ahh, Brodards Restaurant. One of the better Vietnamese “cuisines” out there. Hell, one of the rare Vietnamese restaurants to accept credit card! The restaurant in Westminster is rather nice. It’s a little hard to find, because it’s located behind the mini-mall and 99 cent store, but once you find it, you’ll appreciate the nice decor and lively ambiance.

Known for their pork spring rolls, Brodards Restaurant will not disappoint. At $6 for 4 rolls, they’re somewhat affordable and more importantly, that $6 will be enough to fill you (they do offer 3 rolls @ $4.50). The rolls have good tasting pork but what makes them different is the fried flour roll used in egg rolls that sneaks into the spring roll. It adds texture to the each bite that makes your mouth question why they never made them like this before. The trump card, though, belongs to the signature dipping sauce. It does contain peanuts, so allergy-haters beware. The sauceis creamy and rich, making traditional fish sauce a bore for your spring rolls and taste buds. 5/5

What’s lesser known but equally tasty is their banh xeo. A sort-of savory crepe, banh xeo is filled with strips of pork and shell-less shrimp, and is accompanied by bean sprouts to make it a very delicious dish. Brodards adds a more coconut milk flavor to their blend, making the banh xeo unique and strikes a balance between savory and sweet. Unlike other places, it does have more meat than usual, so that alone earns it a thumbs up from this carnivore. Wrapping it in lettuce and other leafy greens and dipping in fish sauce, or mixing them all together makes for a delicious entree. Brodards makes one of the better banh xeos Vietnamese restaurants offer. 5/5 

It is a sit-down restaurant, but like most Asian restaurants, you don’t have a dedicated server. So prepare to have a native Vietnamese speaker in your company or recognize that service will be average at best. Raising of hand to get nearest server is necessary and not at all rude: don’t be shy, as the place gets quite busy.


I’m here for the great tasting food. The service is on-par with other Vietnamese/Asian restaurants so I can’t knock it down enough. If you’re in Orange County and have an Asian craving, you have to make the trip here. Highly recommended

note: there are two Brodards, with the other location in Garden Grove (near the In-N-Out), called Brodard Chateau. Don’t be confused with the two, because while both serve their unique spring rolls and sauce, Brodard Chateau is more “upscale.” Translation? PRICIER and different ambiance. It’s more of a date spot/work lunch than a time with your friends.


Over the weekend, I took my boyfriend to Brodard for his birthday and I had a group of our friends surprise him (: It was definitely nice to get his close friends together. Ahh, lunch was delicious. And afterwards we had fruit cake at our friends house. It was definitely a good day! My boyfriend deserved it <33