brocon passion pink

Brothers Conflict - ブラザーズ コンフリクト
© Takeshi Mizuno and illustrated by Udajo

November Update -sort of-

Hello, guys! 

As you already know, yes Brocon PP is 100% translated, but not completely edited. Plus there’s still scripts that need reformatting. Not only that but along with editing, we do still need to insert it into the actual game with a completed patch. There’s been a lot going on for both me and Kairi (especially her own school studies) and truthfully it’s been taking up most of our time. 

That’s to say, we’re not just sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Progress makes its way, slowly, but still made. I felt the need to address the constant asks of how the project is going on and such. I understand people are curious since we missed an update from a few months after being consecutive about it, but please do not spam our ask with the same constant questions. There are a lot we’ve answered before and there’s no point in asking when it’s going to be released when we ourselves, are a bit unsure. I know it’s been a late notice but we are more or less a team w/ 3 people.

Thanks for the continued support but please be patient with us!

- Theresa