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Characterization for Taylor

You know I tend to have a really hard time finding Worm fanfiction I actually like, and I’ve never really managed to figure out why. I just knew that unlike most fiction I read (or watch) none of the stuff I found could really compare to the original. I had an epiphany recently though and I’ve realized that it’s that most people seem to just be missing some kind of pivotal piece of Taylor’s character. And so I’ve written up this huge rant about what I consider to be the basis of Taylor’s every action within Worm.

Firstly, there are four pivotal pieces Taylor’s personality that never really change throughout the story, allthough some do become more or less prominent. And that is her:

A) Selflessness

B) Goal-Orientedness

C) Ambitiousness

D) Intelligence

Now, Taylor’s selflessness is probably the most driving motivating urge she has. (People recognize this on some level, which is why I think we get so many Ward!Taylor AUs, but the other three traits listed are what make me believe it would never have really worked out, even if their wasn’t the whole ‘Shadow Stalker’ issue to contend with.) It’s what made an untried, untested, unconfident bug controlling master decide to challenge Lung on her first night out. It’s what made her take on Coil. It’s what made her throw herself at her enemies feet. It’s what made her take up the good fight against all those S-class threats. It’s what made her try her hardest to do good, even when she was a villain, even when it was misunderstood, even when it would have been easier to do nothing, or to do the opposite. And maybe that might only be one half of Taylor’s kind of screwed up morals, and another half the way the trio dug at every bit of self-hood Taylor managed to scrape together for years… but still. It’s the reason Taylor makes the choices she makes. Even (or maybe most especially) the machiavellian ones.

Secondly, Taylor’s goal-oriented nature. This is, in essence, what makes Taylor so damned focused on ‘the big picture’. Now the thing is, is that this in and of itself isn’t all that dangerous. In fact lot’s of people have this trait! Politicians, lawyers, business execs, hell even gang leaders and prostitutes. But the thing you have to understand about these people is that if you push them, too far, too fast, in just the right way, in just the right time, there is literally nothing they will not do to accomplish what they set out to. These people weigh the pros and cons of every decision in their lives, and when things tip to far into the pros there is no moral line, no law, and no consequence that will stop them from doing what they feel they have to do.

Thirdly, there is Taylor’s ambitions. This really is what decides what goals exactly Taylor’s going to shoot for. It’s the part of Taylor that said, yeah I’m going to keep going to school, no matter how hard it is, the part of her that says, yes, I’m going to be a hero, no matter how dangerous it may be, the part of her that says, yes I’m going to save the world, no matter how improbable that may be. The part of her that looked at every opponent a hundred times stronger than her, a hundred times more experienced than her, and said: yeah I’m gonna fuck their shit up. All of this? In conjunction with how goal-oriented she is? Yes it’s a frightening combination.

Fourthly, but definitely not least, is how damn intelligent Taylor is. The thing about those other three traits? Is that lots of people have them. Hell lot’s of people have them in conjunction with each other! But not half of them turn out to be as dangerous as Taylor is. And that’s because of this. Because she may not have a supercomputer for a brain, but she’s got that rare combination of tactical and strategic talent that allows her to take very bit of knowledge, skill, and power she has, and then munchkin the hell out of it. This is the girl who using her brains, pepper spray, bugs, and a small team of villains specializing in smash and grab robbery, managed to take over a city. This is the girl who killed Alexandria in an apoplectic rage. This is the girl who beat off the S9 twice. This is the girl who rotted off Lungs crotch and cut out his eyes. This is the girl who took every minuscule tool and advantage offered to her, and saved the multiverse. This is what makes Taylor, Taylor.