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14/365: Al La Fea

Kudos to Alyssa ( for the title! :p There’s a little clip that was accidentally included at the end for like 1 second, so my bad. Could this pass as a comedy @kaththecrapout?

How to do this look?

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I can't believe I'm leaving tonight already!

I am sorry to those friends that I didn’t get the chance to meet. As you know of course I also had to budget my time for myself as well as family. It’s also impossible for me to extend my stay. To my very closest friends that made the effort despite of all odds to see me last night! Thank you. You are so wonderful and I am so happy to have you all as friends.

Dear Friends,

Sorry if I have been gone, and If I hadn’t been responding to your messages, I have no credit most of the time and it’s been pretty much hectic. I miss you all though. 

Love Alyssa

Yes I have an "Annoying People" list. Kung ayaw mong masama diyan, huwag kang magreklamo kung hindi ako nakakapagreply, minsan kasi busy ako, wala akong ganang makipagusap sa ibang tao kundi mga kaibigan ko lang, wala talaga ako sa bahay, malayo ako sa laptop ko. 

Meron din akong "Family" dahil minsan makulit din sila, it comes down to the awkward what are you doing with your life sort of thing. Close family members usually call so that’s not a problem. It also works good for restricting my status visibility and also with photo albums. 

Meron din akong "Brock Crew" na listahan dahil kadalasan, sa kanila lang ako nakaonline. ahahaha. Lalo na nung times na emo pa ako. Kasi ayaw ko talagang makipagusap sa ibang tao. Gusto ko alone ako, ewan ko kung bakit. Nakakatamad kasing magkwento, pag sinabi kong ayaw kong ikwento mangungulit parin ang iba.