brock tickle

spark-writes  asked:

Another (mythical being au cause I live for that shit) headcanon from me, Moo is half cat so he uses his tail/ears/purring to tease Vanoss ;)

Okay, I fuckin love mythical au’s and this makes me so happy omg


Brock lounged on their couch, his tail flicking in a bored manner. He was flicking through random channels while he waited for Evan to get home from work. That was when the fun happened, and everything up to that point was perfectly boring for Brock. 

His ears perked up as he heard the door lock clicking. His eyes flicked to the door and he smirked as he watched Evan walk through it. Before Evan could process it, Brock was all over him. Hugging, kissing, Evan wasn’t even sure. But he slowly eased Brock off him. 

“Woah there Moo, I just got home. Let me make dinner and then we can…go to the bedroom,” Evan bustled around the kitchen, trying to hold back his giggles as Brock would tickle him with his tail. He glanced over at Brock, seeing him laying half naked on their counter. Evan sighed, and gave up on dinner. 

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