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Everyone remembers Brock Peters for his outstanding performance as Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1962). But the late veteran actor was no stranger to science fiction.

Old School Sci Fi fans will remember Peters as Chief Hatcher in “Soylent Green” (1973). And Star Trek fans will recall Peters portraying Fleet Admiral Cartwright in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (1986) and “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (1991) as well as Joseph Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Lemurian Star

A more action oriented story. I mostly do more emotional and day to day ones, but I plan on doing stories like this too, since the Reader is an Avenger. But I still want to incorporate her emotional side too. Please enjoy, and as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!




Brock Rumlow explained the situation on the way to your drop zone.

A SHIELD ship had trespassed in foreign waters, and the ship’s crew had been taken hostage. You and Steve were both shocked to hear that Jasper Sitwell was amongst the hostages.

Steve was going to go after Batroc, the leader, while you got into position to cover him. Nat was to secure the engine room, and the Strike Team would extract the hostages.

Once you landed, you made your way to a ledge on the ship that gave you a discreet view of Batroc’s location, taking a few guys out as you went. Once in position, you set up your sniper rifle quickly, and settled in. This guy was dangerous, and Steve clearly didn’t want to screw around. You were not to shoot unless absolutely necessary, as SHIELD needed to interrogate him.

“Hey Cap, Romanov isn’t responding to comms,” you heard Rumlow say through your earpiece.

“Nat, where are you?” Steve asked, but there was no response, “(Y/N), have you seen her?”

“No,” you whispered, “wherever she is though, she isn’t in trouble. She’s calm.”

“Understood,” Steve replied, sounding agitated. You watched him begin to engage Batroc through your scope, when you were approached from behind. You took the enemy out as quickly as you could, then scrambled back to your rifle. Steve and Batroc were not in view. He must have made a run for it.

“Sorry Steve, I was attacked. I’ll find a new vantage point.”

“Ok (Y/N). You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think he’ll be feeling some regret when he wakes up.”

You heard Steve chuckle, before Rumlow was in your ears again, “Could use some help with the hostages. Black Widow missed rendezvous, and hostiles are still in play.”

“Damn it Nat! Alright, (Y/N), cover the hostages. I’ll be ok.”

“Copy that,” you replied, moving swiftly in the direction of rendezvous.

Things went smoothly as you took a few hostiles out. The hostages were almost all in safety when you heard a loud explosion.

“Rumlow, I’m going to go check that out. You ok?” you spoke fast, already moving toward the fire that had broken out.

“We’re good Barnes, thanks.”

As you moved forward, you saw a big man running towards you. It was Batroc, and he was angry.

“Steve, I need help. West side,” you panted into your earpiece, struggling to hold your own against such a large opponent. Just as you saw Steve approach, Batroc got the better of you, and you felt the sharp burn of his knife in your stomach.

You looked into Batroc’s eyes as he removed his blade, then down to your bleeding stomach.

“(Y/N!)” Steve yelled out, startling Batroc into retreat. He knelt down next to you, putting pressure on the wound.

“I’m ok… I don’t think he got any organs,” you comforted Steve, starting to feel dizzy.

The return to DC and trip to the hospital went by in a blur for you, but it was agonisingly slow for Steve. He was concerned for you, and angry with Nat and Fury. If Nat hadn’t been on her own mission, Steve could have easily taken down Batroc before anyone else got hurt.

Dr. Wiseman released you after two days. The knife had missed everything important, and you hadn’t really lost that much blood. You found yourself grateful to Dr. Wiseman for not only treating you, but also for allowing you to wear a long sleeved hospital gown, and for not letting anyone, especially Steve, see your left arm.

“I’m so sorry I let you get hurt,” Steve muttered, as he helped you into the apartment.

“It wasn’t your fault Steve. I’m the one who let him get the upper hand.”

Steve sat you down on the couch and got you set up comfortably. He was worried, not just because of your injury but also because, lately, it seemed like you had been withdrawing from everyone, even him.

All you had was each other, and he couldn’t bare the thought of losing you.

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And I have loved you in a tame way/And I have loved you wild

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Seven Bridges Road

“Bucky, seriously, think this through.”

Bucky ignored his brother, throwing more clothes into his knapsack. “Buck! Brock is not worth this.”

“He is to me,” Bucky rumbled, swinging the bag over his shoulder. “And if this is what it takes to get him, then I’m going.”

Brock Rumlow was all Bucky had ever wanted. He was handsome, funny, athletic, and most importantly, charismatic. He always fit in everywhere he went. Bucky had never had that; people thought him cold, called him ‘Winter.’ Everybody but Steve and his mom Sarah treated him like an outside, which, okay, he was, but still. Bucky just wanted to belong with, to somebody.

Brock was that somebody. Yesterday Bucky had dressed in his best suit, scraped together his courage, and went to ask for his hand, but Brock was high-class. He couldn’t just be wooed by some pretty words.

“I would bring you the stars, Brock,” Bucky had sworn, and ignored the pang in his heart when Brock laughed, focusing instead on how beautiful he was when he did so.

Brock got himself under control, looked Bucky up and down, and said “Alright, Winter. We all saw the shower yesterday. One of the stars fell from the sky. You get me that star and I swear to be yours.”

So now Bucky prepared to walk down Seven Bridges Road. No one ever made it past the fourth bridge unless they could pay the toll, but if you could, you would find yourself in a magical world. Or so said Bucky’s father, Chester Phillips, in his favorite nighttime story.

Sarah said that’s where Bucky came from. His father had been her childhood friend and she had taken care of Bucky once he passed on, but his mother had always been a mystery. “She’s from beyond the bridge, your pa always said,” Sarah would tell him. 

“It’s dangerous,” Stevie said. “I’ll worry about you, jerk.”

Bucky smiled at his brother, ruffled his hair, which Steve predictably huffed at. “You shouldn’t. I’m leaving all the stupid with you, punk. I’ll be fine.”

Downstairs, Sarah Rogers was waiting. She handed him food, a water canteen, and his birthright: a magical candle that was said to transport the user miles in seconds as long as the candle was lit. “Come back to us,” she whispered to him as they hugged. “You will always have a place here.”

“Be safe, Bucky,” Steve told him, and then he set.

For love, he told himself as he left the only home he’d ever know. 

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I’ve been thinking recently about how if I had absolute autonomy I’d reorganize the various Spider-Man titles and to a lesser extent the Marvel Universe titles as a whole. Thought I might as well share.

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Chapter 1 (BBS Monster AU)

The world we now live in, is a world where humans are not just the dominant species. Discovered in 1737 Western Europe, a new species named Monsters, were bor. They were created, by a vengeful spirit, named Lucifer, to terrorize the damned creatures he helped create. He looked for the most evil, sadistic creatures that he knew would do damage to the lives of many, but, there wasn’t many like that, surprisingly. Eventually, he found one that went by the name of Misdius Cearo. He was tall, toned and down right gorgeous. Misdius was a man who always had the ladies flocking towards him, which was great for him. After love making he would slit their knecks and hang their heads off the ceiling. He never felt anything romantic when it came to the intercourse, neither did he when it came to women.
Eventually, the towns people discovered his killings, after their princess went missing. They nailed him to a stake and before they burned him alive, he said, “ May the devil be in my favor, and demons be cast upon this treacherous world.” The burning was pushed away, and around twenty five to thirty graves were made for all the women who were viciously murdered.
Lucifer took this chance and created something out of the woman killer. Misdius sprouted out torn up looking wings, and a tail with the end of it being a scythe. Misdius was transformed into a being of pure evil and terror, that would soon terrorize the upper grounds with his demonic presence.
Lucifer ended up making more and more monsters, totalling up to two hundred. The world saw how much hell was bringing upon their disease infested life, and they had to stop it. They decided to make the MHA (Monster Hunter Association), in 1739, to help exterminate the monsters.
One by one, the monsters, and hunters, dropped like flies. All, but Misdius died off in the next ten years. Outraged, Lucifer casted Misdius to stay in the human world and recreate his army again.
And so with that, that’s were we begin our story.

The year now is 2016. Our new setting is in San Antonio, Texas, at The Creeptacular-an amusement park focused on all things scary and creepy, but half of the large amusement park is now abandoned, with woods seperating the abandoned and non-abandoned part.

“Come one! Come all! And welcome to the Creeptacular!” A tall showman exclaimed.
He shook the hands of young children and greeted parents. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy was in the air, while people talked among themselves and the sounds of games was what was heard. A certain pair of eyes watched from the woods, and smiled to himself, under his mask.
“Delirious. It’s time for the meeting,” A man made of fire, said in a bored tone.
“I know, I know, Wildcat,” Delirious said sighing under his plague doctor mask, and turned his back to the amusement park.
Wildcat poofed his way back, only moving five meters every poof. Delirious followed behind, floating just over the surface of the wood’s floor. They passed the gigantic ten foot clown head, that was laying on the floor with an eerie smile on it’s broken face, and passed the old carousel. Eventually they made their way to the circus looking tent that had a bunch of large holes on the top, and dirt patches at the bottom of it. When they entered, a large, rectangular, scratched up table was in the center of it, and lights hung from the top of the tent. A few of the lights flickered and we’re broken, but you could clearly see what, and who, was in the tent.
A few of the others were there, already. Which were Evan, Daithi, and Mini. Evan was the Jersey Devil. He spawned the lower body of a goat, a snake tail, two crooked looking horns, and two ripped up wings. He was usually their aid, who they would go to in time of need.
Daithi was a ghost. He died at a young age, but somehow matured over his ghost years. He was completely white, from head to toe. He had a paper bag with two circles cut in it so he could see, but the shading from it made it seem like he had none. He wore baggy jeans, with with a flannel shirt, and some beat up looking sneakers. Chains fell through the floor as he floated a few feet in the air, talking to Evan.
Mini was in the right side of the table, spinning in his velvet, torn up chair. A wheel was missing so he replaced that with stone. Mini was a shapeshifter, but today he was in his actual form, or the form he was born with. He had brown hair, styled to the side, black glasses, a orange tee-shirt, and skinny jeans, with his favorite black Converse shoes on.
Evan was the first one to notice the two, and greeted them with a smile. Daithi looked over and waved, while Mini kept spinning, but yelled out, “Hey, guys!” Delirious and Wildcat greeted them, and took their seats. Wildcat sat next to Evan, trying his best to not catch the chair on fire. Delirious sat next to Mini, but scoot closer to help him spin faster, using his blue glowing shadow.
Eventually, the rest of the gang flocked in. Cartoonz, a demon, fell from the top of the tent, creating another hole. He muttered a ‘ah shit’ and dusted himself off. He dragged his ball and chain to sit at the table, right next to Delirious. He grinned at everyone and slammed his head on the table, falling asleep.
Ohmwrecker, a ghoul, walked in and simply pulled out his chair, sitting next to Wildcat. He crossed his arms and said, “well hello there everyone. Isn’t the fog right now so disgusting?” He giggled lightly and looked over everyone.
Ohmwrecker, and Cartoonz were the stronger ones of the gang. Ohmwrecker was a ghoul, so his food was everywhere he went. On top of that, he has 10 spikes that stick out of his body that grow whenever he feels threatened to protect his head. He could easily sprout out energy from his hands too. Cartoonz was a full blown demon, unlike Delirious. Cartoonz was born a demon, not created into one. And unlike Delirious, he shows no mercy to any age, while Delirious, and the others, showed mercy to those of a young age. Toonz was the type of demon who took life from intercourse, and didn’t mind getting hurt or his hands dirty. He usually used his satanic powers to turn other’s insides their outsides, but that was just a hobby.
Everyone quieted down and focused all their attention on Evan. He cleared his throat and looked over everyone.
“ We have an issue,” he said in a low tone, “ the MHA are growing and getting into our territory. We have to start being more vigilant and put our senses on high.”
The monsters quietly conversed between each other and then Mini spoke up. “ When I was talking to Brock and Brian, they said that they were moving more to this part of Texas. If I find anything else, I’ll tell you all instantly. ”
Brock and Brian were two of Mini’s friends, who just so happened to be the head of sector seven and sector fifteen in the MHA. They didn’t know that Mini was a monster, because, well…he looked human. You couldn’t even tell he was a monster unless you see him shift, which he’s pretty good at covering up from others.
Evan nodded his head, and looked at Ohm. “ I want you to start watching over the carousel area,” then looked at everyone else and gave them a specific area to look over. They all nodded their head and one by one all left to go do something. Evan sighed and slumped into his large torn up sofa.

Heels clicked through the hallway as a tall, broad man shuffled through the halls in a black suit. His hair pushed to the side and his briefcase moving side to side, following his hand movement. He looked over at the sides of the hallways as the lower MHA hunters bowed at him, and held their tongue. He made a sharp turn to the right and walked down the hall, until he came to double, metal, bolted doors. He placed his thumb in the scanner next to the large metallic doors, and once it said all of his name, he walked in, setting his briefcase down.
“ About time, dumbass,” a short drake skinned man said angrily at him.
“ Calm down, Marcel. I was only late by three minutes,” the man said in an Irish tone.
“ Three minutes!? You fucking bagel! You were late by thirty seven minutes, Brian!” Marcel exclaimed, angrily.
Brian rolled his eyes and looked up at the large screen in front of him. It had a picture of a man in his early forties, torn to shreds from his neck to his lower torso.
“ What’s this disgusting mess?” Brian asked nonchalantly.
“ That is William Backster. He was walking home from the grocery store, at two thirty-five p.m., and was found five hours later, in a ditch, right next to his home by a few joggers,” a man with a half shaved head said piping in.
“ Any evidence that this was a monster that killed him, Brock?”
“ The teeth marks found on his shoulders and the claws that ripped his body can be concluded that it was an Adlet,” Brock changed the screen to a picture of the humanoid dog like creature.
“ That’s a big doggy!!!” A small man said, with a squeaky voice, in the corner, stuffing his face with gummy worms.
Brian just looked at him quickly to see his happy face munching on the large bag of sugary worms.
“ You must have diabetes from all that sugar,” Brian said with a slightly annoyed tone.
“ You must have a stick far up your ass if you’re this much of a party pooper, mom,” Lui pushed in more gummy worms and started to spin in his chair.
Brian didn’t even respond and just looked back at the screen. He read over the data that was given on the creature.
Lui was head of sector two. His nick name was “small destroyer”. He was the second oldest of the twenty sector heads, at the age of thirty. He was notorious for his large sweet tooth and love of gummy worms. And scythes.
Marcel was head of sector eight. He was known for his smart mouth and his short temper. He was great at handling pistols and small pocket knifes. He was only of the age of twenty three.
Brian was the head of sector fifteen. He was of the age of twenty three. He is best known for his smart remarks and his amazing use of a morning star.
Brock was of the age of twenty four, and the head of sector seven. He was known for his calm and sweet behavior, while still holding his ground. He is best known for his use of sickles, also.
“ Alright boys. I think it’s time to go hunt us this damn dog.,” Brian grabbed his suitcase and headed out the door. The other three followed behind him, holding suitcases as well.
“ Awww!!! My gummy worms are all gone! Brian! Brian! Can we stop for more!?” Lui asked in an excited tone, flinging his long suitcase around.
Brian pushed the case out of his face and sighed, “ why the hell not? I’m thirsty anyways.” He pushed the down button and got into the elevator. The four listened to the crappie elevator music until they made their way to the first floor.
“ Let’s go get that fucking Adlet bitch,” Brian threw his fist in the air in a victorious way, while Marcel grunted, Lui rambled about gummy worms, and Brock just smiled.

(Words: 2006)