brock baker sang to me

This is the post i put up on FB. for my family to read, its just reedited for less flailing and fan-girling.

OK, here it is, this is my post. it all starts on Sat, when I got Brock’s tweet about him coming to Dallas, of course I tweet him to see if he’s gonna do a show anywhere here in Dallas.

No Reply

You all should know who Brock is by now cause I made all of you go like his FB page for Cambio On The Spot, but just in case…Brock is a Singer and an actor on Glee, he plays a Warbler, in season 2 and if I’m not mistaken Brock’s doing background vocals for this season (*I had previously asked Brock if he was going to be on Glee this season because he was not filming with the rest of the Warbler boys, he replied to me ‘I won’t see him but to listen for him*), it’s a small part but this is how I discovered him. He sings his own music and has quite a few videos on YouTube if you care to look him up. I have posted quite a few of them here on Face book. He has one song on iTunes, you can find it here Go buy it, best $.99 you’ve ever spent.

Near midnight I get his tweet that he played La Cirque, it’s a high-rise apt. building in Victory Plaza, (American Airlines Center, where the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars play.) And I’m guessing it was a private show, because there was no advertisement for it and he didn’t tweet about it before hand.  I may have tweeted that he must have lost my invite.

Again, no reply

On Sunday I left a few tweets to Brock asking if he was playing anywhere that night and that I’d be working 10-8 at Supercuts on Lemmon Ave. and he should come buy and sign my warblers CD. (My shop is only like 5 min from his hotel).

Again, no Reply

Brock tweets about going to the mall and watching a movie, while I’m stuck at work, literally dying cause BROCK BAKER IS IN DALLAS LIKE 3 MILES FROM ME.

So again, no reply, by this point he hasn’t responded to ANY of my tweets (or anyone else’s except for Curt Mega’s *another warbler on Glee, and his friend)

So on Sunday morning I’m kind of getting upset that he hasn’t responded to me, (side note-Brock knows who I am by name because I’ve been following him from the very beginning that he was on Glee, and asked me to call him when he was on the Kyle Sherman Radio Morning Show *here is the pod cast if you’re interested anyway I tweet him a few things cause I’m actually kind of upset that he hasn’t replied to me at this point.

A couple of my friends have been tweeting him to go come by the salon and see me on my behalf (Thank you Tarra, Deb, Anne-Marie, and Tammy)

Still, no reply

I tweet him on Monday morning and tell him that he must be ignoring me, and that he doesn’t love me anymore and that I’ll just go cry in my sock drawer. *I’m not above groveling* At this point I’m only trying to get a tweet from him, I’d be happy with just an 'I’m busy tweet’ at this point. And I’m a little upset cause Brock hasn’t replied to ANY of my tweets-at all.

Cue Monday afternoon.

I had just finished a clients hair and this tall blonde woman comes up to me and asks if I’m Belinda, i say yes (she’s acting kind of strange cause most request’s just leave their name at the desk and have a seat, but she seems intent to speak to me personally) She says that she was told that she should get her hair cut by me and i told her that i would be right with her and to leave her name at the desk. She just looks at me which i think is a little odd but…At this point she goes up to the desk and gives her name and i focus on my current client and we’re finishing up and…

Queue the first strings of a guitar playing like 5 feet from me, I’m facing down and i look up and see Brock Baker standing there with a guitar, as I see his face and the sounds of Fairy Tale Ending are being played beautifully…


Because I immediately know that Brock Freaking Baker is standing 5 feet from me and serenading me with his Beautiful song.  The song is so beautiful and his voice is so powerful and loud and beautiful, I have chills and goose bumps and my hands are sweaty, I tear up (so does my co-worker Keith and my Mgr. Wendy)

Brock finishes his song and gives me the best hug, like EVER.

By this point I am a complete mess. My hands are shaking so bad and I literally cannot speak a coherent thought, Now as i write this about 10 different questions pop into my mind that were nonexistent while he was in front of me.

Brock asks the guy he came in with to take pictures of us, and Brock turns to me and tells me he will tweet the photo to me, he does, two of them.

Brock tells me he just stopped by to say hi and that he was on his way to the airport to go back to LA. I thank him for my song, and turn to the Blonde which now I find out her name is Brooke and tell her that I want a copy of the video she just taped, and she said she would get me a copy.

Ok, by this point my insides have been turned to mush, as have my mgr, and coworker. All three of us near tears because the song was so powerful and his voice is so strong, yes strong and loud, and beautiful is the only way i can describe it.

I’m guessing that i thank him, because i cannot remember anything after this point. The next thing i can remember is being in the office in a chair with my phone in my hand with Twitter open to Brocks Twitter feed. I see his two tweets to me with the two pics of us. Again this man is so amazing. Brock didn’t need to come to my place of business, on his way home and stop to sing to me, he could have just tweeted that he was busy and that would have been the end of it and I would have been ok with that, but he didn’t, Brock with his kind heart took time out of his super busy schedule to stop by. He could have just come in and said hi and maybe signed something, and i would have been over the moon for that.

Brock M. Baker sang to me today, it was the best day of my life, and i still have butterflies in my stomach hours later. If you read this Brock, know that i can never ever say thank you enough. I love you and your enormous heart, with my whole heart.

I have since tweeted him to thank him profusely for taking the time to come by and for singing to me.

I have yet to hear from him about the Video so I’ll let you know. (I think I found his friend Brooke that took the video, so we’ll see.)

I want to Thank all my friends, who I love unconditionally, and a special shout out to Tarra and Deb.