Day 3 shipping pictures- the last one!!


If you recognize yourself or someone you know, please let me know in an ask or in a reblog- I won’t be checking what you tag the reblog, you need to actually put it in your post!


Additionally, I am looking for the fem!John in the last pic- she and I hung out on Day 4 and I did not get her tumblr, and I would really like to have it. If you know who she is, please please let me know!!


Trickster Dirk is 2xknifekind

Bloody Roxy is gossipseer

bloody dave is weresnark

The wee Dave on Dirk’s shoulders is iheartpkmn’s little brother

Dirk holding up the wee Dave is saiderp

black Dave is slic3nevermind

The Dirk fistbumping lil Cal (3), kissing Dave (5) and making a Jake-kabob (8) is vriskasauerkraut

The Burlesque Crocker Jane is jakeenglishssweetjunk

Yes, it’s finally done! walk dont stride is now completely uploaded and finished.


Your name is Dave Strider, and ever since you witnessed your parents’ deaths two months ago, you’ve been experiencing some serious PTSD. And, as if your life wasn’t hard enough, you have to deal with returning to school, rekindling a finite relationship with your brother, and nursing a longtime crush on your longtime best friend, John Egbert. Oh, and your brother is dating your nightmare.

DaveJohn, BroCal


Bro with Cal you all know it’s true, Thanks to my moirail for introducing me to this song

Hate and Undesired thinking.

Anon. I like you. I like your plot thinking. I DEMAND ANOTHER!

Pairing; DirkHuman!Cal

Warnings/Tags; Fluff, Genderbent (if double-genders count as such?)

Authors note(s): Since I HAVE read Guidestuck,  Headcanon Hermaphrodite with boobs, but prefers to be called a boy.

*has put it under read more because its a bit long omg*

Your name is Cal Strider, and goddamn did you hate yourself currently. Why? You think everyone has began to hate you. Yeah you get annoying, you always knew you have. But this was one of those times where you accidentally let it get to you. 

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