brocade corsets


“Antique” Modern Victorian 22" corset made from brocade coutil, with antique bronze grommets, antique lace, and contrast top-stitching. The laces and cotton/silk satin binding were dyed to help give the corset an “antique” feel, as well as the coutil dyed chocolate milk brown.

I am hoping to soon find a bit of ribbon or trim in a nice color to add a rosette to the bust.

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This incredibly striking 19" bespoke underbust corset was created for a waist training client for daily wear. Sturdily constructed of two layers of coutil, the beautiful outer layer of which is our popular pink rose brocade coutil. The moss green satin coutil casings and binding were carefully dyed by hand to achieve this striking colour. Though not apparent in the photos, this piece is slightly asymmetrical to accommodate a slightly prominent right hip.


I made a corset for my mage character. It’s not done yet, but there are a few in-progress photos I’d like to share.

I took a tudor corset pattern and changed it to suit my needs. It is shorter than it’s historical counterparts, since I have to be able to move around in it a lot. I also made the upper edge pointing upwards to enhance the ArtDeco feel of this costume part.

I used linen cloth for the lining and rattan for the bones. The outer layer is going to be brocade.

The corset originally was going to have cording as well as a front clasp, but breathing proved really hard in this. So I decided to exchange the cording for 10 cm wide elastic straps. So It is more like a fake corset now.


L'innocente (1976) - Laura Antonelli as Giuliana Hermil and Marie Dubois as the Princess wearing gowns in bright colours.

Antonelli wore a purple satin dress with corseted bodice, crystal-embellished skirt and matching tulle stole. Dubois wore a scarlet red brocade dress with corseted bodice with crystal and tulle-embellished neckline.

The costumes were designed by Piero Tosi.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! We have so much lined up to show you that it’s hard to know where to begin! Here’s another beauty that recently went to its new home. A third piece for this client’s collection, this corset has a 21" waist with a conical rib shape and dramatic hip spring. The pieces are carefully drafted, cut, and stitched to accommodate a slight asymmetry. This smaller corset of hers was made to allow the wearing of some antique gowns!


22"  Hipgore Edwardian inspired underbust corset made from cream silk taffeta brocade with antique lace. Coutil strength layer, boned with ¼" spiral and flat steels for support. Corset has gold busk and grommets. Cotton lacing.

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Good morning, I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend! Here’s something pretty to start the week off with: One of a pair of asymmetrical corsets intended for daily wear for a client with an active lifestyle, requiring back support. The gentle longline hem provides hip control while still allowing a lot of ease of movement. The conical shape suits the client’s narrow ribs and aesthetic taste, creating a smooth line from the top of the corset to the waist, reminiscent of a Victorian silhouette. Made with integral boning channels in pink on white brocade coutil with hand-finished pink sateen binding to compliment the roses. The corset also has a modesty panel and grommets spaced close together at the waist to eliminate slipping of the laces.


I’m so pleased to finally share these images with you of my latest bespoke corset. This is also the first opportunity I’ve had to make a fancy brocade corset without external casings! Intended for regular wear and light training, this elegant silhouette has a gentle waist reduction and hidden bust support concealed behind a pretty cotton lining. The garters are the epitome of luxury; ruched silk, with silver satin garter covers and petite organza bows. Beautiful-but-strong satin ribbon lacing brings all the contrast together.