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[ ELEMENTAL ] fire. ice. water. air. earth. rain. snow. wind. moon. stars. sun. heat. cold. steam. frost. lightning. sunlight. moonlight. dawn. dusk. twilight. midnight. sunrise. sunset. dewdrops. clouds.

[ BODY ] claws. long fingers. fangs. teeth. wings. tails. lips. bare feet. freckles. bruises. canine. scars. scratches. ears. wounds. burns. spikes. feathers. webs. eyes. hands. sweat. tears. feline. chubby. curvy. short. tall. normal height. muscular. slender. trained. piercings. tattoos. strong. weak. shapeshifting. junoesque. svelte. long hair. short hair. dark circles. big. small. prosthetics. experimented. cyborg. halos. horns. wolfish. hooves. withered. old. young.

[ WEAPONRY ] fists. sword. dagger. spear. scythe. bow and arrow. hammer. shield. poison. guns. axes. throwing axes. whips. knives. throwing knives. pepper sprays. tasers. machine guns. slingshots. katanas. maces. staffs. wands. powers. magical items. magic. rocks. power loader. flamethrower .metal rod. shotguns. needles.

[ MATERIAL ] gold. silver. platinum. titanium. diamonds. pearls. rubies. sapphires. emeralds. amethyst. metal. iron. rust. steel. glass. wood. porcelain. paper. wool. fur. lace. leather. copper. silk. velvet. denim. linen. cotton. charcoal. clay. stone. asphalt. brick. marble. dust. glitter. blood. dirt. mud. smoke. ash. shadow. carbonate. rubber. synthetics. yarn. slime. ivory. electrum.

[ NATURE ] grass. leaves. trees. bark. roses. daisies. tulips. holly. lavender. lilies. petals.thorns. sunflowers. seeds. hay. sand. rocks. ice. roots. flowers. ocean. river. lake. meadow. forest. desert. tundra. savanna. rain forest. swamp. caves. underwater. coral reef. beach. waves. space. mountains. fungi. cliffs.

[ ANIMALS ]  lions. wolves. black panther. eagles. owls. falcons. hawks. swans. snakes. turtles. ducks. bugs. roaches. spiders. birds. whales. dolphins. fish. sharks. horses. cats. dogs. bunnies. praying mantis. crows. ravens. mice. lizards. frogs. bears. werewolves. unicorns. pegasus. dinosaurs. dragons. felines. foxes. centaurs.

[ FOOD & DRINK ]  sugar. salt. water. candy. bubblegum. wine. champagne. hard liquor. beer. coffee. tea. spices. herbs. apple. orange. lemon. cherry. strawberry. watermelon. vegetables. fruits. meat. fish. pies. desserts. chocolate. cream. caramel. berries. nuts. cinnamon. honey.

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[ STYLE ] lingerie. armor. cape. dress. robes. suit. tunic. vest. shirt. boots. heels. leggings. trousers. jeans. skirt. shorts. jewelry. earrings. necklace. bracelet. ring. pendant. hat. crown. circlet. helmet. scarf. neck tie. brocade. cloaks. corsets. doublet. chest plate. gorget. bracers. belt. sash. coat. jacket. hood. gloves. socks. masks. cowls. braces. watches. glasses. sunglasses. visor. eye contacts. makeup. pantyhose. stockings. thigh highs.

[ MISC ] landscape. light. dark. candles. war. peace. money. power. percussion. clocks. photos. mirrors. pets. diary. madness. sanity. sadness. happiness. optimism. pessimism. realism. loneliness. anger. family. friends. co-workers. enemies. lovers. loyalty. smoking. alcohol. drugs. kindness. love. embracing. graveyard. protector. custodian.


“Antique” Modern Victorian 22" corset made from brocade coutil, with antique bronze grommets, antique lace, and contrast top-stitching. The laces and cotton/silk satin binding were dyed to help give the corset an “antique” feel, as well as the coutil dyed chocolate milk brown.

I am hoping to soon find a bit of ribbon or trim in a nice color to add a rosette to the bust.

To order a corset similar to this one please visit the Etsy Listing:

Now that I have a tablet to experiment with (and save my poor wrist when it comes to image editing!), I can share this one I’ve had kicking around for some time. This corset was made for a short-waisted client whose natural waist has more curve on one side. To make the corset as comfortable for her as possible, it was made to accommodate each unique side rather than compress both sides equally. I’m especially fond of this pale blue rose coutil for which I found a satisfying match in blue dupioni silk, which will create a smoother line under clothes than a coutil binding can.

anonymous asked:

William in a fitted brocade corset with matching lace stockings, heeled foot pressed against your chest as he smirks down at you, knowing that no one will ever believe you if you tell them.

(Me personally, I would enjoy that very much. However, I think that would be something more Grell would fancy doing rather than William. Though, the image did leave a pretty picture in my mind~) 

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Oh yo thanks man! It'd be awesome to get a better look at what kanaya was wearing in it, i could kinda see the others outfits but hers i couldn't get a grip on- so if you ever have some like spare time or something I'd really appreciate it.! But of course you don't have too-- and there's no rush of course ((love your art btw, I'm obsessed with your characters and your style in general))

Thank you so much!!!
I did this design for her, with a green brocade corset with chinese butons, flared skirt and women laced shoes.
You can change the veil for a thin knotted shirt too (or the camp sgrub t-shirt, but she looked prettier to me this way XDDD)


This incredibly striking 19" bespoke underbust corset was created for a waist training client for daily wear. Sturdily constructed of two layers of coutil, the beautiful outer layer of which is our popular pink rose brocade coutil. The moss green satin coutil casings and binding were carefully dyed by hand to achieve this striking colour. Though not apparent in the photos, this piece is slightly asymmetrical to accommodate a slightly prominent right hip.


L'innocente (1976) - Laura Antonelli as Giuliana Hermil and Marie Dubois as the Princess wearing gowns in bright colours.

Antonelli wore a purple satin dress with corseted bodice, crystal-embellished skirt and matching tulle stole. Dubois wore a scarlet red brocade dress with corseted bodice with crystal and tulle-embellished neckline.

The costumes were designed by Piero Tosi.

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Yay! Thank you!! Perhaps these may trigger some ideas: Dimples Queen (Reunion or Bandit Outlaw verse or Missing Year) / Regina falling ill or getting hurt / Robin's protective streak

The countless hours spent at Roland’s sickbed see his boy fast improving—only for his royal caretaker to be stricken down by the malady instead.

It’s just a cold, the Queen scoffs at princess Snow’s concerned query, the perpetual coat of sarcasm doing nothing whatsoever to cover the unusual nasality of her voice. She hides her sniffing behind vocal displeasure, masks the rough soreness burning in her throat by addressing every topic in a low, threatening tone. The symptoms she’s entirely unwilling to take seriously, however, get the best of her in the end.

She’s not in the dining hall at breakfast, nor does she show up for the customary council meeting. But it’s when she misses her playdate with Roland that worry truly worms itself into Robin’s heart, and that’s when he decides he’ll gladly risk bringing her wrath down upon himself if it means knowing she’s safe and unharmed.

Only she’s not.

Robin discovers her crumpled on the cold marble floor of her chambers in a heap of velvet and brocade—and a corset so tight it’s a bloody miracle that, combined with her blocked nose and throat, she hasn’t yet suffocated to death. Stubborn, impractical woman. He works to unfasten the laces of the offending garment, her rattling breath a blessed sound at least amid skin hot and flushed with the fever burning her up. She doesn’t stir when he gathers her in his arms and deposits her on the bed with utmost care, hellbent on nursing her back to health no matter how many death glares he’ll have to endure as payment.


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