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I wish my decision to draw something for 4/13 wasn’t so last-minute. Still, considering the rush with which I completed this, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The idea was to draw the kids as they first appeared in the comic, and then again as they appear now. Happy 4/13, everybody!

Some (transparent) splintered Striders, for splinteredstriders. Because everything on their list is awesome, and because there just ain’t enough Davesprite, Brobot and Lil Hal floating around at the moment. 

Shut Me Down- (A song for Brobot) - Download

I promised Tandy I’d make her a song for brobot. Obviously I’m a girl but consider it a tribute. 

Art by the incredible insecureillustrator!

Metal joints and moving parts
Radioactive, glowing hearts
Send a code to change my mind
No control, no way to fight

I’ve been told what feelings are
And the ones to show
A splinter of my other self
How close, we’ll never know

Shut me down- take me out
Take these wires and burn them out
Code me to break you, tell me to die
Take my uranium, let the sparks fly
Let my power run out
Take my heart and shut me down

Just a puppet to my code
A quiet kind of binary ode
But I’m still here and I still feel
Trapped inside my cage of steel

I am so cold
Thirty seconds left before I explode
Will I feel it when I die
Will I wonder why

Shut me down
Shut me down