( so i got a couple of dirkjake suggestions and i sorta went places with the coloring heh… )

jake’s the kind of guy who doesn’t take medicine because his hardy exterior should repel any sort of sickness!

dirk tells him he should drink more orange soda (because who wouldn’t drink orange soda? here we’ll send you some we lit. have a life time supply)

but jake doesn’t listen to a guy that puts pants on his killer robots, thank you very much!


Hiya, so I’ve opened commissions again since as of late my family has been pretty short on money. And pairing that with my father threatening to bring us to court, it’ll ultimately cause us to lose more income since my mom won’t be able to go to work and neither will I. So I figured in case of this happening I’d take in as many commissions as possible so work up money so we don’t have to worry as much about paying for bills and other necessities.

Here’s my commission sheet to somewhat give a frame of reference when asking me to draw things. Of course prices vary and I’ll gratefully negotiate(/lower) prices if you’re not able to afford what I come up with.

I’d appreciate it a ton if people even spread this around because it’ll help me a ton in the end. Also all of my commissions are based on an A4 sheet of paper size, so if I make a print for you then it’ll be around the size of a regular sheet of paper or a bit smaller.

Message me if you’re interested/have any inquiries. Thank you!