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I wish my decision to draw something for 4/13 wasn’t so last-minute. Still, considering the rush with which I completed this, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The idea was to draw the kids as they first appeared in the comic, and then again as they appear now. Happy 4/13, everybody!

Some (transparent) splintered Striders, for splinteredstriders. Because everything on their list is awesome, and because there just ain’t enough Davesprite, Brobot and Lil Hal floating around at the moment. 

Headaches and moodswings. Bluh. Have a colour sketch of Brobot - I think his arm’s wrong, but I only really wanted to doodle him to figure out how I wanted him to look for future pics. Expect more sketches/lazy art until I feel chipper enough to get back to drawing proper stuff. Reminder: Tumblr saviour #iijunk if you don’t wanna see my scruffy, un-inked, backgroundless sketches like this.