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why are you all calling roan and bellamy a bromance... they tried to kill each other.

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Why do I want to see a bromance? Because I think they have good chemistry. Because I see an intriguing interaction between the characters. Because I think they recognize like souls in each other. Because I enjoy the frisson between them as they size up each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

And it’s not really true that they tried to kill each other. They did not intend to kill each other. They intended to wound and disable each other which is exactly what they did. They are even. 

Now Bellamy and Murphy, they DID intend to kill each other. They tried to hang each other. And yet. I still like them together and I see them as a bromance, too.

What are you gonna do about it? 

So tonight

I’m rooting for an moment of Roan and Bellamy talking alone without Clarke. Roan confronts Bellamy about his feelings for Clarke in which he doesn’t respond, then Roan tells about his story (and hopefully we finally learn why he was banished), Bellamy listens and when he’s ready to intervene, he’s interrupted by Clarke coming back in a hurry because they found something.


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What do you think about Roan and Bellamy? Not just for Bellarke, I mean in general. Will they can work together? Will they understand each other?

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I think they should be able to understand each other pretty well. They share a lot of commonalities, I get the feeling. Roan was born to it, and Bellamy took it up, but they are both leaders, both intelligent, both will do what they need to, both warriors.

Bellamy may have pouted about apologizing, but you can tell he didn’t really resent Roan for what he did. We’ve seen Bellamy angry and unforgiving, and that wasn’t it. In fact, Roan’s seen Bellamy angry and unforgiving, in Polis. 

And Roan doesn’t take it personally. I loved that he just brushed off a gunshot wound. “Makes us even.”

In essence, he’s kind of saying that Bellamy and he are the same kind of person. I thought, anyway. 

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Holy shit Bellamy shooting Roan was everything I wanted and more. I feel like he was so petty and I am LOVING IT #sorrynotsorry

#sorrynotsorry, indeed, my friend. That scene was glorious on top of all the other glorious scenes we got this episode. I’m tingling with joy right now. Bellamy is such a sass king. I love that character sooooo much. 

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Fingers crossed for a Bellamy and Roan bromance. I think they'd have a really unintentionally, funny dynamic. I'm excited.

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Right? That scene between them and Clarke in the woods while they squabbled over the flame was amazing. There’s something about them. I don’t know what it is. A mutual respect and a bit of rivalry and a recognition. Like they understand each other, they’re the same type of person, maybe, and so they see through the mask. Well, Roan does. I don’t know if Bellamy does yet. 

Someone once asked me if Bellamy was a jealous type, and I don’t think he is. He’s not competitive, but with Roan, I feel like he’s met someone he can butt heads with. Kind of like Clarke. An equal. (Which is weird, because Roan is a king and Bellamy is just a guardsman, but well, you know…) 

It will be really interesting to see how Roan develops. I’d like to see him in a more intimate setting. Not “sexy” intimate (although now that you mention it…) but getting to know him, sitting down and talking, not wrangling political machinations. 

Ahh, but you know there’s going to be more dramatic tension there. Maybe in regards to Octavia or Raven. Hey, Roan already has a connection with Clarke, if he hires Octavia for quiet work, and Ice Mechanic becomes a thing, then Roan will be, kind of, replacing him with all his women. I think we definitely might see a jealous Bellamy. I don’t know if that will be funny. I think Roan will think it’s funny. Raven might, too. 

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Zach and Bob ❤ I see the potential. I see the bromance. Are you expecting a relationship between them? I hope to see Roan on their side. PS: I could ship Broan. So so hot and sassy hahaha

I am on the Broan Bromance team. I am crossing my fingers that Roan is on their side. It really feels like they are building up to it, but it might not be easy, because the Azgeda are the enemies of the sky people. And I am dying to see all three of them interact more and often. I see Roan and Clarke as having a sibling type relationship. They understand each other but have also this antagonism that seems to come from their connection. Why do they have a connection? Maybe because of shared history or a similar background. Kind of like the connection with Lxa but it doesn’t feel romantic to me, at all. 

I expect there will be tension between Clarke, Bellamy and Roan, especially if he hires Octavia to be an assassin like many are speculating. But still. Tension can be good.

So looking forward to it. 

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This is adorable. And of course Lucerna would offer them both many platonic hugs.

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“I strangled a lot of Imperials! Now I find them sexy!”

Hugs are nice. Strangling is not.

Broan would be hesitant… extremely hesitant, to introduce Ald to Rochester. Because apparently the options are “kill” or “fuck”