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This is adorable. And of course Lucerna would offer them both many platonic hugs.

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“I strangled a lot of Imperials! Now I find them sexy!”

Hugs are nice. Strangling is not.

Broan would be hesitant… extremely hesitant, to introduce Ald to Rochester. Because apparently the options are “kill” or “fuck”

Adventures in Making Friends

I was once talking to a colleague at work, who was telling me what she was doing after her shift finished, which was in about fives minutes. As she left, I did my usual call-out of “have fun”, and then I remembered she was seeing a dying relative in hospital. Brain fart.

Part 1. Part 3.

The supply cupboard was aptly misnamed, being as it was a collection of some four full-sized war tents mashed together. Tiny walkways wove through towers of boxed rations and unspent munitions. Somewhere amongst the indecipherable organisation waited their own travel pack and, presumably, a jungle-ready speeder.

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I had the idea that Broan learnt sign language as a Jedi, and that it’s fairly common in the Republic, but the first time he tries to use it around Rochester, he responds with “What are you doing with your hands?”

Because sign language doesn’t exist in the Empire. They have the opinion that disabilities are something to be corrected at any cost, or any means, because otherwise you’re “worthless” to the Empire.

And then Broan slowly teaches Rochester these weird finger-hand words, because why the hell not? It might be useful.