“God doesn’t need your money. He is the owner of the universe, what he need is your giving heart. Because when you expand your heart by giving, he is itching to bless you more.
You can never outdo God in giving. He will grow your income but he will grow more your giving heart.” ☝💚 #AliwTheater #BroAlvinBarcelona #JesusEntrepreneur (at The Feast Bay Area)


Rock N Roll Recollection #RockWordTeam #BroAlvinBarcelona THE BEST!!! (at Aquinas University AQ Dome)


John 1:3

“All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be.”

#lentenrecollection #imreadytobeblessed #RockWordTeam #BroAlvinBarcelona (at Aquinas University AQ Dome)