I swear... I will stop writing about this eventually...

But now broadwayworld has written an article about Les Avengerables. Unfortunately it’s completely uncredited and they’ve reposted it here on Tumblr. 

Please reblog the original here. And notify me if you see it posted anywhere else! It’s exciting that so many people are seeing it, but also really sad that nobody (except you cool people) knows I made it. 

And hey, if you wanna help thatseanguyblogs and I pay for our wedding and get in on the hype, you can buy Les Avengerables swag from my redbubble. :P 

The Fosters Updates: 5/12/15

Here’s everything that was released today, incase any of you missed anything. I’m going to try and post one of these everyday until the premiere if I can, to keep everyone updated:

- A new jonnor behind the scene photo was released on Michelle Byerly’s Twitter (

- two new on set photos of the camera were released on Bradley Bredeweg’s Twitter. (

- Multiple vines were released on Jules Kovisars’ account. They feature clips from Episode 3 ( ( ( and Episode 4 ( (

- New information about the premiere was released via an article from broadwayworld (

- An article from fashionnstyle released information about potential love interests for characters in Season 3 (

And that’s everything I could find! overall a pretty exciting day for the fosters fandom! 27 days until the premiere!!

Darren Criss Welcomes Hundreds of Kids to a Broadway Stage at Shubert Foundation’s Broadway Junior! | Broadway World 

Did you catch Broadway darling Allie Trimm opening our 3rd episode? We were so happy to have her (and her surprising confession) for our last shoot day of Season 1!
Find her and the rest of our newest episode at