michaelhullphoto: A favorite from @broadwayworkshop’s @anastasiabwaythemed Q&A yesterday! @derek_klena & @christyaltomare explain one of their most memorable stage-door gifts 🎁
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Sierra Boggess Workshop

So today I attended a broadway workshop with Sierra Boggess and I’ve never felt so enlightened. She gave such personal, strong advice to each and every person in the class and left the students in that room truly inspired. I was lucky enough to have registered for the worst shop last minute after a girl dropped out and it was worth every stressful event leading up to the master class. Sierra made everyone feel so special and she connected to them on such a personal level. She devoted all of her attention to the student performing and it was like nothing else in the world mattered for those 5 minutes. Sierra will always be my idol and I really hope she schedules more workshops with Marc because I’ll definitely be there. I learned so much by observing the other students and was blown away by the talent. Today opened my eyes and gave me hope. And it’s all thanks to Miss Sierra herself.

haydenallie: thank you so much @broadwayworkshop and @darrencriss an amazing day!!

stellawunder: “hey, you okay? here, ill stand on my toes with you. i’m short too.” - darren criss after seeing how much i was struggling to be seen in the photo i had such a great day and was so honored to work with one of my favorite little dudes. thanks @darrencriss for being so sweet and nice.