broadwayjoeshirts-blog  asked:



1. a never before seen selfie

2. i don’t wear any make-up ever!!!!

3. i’m a sucker for dark hair and light eyes. my weakness. but honestly all hair is nice hair (:

4.  my favorite song atm is probs she’s not afraid by 1d because my concert is in 3 days and that’s my fav 1d song

5. last song i listened to was showstopper by brandon and leah that music vid is dope

6. yes ma’am i have a tumblr crush

7. …ahaha my tumblr crush is augglielicious yo august hmu

8. i am in my bed right now about to go to SLEEP

9. i have two siblings both older

10. i am caucasian 

11. in school i like history usually or politics

12. my favorite color is YELLOW

13. the best sports team is definitely the new york mets

14. death by chocolate = best ice cream flavor ever

15. i made tumblr like idk 3 years ago?

16. i dropped below 400 followers today. idk why MAN I LOST LIKE 10 PEOPLE

17. i started to appreciate where i live once i left


19. i am single and ready to mingle